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by MBC

Visit the Denver Zoo while in Colorado. Each zoo is unique and features different animals. I have found the Denver Zoo to be a wonderful place for family fun.

The Denver Zoo started in 1896 when an orphaned black bear named Billy Bryan was donated by the Mayor of Denver. It currently occupies 80 acres very close to the Denver City Park. Early on the Denver Zoo was involved in efforts to save the American bison from extinction.

According to the zoo's website "Currently the Zoo houses 3,500 animals, representing over 650 different species. Of those 188 zoo species are considered threatened or endangered, and three species are actually extinct in the wild. The Denver Zoo focuses on education to teach the appreciation of wildlife and conservation of our threatened natural resources." What a diversity of animals!

It is only 5 minutes from downtown Denver at 2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205 Are you looking for "things to do in Denver"? Looking for a fine family adventure? This is the solution - grab the sunscreen and come on out.

I live in Denver and have visited the zoo and have taken many photos there. I am including a sample here of some Zazzle products that I created from my photos. Hope you like them.

Photo of the Baby Giraffe at the Denver Zoo

It's name is Dobby
3 Month Old Giraffe
3 Month Old Giraffe

Denver Zoo Celebrates National Zookeeper Week

Three Royal Lion Cubs From Qatar Were Housed in Denver

Animals come stay here for a while and move on

For a time The Denver Zoo had these three lion cubs. The males are named Tsavo and Enzi, and the female is Sabi. They were born June 24, 2012 and will likely only be in Denver temporarily until permanent homes are found. They were orphaned when their mother died giving birth to her cubs. Lions probably number less than 30,000 in the wild today.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists lions as endangered in West and Central Africa. So the Denver Zoo is very excited to have these three lions who “do not share genetics with other lions in the US and, therefore, they offer valuable and unique genetics for shared breeding programs.”

Update: The two male lions have been sent on to other zoos, but the female is still here in Denver.

It's so fun to watch the animals go from small cubs into large mature animals.

Elephant Show at Denver Zoo

Elephant Show at Denver Zoo
Elephant Show at Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo Presents It's Famous Toyota Elephant Passage

Has Received the LEED Platinum Certification

The Denver Zoo offers something unique in the world, a zoo that can house nearly extinct Asian elephants. Pond said, “It’s a commitment because Asian elephants are extremely endangered – in the wild and captivity there are only 35,000 total, versus nearly 600,000 African elephants – and part of the problem now is that people don’t have the space to hold bull elephants.” Quoted from a Green Building News article by Torrey Sims 08/08/2012. The whole project focused on sustainability practices. The new space can house as many as eight bull elephants in its 10 acres. The six habitats are all connected with redundant pathways and the animals can roam around the whole space.

One of the reasons for the LEED Platinum certification was the zoos techniques of water conservation and its filtration system. According to the zoo website: “1.7 billion gallons of water a year go through their filtration system.” The maintenance people number and weigh every trashcan at the zoo daily. They recycle the waste (both human and animal) using a process called gasification and create power for heating and lighting the new Toyota Elephant Passage. They also separate out the potable and non-potable water so they can be used at the zoo for drinking, swimming and bathing, and cleaning the space. The Toyota Elephant Passage also incorporates radiant heating in the floors as well as low VOC carpets. This zoo is a wonderful example of innovative green construction and it is first zoo in the country to receive the LEED Platinum Certification. Well done!

There are three species of Zebra: The Gravy's Zebra, The Mountain Zebra, and the Plains or Common Zebra. The Denver Zoo is excited to announce that there is a new addition to the zoo. Topaz is the mother's name, but the female foal is not named yet. It was born on June 13, 2013. The father zebra is named Punda. The infant is a Gravy's Zebra which are endangered due to loss of habitat. In the wild they live in Kenya and Ethiopia and there are only about 2000 living specimens.

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the Denver Zoo - a great place to visit while in Colorado. I have started out with information on lions, elephants, foxes, giraffes and tigers, but I have many photos so will be changing them out frequently, so come back for a visit perhaps weekly or monthly.

The photos in this lens were taken by me, Marsha Camblin, unless otherwise indicated.

I Want to Recommend this Delightful Book on Penguins

This is a memoir written by an Englishman who went to Argentina as a young man and rescued a penguin from an oil spill in Uruguay.  He takes the Magellan Penguin back to the school where he is an assistant master at a boarding school.  As I said it is really a delightful read, suitable for adults or children.  Read it a chapter at a time at bedtime.  What fun!

Rare Malayan Tapir Born at the Denver Zoo Last Spring

He's Named Baku and You Can See Him at the Toyota Elephant Exhibit
Malayan Tapir
Malayan Tapir

New Plans for the Zoo

The Zoo has many new projects and upgrades in the works or in the planning stages.  Come back anytime and see what's happening.  I will keep you current.

In the spring there are also many new babies so spring and summer are great times to come see new exotic animals. So come on out and visit the Denver Zoo.

Art to Save the Sea Exhibit at the Denver Zoo

It's Known as Washed Ashore and the Project Creator is Angela Haseltine Pozzi
Sea Lion Sculpture
Sea Lion Sculpture

Have You Seen the Tiger Area at the Denver Zoo? Its very cool!

Took the Photo at the Zoo on My Last Visit

Who needs an electronics charging hub?

I Took Several Photos of the Lego Animal Sculptures at a Recent Zoo Exhibit

I will be adding more photos soon
Polar Bear Lego Sculpture
Polar Bear Lego Sculpture
Lego Frog Sculpture
Lego Frog Sculpture
Personal photo can be ordered just contact me

We have a large selection on Monkeys and Apes Here at the Denver Zoo

For example here is a Titi photo I took there

Send Someone a WILD gift

More Articles for Those Who Love Animals

As the title indicates I have included many photographs taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens including some of the Dale Chihuly designs currently being exhibited.
Find out about attracting and preserving Bluebirds and learn about the three species of bluebirds here.
In this article I will uncover the Corgi, which is a herding dog. They are well suited for herding because they are not tall, therefore can miss most of the flying hooves of cows.
The Bald Eagle is America’s national bird and it symbolizes freedom. These regal, majestic birds have quite a history. The introductory photo was taken by Marsha Camblin.

Have you seen the Baby Gorilla at the Denver Zoo? Go now to enjoy.

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MBC on 08/04/2015

Thanks for the visit. Yes, I also loved the zoo - still do obviously!

WriterArtist on 07/25/2015

I recall how excited I used to become when we used to visit zoo. It was an educational experience filled with fun for us when we were kids. The photo of the tapir is awesome, it is very cute.

candy47 on 06/05/2015

I've never been there so thanks for the virtual tour of the Denver Zoo. Love the tapir!!

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