The Mesmerizing Rose Garden

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Mesmerizing rose garden plants are something that I cannot keep my eyes off. Roses symbolize love and are related to the Roman Goddess of love Venus and Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Lavishly sculpted rose gardens with chiseled petals in aesthetic layers, the rainbow colours are blended in such fusion that the appearance of these flowers are simply mesmerizing. Many a times, I get caught gazing the beauty of these flowers unaware for hours.

Primarily for their looks and more prominently for their scents they were long sought after in the ancient kingdoms especially the Roman elites and royal Mughal empires of East. You will find many famous rose gardens in Kashmir, India dating back from the Moghal period displaying the exotic grandeur and beauty of these exotic species.

Image from WriterArtist - The picture contains roses from my garden.

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Planning My Rose Garden

The weather has become stunning, spring has arrived and with it - the gorgeous blooming roses. Has there ever been such an elegant and picturesque flower such as rose; I don’t think so. No wonder, the magnificent rose is described as the Queen of flowers. Roses have found a special place in lover’s hearts too. It certainly has found a unique place in my heart.

You will find them everywhere from bouquets and gifts to the thrones of aristocrats and the garlands and laurels of honoured. Not been able to express their love, many a Romeo has presented roses to their Juliet. Roses can be cast in garlands, used for wedding and presented as gifts in various occasions. Roses make an elegant bouquet that no other flower can compete. Only thing that is not possible is making a Bonsai of the rose plant as it is too delicate and soft.

My Rose Garden

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

How to Plan Your Rose garden?


Caring and buying the correct species of roses, knowing when to plant the small saplings of roses and tending them throughout the four seasons will ensure you get the best yield.

Now, there are a plethora of rose garden plants that can grow during spring, summer and winter. With its fantastic varieties, it is now feasible to create a rose garden that is fabulously artistic all the year round with magnificent blooms you can feast your eyes with.

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Have you grown roses?

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AngelaJohnson on 09/26/2014

I live in an apartment and there are a few rose bushes in the landscaping. My sister has an impressive rose garden, although I'm only able to visit once a year.

Tips for Growing Roses

Caring for Roses

Growing roses requires no additional gardening skills or experience if you already possess some of them. In nutshell, there are five easy steps for caring roses which can be summarized as:

  1. Select the right species of rose for your rose garden. I would recommend the local ones because they can withstand the local weather better.
  2. Plant your rose where it is exposed to plenty of sunshine, it necessarily needs at least four to six hours of sun every day.
  3. Moisturize the soil for roses and water regularly. The soil for roses should not dry and no cracks should be evident.
  4. Prune your roses regularly and correctly to get a flourishing yield.
  5. Without proper fertilizers and nourishments, the rose plant may not yield flowers. Hence fertilizing is a must, organic fertilizer is recommended.

Hurray – if you follow these guidelines your rose garden plants will kick-start with a healthy leap. You can plant different types that will ensure your rose garden full of elegant blooms round the year. There are many exotic species of roses that can bring color and brightness in your garden provided you are ready to invest some time in the garden.

Rose Garden on YouTube

Your favourite rose type?

Common Varieties of Roses

The most common roses are the bright red, yellow and pink roses which occur in single colour. Back during the days of our ancestors, the roses came in one colour but with grafting techniques more colorful roses with more than one colored petals called hybrid roses are cultivated.

They however need utmost care and cannot withstand neglect like the old antique rose species. Traditional roses like knock-out roses, button roses and climbing roses are comparatively easy to grow and maintain,

Climbing roses - These roses come in various colours and sizes. They blossom in spring followed by scanty blooms during rest of the season,

Rose Shrubs - These species of rose plants are great for garden borders and landscaping. They bloom well throughout the year with proper nourishment and fertilizers.

Hybrid Tea – The hybrid tea roses come in various colours and perhaps are the most commonly grown flowers in the world.

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Are roses difficult to grow?

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WriterArtist on 10/06/2014

Dear EmmaSRose - Roses are beautiful flowers that look stunning in art piece. I am glad to have found another admirer of roses. I have recently purchased some rose plants and I am trying to make sure that I take good care of them.

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