Damask Patterns Create Texture and Depth

by sciencestudent

Add a couple of damask items to your bland room to give new life and create inspiration.

Damask is an old world style that has been modernized, and is now a central to any and every stylistic idea. Whether you are modern minimalist, or Victorian chic, damask patterns can accentuate your style and beautify your surroundings.

Damask patterns are traditionally an elegant choice for the decoration of any room. The beautiful contrasts created by the open pattern allows any color palette that you have chosen to be accented in a rich, luxurious way. Damask materials are available for many different types of decoration. Anything from wallpaper, throw pillows, and Persian rugs to bed spreads, curtains and lampshades can be found in traditional damask patterns.

In days gone by it required weaving silk to create the beautiful double-sided patterns that are now screen-printed on to many different materials. These old world pieces were reversible with intricate patterns that mirrored each other on the opposite side. The silks were very carefully chosen and dyed and the intricate patterns were worked over very carefully to create masterpieces. In this world, solid colored cotton bolts are printed with ink, rather than individually dying strands and weaving patterns by hand. The result is an affordable, yet still beautiful, end product that can be used in a massive amount of difference productions.

Damask bedding has become a very strong trend in children’s rooms and crib sets.

While the elegance still appeals to many adults when decorating their bedrooms, the fanciful, antique look of damask patterns is very appealing when creating a quiet environment for a new baby. we are also taught that infants need a great deal of contrast surrounding them to help their eyes learn to focus and to develop their minds. These bold patterns are ideal for that, and catch the interest of young children, helping them to develop their minds even when laying in bed. The popular black and white damask patterns are especially useful if you are wanting a bedding set that is intellectually stimulating for your new little one. Just like the colorful bold patterns of modern-day children’s toys, infants’ bedding is expected to not only decorate a room, but to do it absolute best to encourage intelligence.

Damask Patterns are Appealing to Everyone

As far as appealing to more developed tastes, there are many selections of beautiful bedding sets and decor items that showcase a more modernized version of the antique, intricate designs that used to predominate the idea of the mask. the color combinations and fees range from black and hot pink for the more bold, modern person, to rich hues of browns and greens for those who wish to harness the beauty of times gone by. The versatility of this pattern allows it to range from calming and peaceful to bold and sporty. For a more luxurious look, it is possible to find woven damasks that truly hearken back to the luxury of old nobility. Patterns that include people, lions, and dogs are more traditional, even medieval, type of opulence.

If all you are looking for is a way to add some much-needed texture to a bland room, then you might consider a gently colored, woven the mask. It will add depth to any room, so long as its colors are tasteful. Be careful when choosing, as a larger pattern in a small room may make you feel claustrophobic, instead of creating an open and bright environment. Likewise, colors that are too bold or loud can visually shrink an area.

Remember, when choosing a bedding set for your room, but that set will determine the feel of the entire room. While the other pieces in the room will certainly alter that feel, they will not override or erase it. In most bedrooms, the bed is the most prominent and largest piece of furniture. Choose your bedding first, then decorate around it to create a room that is 100% you.

Updated: 03/15/2012, sciencestudent
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Angel on 02/18/2012

I love damask patterns in a room. I have the exact black bedding set on the left at the bottom. Modern Damask Black. Beautiful.

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