Cute Halloween Costumes for Newborn Babies

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Newborn babies look lovely in a multitude of colours. Try colours other than pink and blue this Halloween and admire how cute they look.

Babies are just amazing, they are adorable in any dress. I could not remove my eyes when my daughter was born, it was fun watching her grow. I would dress her up in variety of colours, they looked awesome on my baby girl.

Are you a doting parent of a newborn baby?
There’s good news. You can find an amazing range of costumes for your newborn for the fall season.

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Choice of Outfits


Affectionate and devoted parents of newborn babies must be looking earnestly for comfortable, convenient and soft Halloween costumes for newborn babies. Newborns have special requirements and unlike the bigger children they cannot tell explicitly if they like to wear a particular costume at all. All they can do is cry if the costume makes them feel hot, is ill fitting or tight and does not let the air circulate through.


Bunnies, parrots, cats, cows and other animal costumes always make terrifically attractive ideas for newborns and toddlers provided there is plenty of space to breath and they fit correctly.The innocence of the kids adds to the glamour and naturalness of the costume. Especially if you have a preference for a particular animal costume, keep that in mind and plan to do shopping early. Deciding on will be easier and you can change your decision, if some other Halloween costume catches your fancy.

Spooktacular Baby Lion Costume

Baby Halloween Costume Idea
Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Baby Lion Costume Set (18-24 months)

Halloween Costumes for Newborn Babies

Halloween Costumes for Newborn Babies
Halloween Costumes for Newborn Babies
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Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies


Whether or not your naughty newborn girl can tell if she wants to be a fairy or witch this Halloween, these attires are a good option for Halloween party. You might be debating whether your baby should be a Caribbean pirate like Johnny Depp or a vampire as in Twilight; all costumes look good on babies. Bright colour costumes, pale cream and sober colours all look good on newborns.


From Alice in wonderland to Mad hatter, from Harry Potter to Lord Voldemort, from Gargoyles to Goblins and from Vampires to Pirates, you will be amazed to find a massive variety in the online store of Amazon. You may also want to check the brands – Rubies, Playboy, Leg Avenue and many others. There are so many variations, that you will be spoiled for choices and will not know which one you want your newborn baby to dress into?


Halloween Costumes for Newborn


While fancy dresses are okay for the babies, make sure that you do not make them uncomfortable in tight and unfitting attire. The apparel should be easy to take out; it should be flexible and adaptable. Do not put tons of layers in a warm climate; likewise do not put a scanty, thin apparel in cold weather.



Do you wish you could dress in these awesome costumes?

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Tips and Ideas for Dressing Newborns


Follow these steps to ensure that your new born baby is not put through unnecessary stress – 


  • Inspect the material of the costume. Usually organic cotton, soft fabric should be your first choice.



  • Check for the safety of the Halloween costumes for newborn babies. Are they safe? There should not be any harmful buttons, chain, beads and glasswork that pinches or hurts?



  • Are the Halloween costumes for newborn babies a perfect fit? For instance you might want to zero on a bright cherry costume that has caught your attention but if it is tight you may not want to put the baby into trouble.




  • Check the size of the costume; always buy 1 or 2 size bigger, as the newborns grow fairly rapidly. Also it ensures that the costume can be re-used and recycled.  Besides, the costume should be comfortable and easy for the air to navigate, the baby’s skin should be able to breathe.




  • Any mask that comes with the costume should be reviewed to make sure that it does not put an obstacle to the vision.



  • Any face painting that you want to put on baby should be checked for the ingredients. You should ensure that the baby is not allergic to the chemicals. Face painting may not bar the vision but it should not become itchy and agonizing. Best thing is not to apply any makeup or face painting on baby’s face.


In nutshell, make sure that your baby enjoys the first festive event and of Halloween and has fun.

No Which is the favourite costume for your baby?

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

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WriterArtist on 10/24/2014

@ologsinquito - I love the fun side of the Halloween and want to remain far away from the darker side. And yes, I do love to dress the babies too. My daughter is grown up now and I miss the days when I could dress her up.

WriterArtist on 10/24/2014

Thanks Mira - Aren't they fantastic, I would love to try them on.

ologsinquito on 10/24/2014

These are all really cute. I'm not into the darker aspects of Halloween and how it can be celebrated in America, but it's fun to dress up babies and pets.

Mira on 10/24/2014

These are really cute :) Pinning them all

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