Kids Crafts: Paper Masks

by Pastiche

Printable masks and paper mask crafts for children.

Fun and Easy Mask Crafts for Children

Kids love paper mask activities


One of the most enjoyable kid crafts I've found is making paper craft masks. Children love to make masks for any reason, whether to mimic characters in a favorite book or video, for party activities, for holiday celebrations such as Halloween and Mardi Gras or for simple costume play.

Kids mask crafts are wonderful creative arts and crafts, and they're inexpensive. Often you can make a mask from recycled materials - so you're making crafts that are also green.

If you want to make a specific type of mask, you can find unique printable masks and mask templates available online or in books, free to print or copy for personal use or to use for classrooms and club activities. We've collected a list of free printable paper masks ... keep on reading for the links and a free mask download.

Ribbit! Frog Face Mask

Funny green frog mask, ready to print
Paper Frog Face Mask
Paper Frog Face Mask

Funny Party Mask Crafts for Kids

Fun to make and fun to wear, printable party masks

harry potter spectacles maskKids love to make funny masks. My daughter's favorite paper craft activity for birthday parties or holidays was crafting party hats and funny paper masks.

No matter what style party mask you make with kids -  paper plate masks, stick on disguises, head bands, eye masks, eye glasses or print and cut mask activity sheets -  kids love to make and decorate masks. Enjoy my selection of free childrens paper mask crafts.

Fun to make and fun to wear, printable mask patterns and printables will keep kids busy and creative for hours - making the masks and wearing them!

Day of Dead Skull Mask

Fancy Sugar Skull Printable Mask, Ready to Decorate
Sugar Skull Mask Craft
Sugar Skull Mask Craft

Instant Fun - Paper Masks Crafts for Kids

Simple, economical paper mask craft activities for children

I've collected printable mask craft sheets for more than 40  years. I share my favorite paper masks here for you to download and make with your children or students. The paper masks in my free downloads and linked resources are all fun, free printable masks or mask patterns in full-size sheets, ready to print and use.

Some of the paper masks you'll find in this collection are coloring masks, ready for kids to decorate with crayons or markers; other free printable masks I've listed in this section are full-color paper craft masks. All you need to do with those is print, cut out and wear - fun, free instant masks!

Frozen princess mask craft printableFree Printable Coloring Mask Craft Collections

Mardi Gras Mask

Fancy Feather Mask to Print, Cut Out, Decorate
Fancy Mardi Gras Mask - Printable
Fancy Mardi Gras Mask - Printable

Printable Mask Crafts and Mask Templates

No cost easy to make paper masks for kids

Paper Masks for Children
Family Portal presents a collection of paper masks and mask craft activity sheets for children. Free printable masks for personal and classroom use.

Shamrock Eyeglasses Mask Craft
Funny green shamrock shaped eye glasses masks craft activity sheet.

Printable Owl Mask
Full color print, cut and wear owl mask craft activity sheet.

Instant Masks Blog
Links to new and creative printable masks and easy to make masquerade masks.

Printable Masks
Find lots of printable mask crafts for kids

Adorable Coloring Masks for Kids
Cute kids mask templates, ready to print and color.

Raccoon Glasses Paper Mask
Cut out and wear funny raccoon "mask" eyeglasses paper mask.

Printable Pink Pig Face Mask
Woo! Piglet, Miss Piggy, Olivia, or Charlotte - which pink piggy can you be with this printable pink pig paper mask craft?

Masks for Kids
Easy and fun mask crafts for kids. Basic instructions for paper plate and other simple craft masks plus helpful hints for cutting and wearing home made masks for kids.

Day of the Dead Mask Craft
Kids have fun and learn about Mexico's traditional celebration making this paper plate Day of the Dead skull mask.

Printable Party Mask Mustaches

Boys LOVE Wearing a Mustache - Mario, Sheriff, Pirate Mustaches
Mustache mask cut and print sheet
Mustache mask cut and print sheet

Mask Crafts Materials and Supplies

Use nontoxic supplies and recycled materials to make craft masks with children

Mask crafts are versatile and non-toxic when you work with kid safe materials. We like to craft masks from clean heavy weight paper, card stock, recycled cereal cartons and paper plates.

Decorate children's mask crafts with fabric or paper scraps, buttons, stickers, markers, paints, craft feathers, sequins, dried pasta, flowers or anything else you have on hand in the craft supply bin or cupboard. Tear up old colorful magazine pages to create paper bits to stick onto a mask. Use bits of yarn or shoelaces  to create ear loops.

Kids are creative artists and will enjoy making paper masks fron any clean safe paper source and embellishing materials you provide. Be sure to use non-toxic paints and glues and if you create eye or face masks, attach them to a stick or make ear loops to hold a mask onto a child's face.

Groovy Goggles Paper Masks

Print, Cut, Wearable Paper Eye Masks for Kids
Funny Paper Mask - Groovy Goggles Printables
Funny Paper Mask - Groovy Goggles Printables

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Pastiche on 08/21/2011

I just found a fun raccoon mask thanks to Evelyn!

evelynsaenz on 07/30/2011

I am sure that you know that my favorite is the frog mask. I also love the various optional mustaches. Giving children options is a wonderful way to encourage uniqueness and variety. This is a great resource for making fun masks!

TerriRexson on 07/11/2011

My boys will love that frog mask! We have lots of fun making masks.

tandemonimom on 06/26/2011

Masks are always good for lots of fun!

sheilamarie on 06/22/2011

Sounds like a great party idea! I love making masks with kids!

Pastiche on 06/22/2011

Hi folks, thanks for your visits and kind comments for my paper masks. The Groovy Goggles and mustaches are my own designs ... lots of fun for kids dress up and birthday parties.

bev-owens on 06/21/2011

Love these masks, especially those groovey goggle ones! Very cute and a great project for kids to work on.

puzzlemaker on 06/21/2011

I love the paper mustaches to cut out. I'm imagining all sorts of dress up ideas for these masks etc.

ohcaroline on 06/21/2011

Such fun kids can have with these. Helps them be more creative!

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