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Mandala coloring books, printable mandala coloring pages to promote calmness, stress relief and creative expression while creating personal spiritual art.

Coloring a mandala can be an uplifting, spiritual experience or a delightfully fulfilling creative pastime. You don't need to be an artist to make art with mandala coloring book pages, you simply need time, a quiet place to work, and a set of colored pencils, markers or crayons.

Let's explore the world of mandala coloring pages.

Mandala Designs - Patterned Circles with Spiritual Meanings

Mystical, spiritual, complex circular design patterns

Coloring and art are creative processes that engage our minds and bolster our spirit. Coloring a mandala is a favored form of artistic expression and relaxation for young and old. Mandala coloring is a great stress reducer. The creative and rhythmic process of adding color to a mandala pattern is intensely satisfying, and the coloring process results in a piece of individual art with personal significance and special meaning.

A mandala (sansMandala Golden Flower Painting from Jungkit for "circle") design is a symmetrical round shape formed from interlocking, repeating complex patterns arranged to bring attention to a central focal point. Buddhists and others use a mandala for meditation or as a means of acheiving a reflective or meditative state.

The act of creating a sand, paint or coloring mandala brings focus and calm to the mind; coloring pages, especially coloring mandalas, are often used as a therapy tool.

Coloring a mandala is a deeply personal activity that offers anyone an opportunity for self expression and introspection while engaged in an artistic activity. A person coloring a mandala has control over the entire process: he or she makes color choices and artistic decisions such as whether to add texture, blend colors together, modify the design or incorporate other creative techniques into the mandala line drawing.

Carefully coloring in the intricate pattern sections of a mandala requires focus and concentration; that process helps our minds forget about outside distractions. Because coloring a mandala requires total involvement of mind and body it's a hobby that can help promote relaxation and inward thought.

Photo credit: By A Jung's unknown patient (woman) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

Suggested Coloring Books

Mandala Designs are popular with teens and adult colorists

Sample adult coloring book

If you enjoy coloring mandalas, you'll find them in great supply when you read this article about coloring pages for adults and teens. The popularity of mandala coloring continues to increase as art therapists and psychologists recommend this hobby to clients who wish to reduce stress, relax and increase personal creativity.

Adult Coloring Pages explores various types of printable posters, art exercises and coloring books designed for older colorists. One of the most popular design categories is mandalas for coloring and you will find a number of recommended books offered for purchase.

Mandala Design Kit for Colorists

Richly detailed designs printed on black create stained glass effects

My Mandala Art - Personal Creative Expression

I create my unique mandala coloring page designs using a computer

star of david mandala design coloring pageThe traditional manner to draw a mandala design is to sketch it out by hand. Many mandala artists use this traditional method, and when therapists suggest mandala creation they generally recommend drawing a mandala using pencil on paper.

I create mandalas because I love working with intricate designs and my computer helps me work quickly when I get an idea for a new mandala coloring page. I start with a basic design from my own line art then apply specialized effects in Photoshop, Illustrator or FlexiSign to create a kaleidoscope design.

Manipulating the pattern with a computer lets me create an almost infinite number of unique mandalaprintable mandala coloring page cats kaleidoscope patterns. I work with the designs until I've created one I really like and  I want to keep, then I save it as a mandala coloring page that can be printed out and colored in or used as a pattern for other crafts.

This example coloring mandala design (mandala cats kaleidoscope coloring page) started out as a simple line art picture of a cat. You can still see the cat faces in the outer rings of the mandala design, but as you work in toward the center the design becomes more abstract - that's the beauty of mandalas, where our minds perceive real or imagined patterns and images in a kaleidoscopic pattern.

Printable Mandala Designs

Mandala Design for Coloring: Apples
Mandala Design for Coloring: Apples

Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

Wonderful free printable mandala designs to color - these pages offer many mandala coloring pages

whimsical moon and stars mandala coloring sheetMandala Coloring Pages
Many free printable mandala coloring sheets and kaleidoscopic design pictures to use for artwork, tattoo design, personal expression or art therapy.

Mandala Designs for Coloring
Many beautiful mandala patterns to print and color, plus a hand selected shop of mandala coloring books to browse.

Summer Mandala Coloring Sheets
Delightful collection of printable mandala coloring pages with summery themes.



Public Domain Mandala Art
Wikimedia public domain collection of mandala line art and color mandalas.

Artists Creating a Temporary Mandala Art Design with Colored Sand

Traditional temporary mandala - a sand painted mandala takes many days to create
Making a sand art mandala
Making a sand art mandala

Mandala Coloring Pages for Self Discovery

Healing and spiritual coloring pages make beautiful artwork as part of personal therapy

intricate mandala design line artMandala Coloring Books for Adults
Coloring a mandala is a wonderfully calming form of artful meditation that sparks personal creativity. View these carefully chosen mandala coloring books to find a collection that speaks to your inner artist.

Mandalas to Color by What's Your Sign
By coloring a mandala we also become a part of the cyclical nature of our bodies, our lives, our thoughts, our emotions - mandala coloring draws us into the very circle of life

102 Mandala Coloring Pages
Color online or print and color mandalas. Choose from more than one hundred designs, in detailed or simple mandala coloring pages.

Sample Spiritual Mandala Coloring Pages
Downloadable free mandala design samples from an e-book by the author.


Paisley Mandalas for Coloring

Paisley Mandala Designs to ColorIndulge and embrace your passion for paisley patterns and mandala designs with this unique coloring book from Dover that combines both.


Creative Haven Paisley Mandalas Coloring Book - $5.99

Mandala Coloring Page Design - Finished Artwork Watercolor

You can color in a mandala with any art tools: colored pencils, markers, chalks, pastels, watercolors or crayon
Mandala personalizado

This beautiful colored in tranquil mandala design was rendered in watercolors. Note the soft shading that fades intense pure colors out to transparent areas.


This mandala inspires relaxation and evokes peaceful emotions - it probably gave the mandala coloring page artist who create it a strong sense of well-being as it was painted.


Watercolor Mandala Design by Monica Yañez ( [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons 

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fanfreluche on 12/23/2011

The sand painted mandala is truly amazing! Looks like a lot of work, but the result is stunning.

watermark-studio on 09/09/2011

We saw art students use rice in different colors to make a big mandala on the street. Coloring is already a relaxing experience, so coloring mandalas must be a special event. Thanks for listing so many printable mandala coloring pages.

Darcie on 08/22/2011

These are really pretty mandala coloring pages, I really enjoyed my stay, thanks :)

sandyspider on 07/02/2011

I find this fascinating with the paintings by the monks. Your binders are pretty cool looking too.

chefkeem on 06/28/2011

I once watched a sand painting demonstration by Buddhist monks here in Austin. It was a very calming, feel-good experience. :)

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