Craft Kits for Kids

by MuminBusiness

Craft kits are a great way for kids to express their creativity. Here are a few benefits and ideas.

Craft kits are a great idea for children. My girls always love having craft projects to do but sometimes getting all the items required is a little hard on me, the mommy.

I love being able to give them a craft kit with everything in it. As my girls are into pink and all the girly things, these craft kits will probably be more suited to girls.

Why use Craft Kits for your Kids?

There are a few good reasons to use craft kits like it saves time, it builds up your children's imaginiations as they create a different item each time from the same material, it all comes together in the same box and many more reasons.

My main reason is probably a combination of all the above factors and is called convenience.

If you are anything like me, (which of course you are not!), you do not feel particularly creative when it comes to art and drawing and things like that.  Drawing a stick figure for me can sometimes prove to be a challenge.  You are probably surrounded by friends who talk about the art projects they undertake with their children and you feel slightly underwhelmed by your efforts.  They say things like "it's so easy to do bla bla bla"  You just sit there thinking "for you, maybe!".

I assure you this is even more of a problem when you home educate as all your fellow home schoolers are soo much more creative and imaginative than you (at least, that is the way you feel).

Your brain just does not really understand how to make anything look nice without strict instructions to follow.  You know you have done it in the past but somehow you just cannot create masterpieces at the moment and definitely not with your children.

If this in anyway describes you, then have no fear, there are numerous craft kits out there for you and your children to enjoy.  And thankfully, it might even help them learn to be imaginative and creative themselves without too much input from you apart from the congratulations and help with non-child friendly tasks.

Wooden Heart Chest from Melissa and Doug

Craft Kits generally come with all the items required to create whatever masterpiece your children are interested in.  Even though you are creatively challenged, these kits come with just enough to allow your kids to experiment and create whatever they choose based around a static object.  For instance, take a look at this wooden heart chest from Melissa and Doug.  Most little girls will like having a trinket chest for all her little knick-knacks.  If she has designed the chest herself, then it becomes even more personal to her.

This heart chest comes with paints and a brush, glitter glue and the plain glue, and colored gems.  Your daughter can decorate the whole of the chest any way she likes using all of the material provided.  This is a complete activity in itself as you can see.  Dependent on the attention span of your child, it could keep them occupied for a very long time.

If a heart chest is not to their fancy, then there are the butterfly and the flower chests as well.  They all come with everything required to make a pretty chest that a child can use for her treasures or just for admiring their handiwork.

Only $12.99
Only $13.99
Only $13.99

What kind of parent are you?

Car Craft Kits

Other options available for craft kits  include this car craft kit which can be decorated completely to taste using the materials carried which include paint, brushes and a dowel to be used as a stand for the completed masterpiece.

It comes in a pack of 12 cars so it might even be a great idea for a party.  Get all the children experimenting as they produce unique cars.

I sometimes get these large packs because if the girls enjoyed decorating it the fist time, the chances are they will be happy enough to do it again. 

A winner in our household and possibly yours too.

Animal Crafts

Here is another example of a craft kit.  It involves painting and decorating 12 animals using permanent markers and other craft material.  A great idea indeed.

Your children can color the animals in, in whatever color they would like.  It does not have to resemble the real animal when they are done so allow them free rein when coloring its body.

Craft Kits are Convenient.

There are so many options available for the creativity challenged parent.  Craft Kits for kids are a convenient, time saving and money saving way of making sure your children do some art work but without too much input or organization by yourself.

Keep coming back, I will keep adding more great craft kits to this whenever I discover any new ones.

Updated: 04/30/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 05/01/2012

Indeed it is. It does keep the children occupied and I have been known to help out as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

sheilamarie on 05/01/2012

It's great to have things like this on hand for rainy days, or when kids are starting to get bored on summer holidays.

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