Cute Ladybug Birthday Party Favors

by SusanM

Cute ideas for ladybug birthday party favors for kids of all ages

Ladybugs are a cute little bug. So it's no surprise they appear in so many children's stories. They're also a fun choice for a child's birthday party. But what favors can you get for this theme?

I've collected some of the better ideas for ladybug favors for all age groups. That way you can have great party favors for all children at your party not just the youngest ones.

LadyBug Party Favor Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Ladybug Teethers

Ladybug party themes are often picked for a birthday party that has lots of very young children. It can be nice to create a small party favor bag for babies that come to your party. I'm sure parents will love it if their youngest children aren't left out of the fun. 

This ladybug teething toy is a fabulous idea for babies. It's age appropriate and cute. It's something that will get lots of use. It's also in the birthday theme of ladybugs. 

So this teether is a great choice for the smallest of your party guests.

Cute Ladybug Pacifier

I think this is a wonderful idea for a baby birthday party favor bag.

A ladybug pacifier.

It's so hard to find favors for babies in a special theme - so this pacifier makes the job of creating a baby safe party favor bag much easier.

Ladybug Sippy Cup

This is a party favor that's a good choice for toddlers.

It can be hard to find party favor ideas for toddlers. This is because they're not old enough for the usual party favors. So I think when creating a party bag for toddlers it's best to have fewer items of better quality. 

This ladybug sippy cup is cute and toddlers will get lots of use from it too.

Ladybug Favors for Older Children

Ladybug Sticker Favor

Stickers are the first thing you should have on your list for birthday party favors.

Kids of all ages love stickers. Toddlers can play with stickers with help. (They can find them hard to peel off the backing page so they'll need some help with them.) Preschoolers love playing with them. School age kids still love them although boys and girls at this age often like different sticker designs. 

This means by having a few different styles of stickers to suit all the kids at your party you can keep everyone happy.

Classic Ladybug Blowout

For children at your party who are preschool age or older don't forget about the classic blowouts. These are another party essential for children who are old enough to play with them. 

These ladybug blowouts are the cutest I saw and would look great in a ladybug party favor bag. 

These come in a pack of 8 blowouts. So if you only have a few older kids at your party you'll probably only need 1 or 2 packs.

Ladybug Squirts

These little ladybug water toys are fun to pop into a birthday party favor bag. Although they're listed in the baby category I wouldn't give these to a baby. I think they're a better choice for older kids especially preschool kids. 

These might be suitable for toddlers BUT please check them for safety first. Are they small enough to be inhaled? Are they safe to go into a mouth? Can they be pulled apart into smaller pieces? What are they made from? If you're confident that they safe they'd be fun as a toddler bath toy. But if you have any doubts stick to the 3 years and up crew for this party favor.

Classic Ladybug Toy Favor

This Flip N' Spin Ladybug is created in the style of the classic toys kids loved years ago. In times before electronic toys became so popular. 

This ladybug is a wind up toy so it doesn't need any batteries to work. It's a nice little novelty toy to go into the party favor bag too. 

So this is a fun choice for preschoolers and younger school age kids at your party.

Ladybug Hair Terries

I thought these were cute when I saw them. Ladybug hair terries. 

These are a nice party favor for girls at your ladybug themed party. 

These hair accessories come in a 2 pack. You can give one to each girl. But it's always better with hair accessories like this to give the full pack of 2 in case they want to do something other than a ponytail. I don't think it matters if you give a pink and purple rather than two of the same color. This is because the colors go together well and the ladybugs on them are matching. 

Ladybug Pencil Top Erasers

These are a great choice for school age girls at your party. Novelty stationary is a big hit with girls this age - and these erasers are cute. 

They come in a bag of 8 erasers so if you don't have many school age girls at your party you'll probably only need 1 bag to fill all your older girls party favor bags.


Ladybug Cookies

Ladybug cookies are easy to make if you have the right cookie cutter. If you enjoy baking you can make your own cookie dough to work with. If you're wanting a time saver you can buy your favorite cookie dough instead. 

Don't forget to grab some icing to decorate your biscuits with. If you want to limit the artificial colors go for ladybugs with white icing details rather than using red icing. 

Ladybug Gift for Toddlers

More Party Favor Ideas

Great ideas for arts and crafts birthday party favors for girls
Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 01/01/2014

adorable aren't they :)

younghopes on 01/01/2014

These hair terries are too sweet

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