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by CruiseReady

Changing out plain wall plates for decorative ones is a quick and easy way to add an unexpected pop to your decor. Seashells are ideal for nautical, coastal, and tropical decor.

Ah, seashells! A nice thought, indeed. Even better: Seashells on tropical beaches. Yes, now, that's almost heaven!

Little pieces or art, like that found on these decorative switch plates is simply a pleasure to look at, too, adding an unexpected touch to a room. (Much nicer than a plain white or beige one, don't you agree?)

Seashell art goes well with a tropical decor, and also with a nautical or coastal decor.

So, if you have an affinity for the tropics and beaches, or are in love with all things nautical, seashell light switch and outlet covers will add a nice touch to your decor. There are a few examples shown below,

But wait! There's more! If it's inspiration you need, there are a couple of shell videos, There's also a bit about a sea creature that only lives in shells built by others, as well as a quick look at the rare and beautiful junonia shell.

Shells and Shadows on the Beach

Shells and Shadows
Shells and Shadows

Scallop Shells Up close

Coastal Beauty on a Wall Plate

The beautiful seashell on this light cover will remind you of the beach with the flip of a switch.

What could be more perfect for a place with a coastal decor than pretty scallop shells?  

These plentiful bivalves have been a favorite motif in decorating, art, and jewelry making  throughout history.  They still are. 

The Best Shelling in the United States

The Beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida

Most shelling experts name Sanibel Island, Florida as America's number one location for finding seashells.  

Sanibel Island, Florida

A Prime Shelling Location

Treasures from the Beach

Big and Beautiful Conch Shells

How pleasant to see some lovely shell art or photography every time you flip on the electricity! If yours is a coastal decor, these are just perfect. Even if it's not, and you'd like a little pop of color and beauty just where it might be least expected, try one of these! The process of replacing a plain old wall plate with a pretty new one is quick and easy.

This particular one brings back some treasured childhood memories.  It was always amazing to me as a child to hold an empty conch shell up to my ear and hear the sound of the sea eminating from inside it. 

You'll just about be able to hear the sound of the sea when you flip your switch with this switch plate cover on it.

Conch Shell Switch Cover

(Available for Single or Double Toggles, and Electrical Outlets
3dRose lsp_26133_1 Conch Shell Single Toggle Switch

Did You Know?


Someone who studies and collects shells is called a Conchologist


Hermit Crabs Live in Shells Created by Others

Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab

They Move in After the Builders Move Out

Hermit Crabs must live in shells in order to protect soft, vulnerable parts of their bodies.  But, unlike other shelled sea life, they do not manufacture their own shells.  They move into those shells that are no longer being used by others.

In a sense, they are a bit like humans, who buy pre-existing homes.  Like us, they don't evict the current owners in order to move in.  They wait until the shell is empty, and then move in.  Many times, this happens after the previous occupant has been eaten by someone else.

So, hermit crabs can be seen crawling along  the edge of the ocean in a variety of different homes, or shells.  When they have outgrown one shell, they find another, larger one to move into.

It appears as though this little guy may be house hunting.  He's found one that's a lot too large for him, and will need to keep looking until he finds one that is a better fit.   He would have an incredibly difficult time carrying this one around!

Like humans who are known to get into a bidding war for a specific house, hermit crabs needing new shells will fight for possession when the demand is greater than the supply.

Amazing Shell Beaches Around the World


Beauty from the Beach for Your Walls

Little Works of Art to Surround Light Switches
Seashell Nautical Double Switch Plate...3dRose lsp_202960_2 Blue Seashell on ...

Do You Look for Shells on the Beach?

- a poll, just for fun

Shelling is the practice of beach combing for the express purpose of finding pretty, useful, or valuable shells.

Shell collectors are often adept at identifying just about any shell they come across on the beach

Have you ever been shelling?

Shelling Regulations

When collecting shells, take only absolutely empty shells.  Never, ever take a shell containing a live creature.  Check for hermit crabs!  Also off limits are starfish, sand dollars, and other living organisms.

Ancient Beauty from the Depths of the Sea

 One of the most beautiful shells, in my opinion is that of a creature that lives in the cold depths of the ocean.

The shell on this outlet cover was once the home of a fascinating sea creature called the nautilus. It's a deep sea relative of the squid, and hasn't changed much at all in millions of years. That's why it's sometimes called a "living fossil."

Try to Find a Coveted Junonia at Sanibel Island

You May Get a Few Minutes of Fame

Junonia ShellSanabel Island, a barrier island in southwest Florida, is probably the best shelling beach in the United States, and among the top five in the world. People come from far and wide to collect seashells on Sanibel's famous beaches.

Seldom does one go away empty handed from this area. Unless, of course, the one thing you are looking for is a Junonia shell.

These are the shells of a sea snail who live their entire lives in deeper water.  It's infrequent for their shells to wash up, except perhaps, for after a severe storm or hurricane.

Everyone would love to find a Junonia shell. Few do. They live deep, and rarely wash up on beaches - even on one famous for its abundance and variety of shells.

In fact, it's so unusual for one to be found, that if you find one, they'll probably take your picture for the local newspaper. They're that rare, and it's news that big.

 (public domain)

Don't Forget Your Electrical Outlets

Decorator Outlet Covers to Mix or Match

Don't forget a special cover for your electric plugs!  They will complete your new look.

My choice would be to match them to the ones for the light switches, and many of the switch covers on this page do have matching covers for electric outlets.  
But you may prefer a mix of designs.  Here are a couple of examples that would mix well.

Another Decorating Idea

Sand Dollar and Starfish Cabinet Hardware

If you would like an idea for something a little bit different that will go very nicely with your seashell wall plates, think cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.  To coordinate with the shells, how about some little creatures that live in the ocean side by side with those who inhabit hard exoskeletons.  Just navigate to this page about Starfish and Sand Dollar Cabinet Knobs to find some examples.

Updated: 09/26/2016, CruiseReady
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/14/2017

CruiseReady, Bivalve, Junonia and nautilus shell plates are my favorites. It's important not to forget the decorating touches of cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and electrical outlets too.

CruiseReady on 09/26/2015

Oh! I hadn't thought about sun rooms, but you are absolutely right about that. Thanks!

DerdriuMarriner on 09/22/2015

CruiseReady, Thank you! Seashell outlet and switch covers are particularly nice in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, porches, and sun rooms.

CruiseReady on 09/02/2015

!Happy nutritionist - if you ever get the chance to go do Sanibel, you will never regret going,

happynutritionist on 09/02/2015

I have enjoyed "shelling" along our NJ shore as well as in Maine, Long Island and Rhode Island, have not been to the southern coasts much yet.

CruiseReady on 09/02/2015

What a memory! But, somehow, I can relate to that...

paperfacets on 09/02/2015

I redone an old medicine cabinet mirror and frame with a combo of mosaic and the family's collected sea shells. It is strange but I can remember where I picked up certain sea shells, even if it was found 30-35 years ago.

CruiseReady on 09/01/2015

Thank you, Veronica. And yes, these treasures from the sea do seem ideally suited for bathroom decor.

Veronica on 09/01/2015

I particularly like shells in the bathroom for some reason. They give a feeling of freshness and calm. A lovely post. TY

CruiseReady on 09/01/2015

It is! Easy AND affordable compared to so many other room upgrades.

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