London Gin a Gold Standard

by pateluday

Spirits have been popular since time immemorial for some as lifestyle recreation and more than that for others. Read here about globally popular gin and how its standard is set...

The name London refers to the capital of England but the gin is not confined to the metro. In short, the product is not restricted to geographical limits, unlike champagne, scotch, and tequila which are geo-restricted. Champagne is produced in India but it cannot be called as such since the production is not in the Champagne district of France.

London Gin has thus become a standard and precedes other spirits of the same style as far as a yardstick of qualitative measure is concerned. It is the attributes that have accorded the product this style status, the flavor, aroma, distillation process, blending, and yes the consumption rate act as accreditation.

The spirit is named by its variant and not by its place of origin. London gin is a dry variety like Osel from Estonia and this liquor is vastly popular and trending. It is often consumed with Indian Tonic. Of late there is a resurgence in the popularity of this alcoholic spirit and it is being called the gin boom.

Osel Dry

Osel Dry GIn
Osel Dry GIn

Power Spirit


Also known as a spring’s power spirit Estonian gin belongs to the London Style category due to the way it is distilled, and because of some common flavorings used.

Each European country creates craft liquor flavored using locally available elements and the recipe designed by master blenders. Taking home a bottle of alcohol is a possibility now as most of the small producers might be next door thanks to the emergence of craft distilleries. And if you wish for door delivery go online.     

The liquor is unique in the sense it is highly adaptive to flavorings be they essential oils, spices, or other exotic elements. As far as this product is concerned for variations sky is the limit. This is due to external flavorings, exotic, fresh, and preserved anything that gels can be mixed, infused, and distilled along. But one aspect remains throughout and that is juniper berries are the central flavoring agent. The herbs, roots, powdered extracts, and essential oils of aromatic shrubs and fruits are called botanicals.   

Lahhentagge Spirits

Craft Distillery
Boutique Distillery
Boutique Distillery

Origin – London Dry Gin

The Gold Standard

Gin actually emerged as a pharmacy compound which was later turned into a spirit in Holland. It was popularly called Genever. The English took it from here, but at that time the initial spirits were crudely distilled infused with unpalatable and often harmful substances. In spite, the popularity in the 17th century was raging…one feature was the low cost.

It was the invention of Coffey Still in 1832 which brought about tremendous refinement in the products distilled. A quality and standard was henceforth maintained and this led to the creation of London Dry Gin.

Most of the gin distilled in Europe follows the standard and style set herewith and old Genever lost ground completely. The standard guidelines were that no use of artificial botanicals will be taken into consideration, and that gin all must include natural ingredients and juniper, and they should be added during the distillation process. Many clear spirits use these standards and Osel Dry Gin from Estonia is one of them. It is the master blender's ingenuity that the standard piney taste that accrues from juniper is subtly twisted to create a new more powerful blend without missing out on notes accorded by juniper berries.


Take Home Liquor

Neighborhood Produce
Lahhentagge Gin
Lahhentagge Gin

Contemporary Gins

The boutique distilleries have diversified the distillation processes tremendously while creating master blends that vary in notes and flavors. Some units accrue botanicals from all over the World in order to accord further diversity to taste and aroma. This wonderful spirit style is known as Gin the World over. But the brands available on the shelf are mind-boggling, more the merrier, and this catchline is very popular among the youth. Nevertheless, G&T is trending as well in spite of changes in style and the composition of tonics available.       

The availability of spirits online especially varieties of gin has increased its popularity. The craft produce is a recent introduction but seems to be going sky high globally. The liquor is also very much a part of the cocktail scene. Being clear with unique flavors it is often used as a base and or as part of the recipe for innovative cocktails as it blends well with tonic soda, fruit extracts, and other beverages.              

Updated: 07/10/2021, pateluday
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pateluday on 10/30/2020

Juniper is Central to gin flavoring but not Vodka which contains no botanical.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/29/2020

pateluday, Thank you for the practicalities and the product.
Isn't juniper also the scent in the Flâneur gin about which you've written recently? The Lahhentagge site also mentions a vodka that delights drinkers and disinfects!

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