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Top 10 page a day desktop calendars. All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally safe inks, and each page contains a full color image on glossy paper

You'll find Desk calendars come in several sizes: Some engagement planners are called Desk Calendars too. There are Desk Pad Calendars which are a help in keeping your desk clean while also always having a place to jot down quick notes. And then there are page a day calendars devoted to all kinds of themes. Whether it's baseball, art, guitars or crafts - there's something for everybody. I hope my selection helps you make your pick.

AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Calendar

21.75 x 16 Inch

This is one of the most popular desk calendar options out there: a desk pad that doubles as:

  • a place for stray notes, when you're on the phone and need a place to jot something down.
  • a quick place to check dates (is april 4th a Monday?)
  • a place for doodles when you're thinking

Shoes Gallery Desk Calendar

Beautiful table top calendar for the office

Slip on something hot, every day of the year. The #1 top selling Page-A-Day Gallery calendar, Shoes is a showcase of style and glamour, adapted from Linda O'Keefe's international bestseller.

This Shoes Desk Calendar features 160 pages that are printed on both sides, which is boxed in a clear plastic case. The top of the case flips open to become a self-standing display.

365 Dogs Page-A-Day Desk Calendar

There are dog lovers and there are cat lovers. Dog lovers win with this desk calendar that features a well styled lovable dog for each day of the week. 

From high bred English Springer Spaniel's to mutts showing off their skills. Mutts are generally healthier than their 'pure bred' parents and siblings, and some are quite good looking as well. This calendar is a perennial best seller and only selects for beauty and skill, not whether a dog has the right pedigree.  

Dilbert Desk Calendar - Cartoons by Scot Adams

Always popular at the office, because however outlandish the people in the cartoons behave, it's not so much outlandish as familiar. And therefore funny. 

Laugh at the issues at work, it's healthy!

Japanese Woodblock Easel Desk Calendar

Woodblock art is the most famous of all the art forms to come out of Japan. The deceptively simple lines, the limited but expressive use of color and the peaceful scenery - the whole gives an atmosphere that is popular for a reason. 

12 striking woodblock prints from Kawase Hasui (1883 - 1957) are featured on this Desk Calendar, which features a collection of full-color images of temples and landscapes in Japan.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Page-A-Day Desk Calendar - 365 Day Calendar

Mouth watering destinations to help you remember that there is more to life than sitting at your desk. 

1,000 Places to See Before You Die is a New York Times Best Seller that is packed with hundreds of exciting destinations in full color. Tour the lush canopy of the Costa Rican rain forest. Trek to the terraced rice paddies of Yunnan, China. Explore the ancient pueblos of Mesa Verde, Colorado.

And more. 

A reader says:

I would like to have one that will add more inspiration to my work like a vacation place or something. So that every time I check the dates, will makes me to work hard even more. :)

Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be A Redneck If... Desk Calendar

Humor on TV - cartoon style

Known from TV, with over two dozen books to his name and Grammy Award nominee, Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most successful comedians ever. 

His Redneck calendar features jokes that make fun of all of us. Redneck or not. And that's what good humor is all about. Making us laugh at ourselves. 

Mary Engelbreit Best Day Ever Desk Calendar - Day to Day Calendar

She's well known for her distinctive style: soft without being sappy. Funny without being loud. Colorful without clashing. 

Mary Engelbreit's day-to-day calendar will make you smile over the little things. Again and again. 

Ford Mustang Desk Calendar

Sports Car Desk Calendar

This daily desk calendar features images of one of the most classic, coveted, and well-crafted cars in American history. A best seller for over 10 years, this calendar features models from 1964 through today.

All calendar pages are printed on FSC certified paper with environmentally safe inks, and each page is full color on glossy paper.

Snoopy: Day-to-Day Calendar - 365 Day Calendar

The whole medley crew of Charley Brown is highlighted on this fun desk calendar.

Enjoy Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and Lucy van Pelt, Woodstock, Pig-Pen and Franklin. 

Another popular cartoon calendar to brighten up your day. The Peanuts are a gang of kids of course, which makes their humane observations all the funnier. 

There's a magnetic backing so you can display the calendar on a fridge or a filing cabinet.

Maxine Year-In -A Box Calendar - Desk Calendar

Food and Cooking in the office?

Just like kids, old people are allowed more leeway (or take it) in saying what they're thinking. 

Maxine does just that and makes us laugh out loud, or giggle, all year long.

Cartoons from The New Yorker: Day-to-Day Calendar

Every day topics like relationships, finance, health, marriage, and careers are treated with incisive wit by the talented cartoonists at The New Yorker. Whether enjoyed at the office or in the home, the cartoons featured on the pages of the Cartoons from The New Yorker Day-to-Day Calendar help put our daily lives in the right, and humorous, perspective.

As a busy at home mom a planner really comes in handy to organize my own life and that of my children.
Recognizing that spirituality is what it's all about actually set me free. Peace, love and tolerance are the building blocks of spirituality. I've never been happier or more at pea
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