Party Hats for Kids to Craft

by Pastiche

Fun and frugal paper party hat craft activities for kids.

Funny Party Hat Crafts for Kids

Fun to make and fun to wear, printable party hats for children to make

Dog with party hatParty Hats for Kids and Pets!

Next to masks, kids love to make funny party hats. My daughter's favorite paper craft activity -  birthday parties, holidays or to while away a rainy day - was crafting party hats from paper. Whether you make a funny party hat based on a paper plate or craft a print and cut cone, tiara or paper bag hat, kids love to make and decorate silly party hats.

Party hats made from paper or felt are simple to craft and fun for kids or parents to make for all types of parties. Make funny party hats for any  birthday party, holiday party, at family reunions and for play dates.

Enjoy my selection of free party hat crafts, patterns and party hat activity sheets. 

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DIY Party Hats Made with Simple Materials

Make a Party Hat with Felt, Paper Plates, Recycled Paper or Natural Materials

It's easy, green and frugal to make party hats yourself or to let the kids have fun with a party hat activity craft.

New Years Eve party hat mask funny eyeglassesSimple party hats for preschoolers can be made from paper plates. Gift the kids an assortment of party related items to stick to their hat creations or just use paper cutouts, ribbons, stickers, bows and streamers. For a nature-themed party, use leaves, grasses, twigs and acorns or nuts you've gathered ahead of time or with the children. (Be sure to supervise the nature items young kids collect to avoid contact with any irritating or noxious plant materials.)

Paper cone party hats are simple and easy for all ages. Print out the basic paper hat and let kids cut out and decorate the cones with crayons and markers, then glue, tape or staple together. Add pompoms or ribbon streamers to the pointy top and around the bottom edge plus simple ribbon ties to hold hats on little heads.

Folded and cut paper hats are also fun for children to make and wear. Make a pirate hat from folded newspaper or use a simple printable  template to make your little swashbuckler's their very own pirate hats.

Felt party hats and party headbands are two more easy to make popular party hats. Wrap around headbands made from paper or felt are the easiest styles. With a bit of simple hand sewing you can convert a plastic headband or barrette into a fabulous felt party hat or fashionista fascinator party hat.

Party Hats Fit for a King or Queen - Tonya Staab

Clever DIY Party Hats for Kids
Tonya Staab Creative and Cute Party Hats
Tonya Staab Creative and Cute Party Hats

Favorite Party Hat Patterns and Printables

5 fun free party hat craft sheets

Princess Tiara Party Hat Activity Sheet - Printable
Make a diamond tiara party crown in just a few minutes - print this free party hat craft sheet on photo paper, trim and fit to your little princess's head.

Printable Party Hat Template
Design your own party hats using this free printable party hat pattern template and the step by step instructions provided.

YIPES STRIPES Silly Party Hats
Printable wild stripe silly party hats - downloads for both Letter and A4 paper sizes.

Party Hat Printables and Patterns

Fun and free party hats for kids
Printable Diamond Tiara Party Hat
Printable Diamond Tiara Party Hat

Party Printables

Party Hats, Party Masks, Party Favors
Printable masks and paper mask crafts for children.

Colorful Headband Party Hats

Simple to Make Headband Party Hats and Funny Ears

Piggy Ears Head Band Craft
Make a funny set of pink pig ears attached to a head band for your party loving toddler with this simple to make felt party hat craft.

Halloween headband party hats for kids
Skull, pumpkins and ghost party hat headbands - free printables.;

Birthday Headband Craft
Simple and fun tiny birthday party hat on a headbanc

Goofy Headband Party Hat
Simple and fun to make paper party hat headband based on Disney's Goofy character.

Paper Pirate Party Hat

Simple Pirate Hat and Eye Patch
DIY Pirate Eye Patch and Hat
DIY Pirate Eye Patch and Hat

Make Your Own Party Hats DIY

Decorated colorful party hats to print, cut out and wear

Cute cone style party hats for kids
Let kids make their own party hats for your next birthday party!

Make Your Own Party Hats - Free Template
Simple party hat template to use to make your own decorated party hats.

Simple Party Hat Pattern
Print it onto a full sheet of heavy paper, cut it out on the black lines, roll it into a cone, glue and decorate.

How to Make Paper Party Hats
Simple instructions for making a variety of paper party hats.

Funny Paper Party Hats
Party hats to print and put together are perfect for a party activity, simple craft project fro kids, camp group project or just to pass the time on a cold or rainy day.

Silly Spider Hats
Easy foam and chenille sticks party hat spiders for Halloween party fun

Origami Paper Party Hats
These simple folded paper hats are easy to make using basic folding techniques. Sometimes called the paper Robin Hood or pirate hat, I remember making these paper hats from newspaper as a child.

How to Fold a Robin Hood Hat

Fold a sheet of construction paper to make a festive party hat, then add a feather

Fancy Party Hats

Make a fancy hat for your next party

Fancy party hats take a bit more time and effort to make yourself, but they're well worth the effort and could make you or your child the life of the party. If you're hosting a child's theme party you can create a fancy party hat for the guest of honor and make less elaborate versions for the party guests. 

For example, you could make a fancy floppy hat decorated with flowers and feathers for a tea party birthday girl and make cute tiaras for all the guests. For a boys farm party you can create a decorated farmer's straw hat for the birthday boy and make headband cow horns and ears for the other kids to wear.

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ThePartyAnimal on 01/07/2012

I love me a good party hat !!!

SPB on 10/06/2011

My husband brought one of his traditions from England with him and it involves wearing paper hats the entire day. These are definitely an improvement over the ones I have been wearing the past couple of years!

sheilamarie on 09/05/2011

We used to make lots of silly and beautiful party hats when my kids were small. We made them for the grown-ups, too.

ohcaroline on 09/05/2011

This looks like a lot of fun ideas. They're more fun when they make them!

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