Custom Blinds - The Solution To Those Oddball Windows And The Evolution Of The Blinds Industry

by Jerrico_Usher

Modern blinds are no longer simply straight cut across but are taking on a variety of shapes such as the half moon arches, full circular windows and more...

Although many windows can utilize the standard set of blinds, many windows in the post modern world have special shapes and sizes that standard versions simply won't work with. To meet demand there are a lot of new types of blinds called custom blinds (they come in standard shapes for custom windows but are called custom to differentiate them from the standard varieties).

You can find any type of curtain to put on your non-standard windows but what about blinds? Blinds are usually embedded inside the window frame so curved tops and other shapes that aren't perfect 90 degree angles require a more sculpted shape.

Luckily the new shapes permeating many custom built homes are in a sense a standard different from the straight cut variety so you can find them precut this way without having to specifically get them cut or built special (which saves money). Custom cut blinds covers straight (standard) blinds as well as shaped varieties.


Custom Blinds

Custom Blinds

The great aspect of most window treatments, no matter what type they are, is that they are all adjustable, custom made, or flexible in their installation potentials. Custom Blinds are blinds that are fit to the exact specification or measurements of the window the customer needs them to be.

All blinds you find on the market today can be made to custom fit your windows. For many companies/manufacturers that make blinds this is a requirement as it can be the difference between sales or losing customers. If your company doesn't offer custom blinds and your competition does, you will likely lose business to your competition.

Weather they are vertical, faux, Venetian, fabric, or bamboo, blinds can be custom built for just about any size or shape of window.


There are several manufacturers that make available custom ordering. Many offer this customizing   service right in the store.

You can find custom blinds that are made-to-measure/order with 2" slats. Natural bamboo blinds can run around $59.99. When you order them, they will be sized to the exact width and length you need. 

The price may increase or decrease depending on the size needed.

4windows is a brand you can purchase online. Pricing starts at $24.33 for horizontal and $35.00 for vertical blinds. They're made from aluminum and can be ordered in 2", 1", or 0.5" slats with many different color choices.

Hunter Douglas also creates premium quality custom fit blinds. The EverWood X-tra Blinds with 2 1/2" slats and the look of a shutter but operate as a blind.

Some custom blinds may cost a bit more money than regular blinds but this is because they have to be individually and specially cut.

With the latest innovations in design and the cooperation of companies like the home depot and other home improvement stores purchasing equipment, blinds can be custom cut to your needs without costing you any more than the standard sizes.

Online stores can also customize them if you have the measurements of your window to give them.

The blinds themselves are built in such a way that the technician in the store can move a lever back, then cut off the excess length of the top and bottom halves of the blinds then they lock the mechanism piece in place, replace another piece for capping it off and the blinds are the exact length you need.

Some specialty blinds, for example, for rounded windows are also designed to be cut to shape and both halves re-assembled to fit any size needed.

Customization is a very necessary step in the industry.

The demand is matching the latest in architectural design and many renovating their home into a more modern look often will use the curved shapes instead of the static ones.

In many ways it's the same as how cars used to have square boxy headlights and now most cars have rounded and streamlined shapes (overall).

Custom Blinds On Amazon

Bali DiamondCell Double Cell Midnight Perfect Arch Cellular Shades

Available in the popular Midnight blackout collection, perfect arch shades fit arched windows where the height at the center is exactly half of ordered width.


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Redi Shade 3362548 Redi Arch White Window Shade, 36-by-72-Inch

This is the shade to use if you're looking for a quick, temporary way to block light in an arch window. Redi Shade's temporary shades feature an attractive pleated design that e...

Redi Shade
Only $40.98

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Thousand Arm Kwan Yin Bamboo Blinds - 48" Wide

Natural unstained matchstick, with a classic Japanese Sumi-e Cherry blossom art print. Easy to install and easy to operate. Matchstick roll up window blinds install right on the...


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MagneBlindTM Magnetic Mini Blinds (Half-Length) 25" x 41"

Includes brackets and hold down brackets so that your blind will not swing when the door is opened. Attaches to metal doors in seconds, no tools or drilling required. The half b...

Only $69.0

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Ultimate Waterfall Roman Shade - Linen

The Ultimate Waterfall roman shades bring understated elegance to any space. The woven rayon/acetate material is backed by a polyester/cotton lining for privacy and light control.

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Redi Shade 1817205 Black Out Pleated Shade 48-by-72-Inch, 6-Pack

Redi Shade Original Black Out shades block all light; perfect for an infant's room, bedrooms and media entertainment rooms. Ideal for metropolitan areas. Stylish look with no co...

Redi Shade
Only $44.99

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The companies with custom services and that purchase the new designs will get all this new niche business. Often these custom shapes aren't much more than standard blinds thanks to innovative design they don't require much more to create or custom cut to size.

For some materials, however, you have to special order the blinds to your specs. Online Stores use the same technologies and don't charge more for custom sizing.

The evolution of custom blinds has become an incredible gift to people with oddball window sizes, and homes with several different sizes of windows that they want to put the same types of blinds over. It used to be if you had arched windows or other custom shapes, finding blinds was a hassle and a very expensive endeavor due to them having to be special ordered and even finding a company that did it was hard. Today, this is no longer the case.

Some stores have taken on the custom blind market exclusively to bank on this growing trend complete with a large variety of materials, sizes/shapes, and design choices. Some of these stores actually wholesale to the stores as well as a second tier business model.

Updated: 07/20/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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katiem2 on 07/22/2012

Ewww really great solutions to hard to fit windows. I love blinds and have learned a great deal about the abilities to dress just about any window just the way I want. Thanks Jerrico for yet another very informative and helpful page. :)K

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