Desert Rose Adenium for Gardening and Bonsai

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Adenium flowers are stunning with their pink, white and combination palettes, especially spectacular and eye candy are the hybrids.

Apart from the wild Savanna, desert and rocky mountains, the adenium plant can be grown in home garden albeit in well drained soil and tropical, warm climate. Dwarf Adenium looks magnificent as Bonsai.

The enchanting desert rose captivated my heart when I went to Manipal to visit my daughter in India. The abundant growth of lovely pink flowers on the tree caught my attention and I decided to grow it in my garden. Since I do not have a large space to house a tree, I decided to grow a hybrid species of Adenium in a pot.

Thankfully, there are many hybrid species that can be grown in pots and plethora of colours that can mix and match the beauty and dignity of these flowers.

A popular species derived from the perennial succulent, Adenium Obesum is also known as Desert Rose. However; the Desert Rose nowhere resembles traditional rose.

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Origin of Adenium

Where is Desert Rose found?

Thinking about the appearance of Adenium Obesum, one might wonder where it got this name.

Adenium comes from the word Aden, an Arabic port city named Aden , a plant from such a city in Arabian Peninsula was termed Adenium. It is a native shrub also found in Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

Growing Adenium

Adenium in your Garden

Dry desert areas of the world are home to various species of beautiful Adenium. Adding colour to the landscape with its flora of white, pink , dark pink and various hybrid combinations, they easily form the accents and accentuate the rocks and xeriscape parks.

 Adenium is a succulent plant that is capable of storing water in its stems and branches, which is the reason it can survive in desert like climate with scanty rainfall patterns.

Guide to Growing Desert Rose

Taking Care of Adenium

The Adenium shrub loves warm climates and is a slow growing plant. With their exotic blooms, less maintenance and trunk structure similar to Bonsai, they are becoming very popular with amateur as well as experienced gardeners. It is an ornamental plant that requires ample sunshine. Its presence is dominated by unusual thick trunks, twisted branches and stems.

It can be grown with both cuttings and seeds. It grows 6 to 10 feet tall in a light well drain soil and can withstand drought and dry winds. This heat tolerant plant requires moderate watering to ensure year round blossoms. It can hibernate in cold weather and remain dormant for quite some time before producing leaves and new blossoms.

Adenium Hybrids

Natural hybrids of many plants can be found in wild. The hybrids of Cactus and succulents among many others have given rise to a new species of plants. Hybrids in Nature are sterile and unable to propagate through seeds. The outcome of such plants are different from the parents and sometimes it is difficult to identify its real Botanical parents.

Adenium Hybrids have become popular due to the wide array of spectacular flowers, the cross species produces.

Countries such as Kenya, Arabian Peninsula, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have Adenium species bloom towards the winter in warmth with tubular flowers that look similar to the Frangipani and Oleander and Plumeria blooms.

© copyright WriterArtist
© copyright WriterArtist

Adenium as Bonsai

Adenium can be grown vertical or slanting style medium size Bonsai. An Adenium shrub can grow to lush Bonsai with pink or white flowers in a huge pot if proper care is taken.

Adenium as Medicinal Plant

Medicinal Uses


In Zimbabwe and South African countries, the milky white sap from the root and stem latex is used in preparing poison arrows. The latex  is toxic and used in shooting big games like animals and fish.  It is also used along with other poisons to treat snake bites.

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Mira on 03/17/2019

I didn't know about Adenium. Those dark pink flowers are so beautiful!

WriterArtist on 02/22/2019

Dustytoes - Glad to know that your Desert Rose is doing well in Florida. Unless one waters it too much, it should survive. It likes warm weather and sunny locations. One can easily confuse it with plumeria because it looks similar. Plumeria blossoms are fragrant while adenium flowers are not. Thanks much for linking this page to your blog.

WriterArtist on 02/22/2019

Blackspanielgallery - I don't think the small hybrid adenium plant is poisonous. Before I did some study, I was not aware of the poisonous sap too. The quantity is too less and there is really no danger to humans or animals unless one tries to intake the white sap.

WriterArtist on 02/22/2019

DerdriuMarriner - All adenium plants I have were saplings. Although I tried growing it from seed once and it was successful too but it did not survive due to overdose of chemical fertilizer. My adenium plant is outdoors all the time in a pot. Since there is no frost and severe winter, cold waves in Bangalore, I don't have to worry much.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/20/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the practical information and product lines. Did you start from cuttings or seeds? Do you keep your adenium pot outside 24-7 or is it brought in nightly? What else is potted in your adenium area?

blackspanielgallery on 02/14/2019

Can the poison accidentally be taken in by humans or animals?

dustytoes on 02/14/2019

I do have a desert rose! It was given to me as a gift and I was told it was a Plumeria, but I knew it was not. I live in Florida, so I was worried that a desert plant would find it too wet here, but my plant is doing very well. So it seems the desert rose can handle lots of water too.
I'm glad you mentioned a dormant time, because within the last few months (Dec.-Jan.) most of the leaves turned yellow and fell off. I keep it inside at night when the temps are low this time of year. Recently it has grown a bunch of beautiful green leaves. I leave it outside in the blazing Florida sun all summer and it is very happy and blooms like mad! I will link to this page on my gardening blog where I have a post about my desert rose.

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