Cute Ballet Jewelry Gifts For Girls-Ballerina Charms, Pendants And Slippers

by LPerry

Find pretty and affordable ballet jewelry for girls that make wonderful gifts for the dance lover in your life.

Ballet jewelry for girls is a unique collection of dance-inspired designs made for the ballet lover at heart. If you are looking for a wonderful, yet affordable gift that your girl will love, why not consider a pretty ballerina necklace, charm or pendant? Although ballet jewelry is perfect for younger girls, teens and adult dance fans can appreciate them too. The ballet gifts featured here on this page are not only cute, they are affordable for most budgets. Consider one of the ballet-inspired gifts featured here if you are searching for just the right present for that beloved balletomane in your life.

Ballet Jewelry For Girls With Rhinestones

Toe shoes and tutus are what ballet-loving girls dream about!

Glittering tutus and ballerinas on their toes is part of the magic of classical dance. These necklaces are perfect for girls who love ballet and anything shiny or glittery. Cheap ballerina jewelry is also great for displaying in a collection. 

Over the years I have collected inexpensive little ballerina necklaces to hang from a special shelf I have in my bedroom. It looks pretty and because they are not costly silver or gold, I can pick up a lot of different styles for less.Costume jewelry has its perks; it is pretty and easily collectible. Your ballet-loving gift recipient will be touched by your thoughtful present.

Ballet Shoes Necklaces In Sterling Or Rhinestones

Sterling Silver Children's Ballet Slippers Pendant, 15"

Young ballerinas will delight in this pretty ballet shoe pendant, crafted from genuine sterling silver. The pendant is smooth, flat, and petite, with a diameter of about 3/8 inc...

Amazon Curated Collection
Gorgeous Pink Crystal Double Ballet Slipper Shoes Charm Necklace Silver Tone

Adorable Charm Necklace from our Ballet & Dance Collection! MORE AT KS CHARMING DESIGNS!

Light Pink Ballet Shoes Dancing Ballerina Dancer Pendant Necklace Charm Designer Teens Girls Fash...


Slippers Make The Perfect Ballet Jewelry For Girls Who Love Classical Dance

Ballet pointe shoes on a chain would make any dance lover happy. Since people who love ballet are considered "balletomanes", they might as well show off their addiction with a cute necklace decorated with ballet shoes! I have shown my favorites on this page, but if you want to see more of a selection, you can go straight to Amazon to view more ballet slipper jewelry on sale. What I love about these three (other than how cute they are) are the reasonable prices. I had a hard time not checking out all the slippers on Amazon and getting sidetracked from finishing this article.

Cute Ballet Jewelry Charms And Novelty Gifts

When it comes to pretty ballet-related charms and trinkets for girls, the choices are fantastic on Amazon. I had a really hard time choosing which charms to feature here. Charm bracelets are pretty cool. They are made for collecting little images of the things we love and wearing them as accent jewelry and for showing off our unique personality. Ballet charms are darling gifts for girls who have a charm bracelet ready to decorate. A charm can be worn as a pendant or even hang from a cell phone. You can also find different types of charm openings/ closures like the lobster claw charms for portability.

The best thing about these pretty jewelry designs is that there is something for every girl, teen, woman and professional dancer as far as ballet-themed gifts go. Any one of these items could be a wonderful gift for a dance teacher, studio pianist or your best buddy in dance class.

View More Ballet Jewelry Charms On Sale

Ballet-Inspired Cell Phone Covers And Cases Make Awesome Gifts

Technically not jewelry, but still a great ballet-themed gift

Ballet-ballerina-cell-phone-caseOf course, today's young girl typically has a cell phone that she probably spends way too much time on. What better way to show her friends and acquaintances how much she loves classical ballet than by decorating her cell phone with a ballet case or cover? I love the idea of a ballet cell phone cover because it is so different. If your gift recipient has a cell phone and happens to be a dance student, consider one of these pretty cases. You can also see many more great ballet-inspired cell phone covers on Amazon.

More Ballet Cell Phone Cases In Great Designs

Ballet Jewelry For Girls Includes These Pretty Earring Designs

PammyJ Competition Dance Earrings | Aurora Borealis 15mm ...

Dancers on pointe in Crystal Tutus

I think any young dance student would be thrilled to get a Crystal Ballerina necklace. As a matter of fact, girls of all ages who adore Classical dance would find them charming and cute.

Back in my dancing days, I used to collect Ballet-themed jewelry and decorate my walls with them. I suppose you never outgrow all these lovely little trinkets. They also make thoughtful gifts for classmates and instructors.

Ballet Jewelry For Girls Celebrates The Beauty And Tradition Of Classical Dance

I love ballet. If you are here because you are just looking for a gift for a classical ballet fan, I can tell you that they will probably love this performing art for the rest of their lives. Even though many ballet lovers are way past the teen years, once this love of classical dance gets into the  soul, it stays there. In a world that is sorely lacking in respect for tradition and self-discipline, the uphill climb of a ballerina's career is something to admire immensely. The pretty trinkets featured here are just a small example of the artistic drama and form of the professional ballet world.

Updated: 04/15/2021, LPerry

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