Decorative Ideas For Candle Lanterns

by JoellieGirl

Candle Lanterns are a beautiful and safe way to add ambiance and intricate detail to any event. Here are some ideas for using them in weddings, showers and parties!

Whether you're using sky lanterns to host your own sky lantern festival, decorating a large room or creating an outdoor event, lantern candles come in so many shapes and sizes that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!

Using Candle Lanterns as Table Centerpieces

Candle lanterns make beautiful table centerpieces for outdoor or indoor events. Instead of the typical tea-lights in glass holders, why not use a beautiful tin lantern with patterned sides for a more dramatic version of the same effect? Whether you simply sprinkle flower petals around your candle lantern or stack it on top of books and surround it by framed pictures and tulle, you'll find that an elegant piece like this can beautify any event.  

Candle Lanterns For Overhead Lighting

Everybody has used Chinese Lanterns at some point, but aren't they just a little bit on the 90's end of things?   Metal candle lanterns are a much safer, more updated option for hanging lights and create a more natural glow than colored paper. 

Hanging candle lanterns by coordinated strips of wide satin ribbon, by hemp twine, or just by basic wire is very easy and cost effective. The magical candlelight coming from above your guests will be a type of lighting that is fresh and new to our modern world that only ever uses electric lights for overhead lighting. 

I would avoid candle lanterns with glass sides for overhead use to prevent the risk of shattering if one were to fall. Use lanterns that are all tin or copper for an extra safety precaution. 

Also, use long lasting candles in hanging lanterns so that you won't have to worry about lighting them at the last minute! 



Instead of dangerous open candles or cheesy LED lights for the steps to the front of the church, the walkway to your reception or the path to your pool, go with the most romantic, safe option and try candle lanterns. These really are incredibly versatile and can provide enough light to be useful without killing your ambiance. 

Even if you just want to create a romantic night at home, having these on hand reduces your risk of a house fire while letting you have the candlelight you imagined. 

Using Sky Lanterns For Celebrations

Sky Lanterns only sort of fall into the category of candle lanterns, but technically you can use them for a lot of the same events. I've known a few people to use sky lantern releases instead of bubbles or rice for the bride and groom's departure and it's beautiful! 

Sky lanterns are also called "wish lanterns" and are supposed to carry your well-wishes to the heavens. That makes them an excellent, meaningful idea for baby showers or birthday parties!


Decorating Your Deck And Home With Candle Lanterns

Being outside is much more meaningful when the lighting is natural. Sitting on your deck in the evening isn't worth a lot if you're sitting under the harsh glow of electric lights. 

Stationing a few candle lanterns around your deck and garden can also double for another purpose: Burning citronella pillar candles keeps bugs away so that you can enjoy that swing or bench without the buzzing and itching. 



Updated: 07/24/2012, JoellieGirl
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Ed. Taylor on 05/17/2013

This is such a good series of decorative <a href="">hanging candle lanterns</a>!

Ed. Taylor on 05/17/2013

This is such a good series of decorative candle lights!

Rose on 08/02/2012

They look so beautiful and Victorian!

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