Declutter Your Life in Simple Steps

by WriterArtist

Our mind and life is clogged by multitude of things, complications, stress and worries. We do not realize that decluttering takes some initiative and simple steps to kick-start.

How do you think life will be without the commotion, complication and the declutter? Perfectly simple. Maybe devoid of any excitation !!!!

That is how it should be. Ideally and in reality the art of living and leading a declutter life can be awfully simple but we unnecessarily declutter life and complicate things increasing tension and stress. Decluttering ideas revolve around removing commotion, clutter and using a bit of discipline.

Here are some decluttering ideas to declutter life-style and remove the tricky situations where there is no straightforward answer to them.

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What is Decluttering?

Managing the Chaos

Simple things first –

What does it actually mean to declutter life?

To declutter life essentially means to remove the clutter from your daily tasks, home routines, to declutter office tasks, trivial problems, relationships issues which eventually leads to a declutter mind. Actually clutter in your life and home reflects the true state of your mind. The actions originating from the mind manifest them in the physical form in an untidy office or a messy home.


We all like using a little organization in our lives. It can be hard finding things when we need them most especially when unnecessary stuff is cluttering the shelves, desks and cupboards. But how about organizing a decluttered mind?

Declutter Life with Result Oriented Ideas

With some of these decluttering ideas that I mention here, I am sure you will be able to help yourself to reduce clutter, improve your environment and eventually your health and wealth. Once you start taking small steps to remove clutter, there is a feeling of freedom and satisfaction. There also prevails a rewarding sense of positive achievement when you start to clear your clutter. 

Organizing Skills


Declutter life with organizing skills, plan what you are going to do each day or each week-end to organize things, tasks and meetings without getting tense. Have you cluttered the tasks so much that they look impossible? Break them into small and achievable tasks and goals. Handle urgent things first without procrastinating it further. It is alright to take external help either from an understanding family member, friend or a counselor. If you falter some time it is okay, do not punish and push yourself, rejoice in small steps and milestones that you achieve. Learn to live and forgive.


Obsession or Fixation


Attachment to people, family members, things you own and your own self are all external stimulants meant to complicate life and apparently seem impossible to get rid of. So how do you get detached to certain things?

The goal is to positively remove attachment to personal belongings and the clinging to people you want to control and your ego. Start slowly and in small steps. Let’s say you decide to remove the clutter from your house. You plan a schedule and break down into tasks. How many rooms are there in your house? How many shelved, desks and attics? To achieve the sense of satisfaction and results fast either you decide with a big messy room or a small room which is less cluttered. I am leaving the choices to the reader because human mind works very differently. For one individual, it might be very satisfying to clean the most cluttered room like garage first but for another person decluttering the drawing room which is the least messy will be more fulfilling. Mark a tick or complete with a green/red pen to boost your plan to remain on track and on the chart. 

Do you think organizing will improve your life style?

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ologsinquito on 04/23/2014

Yes, no doubt about it.

AbbyFitz on 04/20/2014

It definitely would make life smoother!

Guest on 04/20/2014

It will give us a less cluttered space in the house and also allow me to sell on eBay things which we no longer need.

Expectations from People


It might so happen that your performance or daily actions are getting hampered by people who you are strongly attached to, so how do you detach from them. If you try detaching your thinking it will help? Concentrating and focusing on your breath is a great method to conquer your thoughts, put aside some minutes everyday to focus on your breath and then think of doing things rationally for the people around you without being attached.


It is not a quick fix, it is slow. But working towards it will certainly help you step up. Think that you are doing good things to them because you are a good human being and not because you are attached to them or are having some selfish goals to be fulfilled. There will be failures, but think about them as your stepping stones to success. These things will cause an effort in the beginning because your mind is conditioned to think in one way, it is unidirectional, but now you are forcing your mind to come out of comfort zone and think rationally. Slowly things will improve and at some point of time, things will automatically happen and in natural manner without being enforced.

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What is your secret of decluttering?

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ologsinquito on 04/23/2014

I do the same as Abby. For me, getting started in my decluttering is the hardest part.

AbbyFitz on 04/20/2014

I'm afraid my way of decluttering is waiting till it gets really bad and then going on a cleaning spree. It stays that way for a bit until I get lazy :)

Guest on 04/20/2014

Been undergoing a spring-cleaning and decluttering ritual since last May. Several hundred items sold on eBay so far and I have only cleared a handful of drawers and crates. My m-i-l and parents are also helping in the decluttering, by 'donating' items to the mix. We need the space and the money, not the clutter. Oddly enough, my dad said to us a few weeks back that we should consider moving house soon. I refuse to move with the amount of stuff I brought into this relationship, so it all has to go before we can move.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/20/2014

WriterArtist, Your decluttering article is timely, as cleaning is a ritual which spring and summer encourage. Decluttering is a year-round process for me; it feels good to know that possessions I've enjoyed have moved on for appreciation by others.

VioletteRose on 04/20/2014

I really needed this, thank you !

WriterArtist on 04/20/2014

@Dustytoes - I think that there in lies the secret of decluttering, it is a continuous process.

dustytoes on 04/20/2014

Spring is a great time to clean out the house. With warm weather arriving, having yard sales and such becomes possible. I will be working on de-cluttering all throughout the summer months!

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