Disney Princess Castle

by MuminBusiness

Once upon a time there lived a princess or three and they needed somewhere to live and so their mother, the Queen, had to find them a princess castle...

Having children can be a lot of fun and games. Especially when they are three girls who fancy themselves to be princesses. It fills the day with constant costume changes as they cannot be seen in the same attire from one hour to the next! Fun and games...

Getting a princess castle to add to their collection will make any girl very happy indeed.

The Ultimate Disney Princess Castle

Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle (Castle Only)

As we are all fans of the Disney Princess range in this household, this castle is loved.  With three stories, and more than fifty play pieces, this will keep any little girls occupied for a very long time.  The only unfortunate thing is the lack of the Disney princess dolls but they can be obtained from a lot of places without too much trouble.

On each of the three stories of this ultimate castle, there are rooms for each of the princesses in the range apart from Rapunzel.  

There is Tiana's kitchen - She is no longer almost there, she has arrived and is ready to prepare food for all her hungry customers.

Belle's Dining Room - She is no longer the guest.

Ariel's Bathroom - bubble sounds, seashell tub - What more does the mermaid princess need?

Jasmine's Elevator - A magic carpet that lifts her and all the princesses to different floors

Cinderella's Staircase - If you do not want to fly then there is the option of stairs, just be careful of the glass slipper.

Aurora's Bedroom - Well, I suppose if you are a Sleeping Beauty, you definitely need somewhere to rest your head.

At the very top of the castle is a rotating dance floor where all the princesses can have a turn showing themselves off.  

Disney Princess Dolls


As the Ultimate Disney Princess Castle does not have any dolls, I had to find you a Disney Princess Doll Collection to go with your castle.

This is a great collection from the Disney Store. It contains all the dolls from the Disney Movies. All of them!  It has received a whole range of five star reviews so it seems to have made a lot of people very happy.

There is Pocahontas, Mulan (the Warrior Princess), Rapunzel, Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Snow White and Cinderella.

It is a good looking set.

Disney Princess Royal Castle

Disney Princess Royal Castle

This is another one of the Disney Princess Castles. It is smaller than the ultimate castle but it is still a nice castle. It even comes with stickers so that your daughter(s) can decorate it the way they wish.

The castle opens up to reveal six play areas.  It comes with some furniture and a 4 inch Cinderella doll.

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Dolls

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Collection

These are the dolls that go with the Disney Princess Royal Castle. They are the right size for this castle.

You will get a replacement Cinderella in the set which I am sure no one will object to.

In addition to that, there is Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Tiana.

Cinderella Castle Play Set

This is the Cinderella Castle play set.  It is modeled after the castle at the Walt Disney Resort.

It has ten figures and they are poseable including Prince Charming, Aurora and her Prince, Jasmine and Aladdin, Belle and the Beast, Snow White and her nameless prince.

There are sounds and lights and secret passageways.  A clock tower, carriage and more furniture.

An all-inclusive castle with great reviews.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Play Set

This is the Sleeping Beauty Castle Play Set. This is modeled after the castle in Disneyland Resort.

It also comes with ten character figures including Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a few of the princesses and their princes.

A whole group of accessories are also included.

IPhone Castle Phone Covers

The Disney Store graciously has created Iphone covers with the image of a castle on it. A great addition to the Disney Range. I wish there was one for the Samsung Galaxy SII though.


Disney Princess Castle SnowGlobe

Disney Princess Castle Snowglobe
Only $619.0

The Castle SnowGlobe

I consider this pretty creative.  A set of snowglobes put together to resemble a castle.  Very novel.

It shows the original three princesses and their princes - Cinderella, Snow White and Belle.  It also shows the clocktower ready to countdown to midnight.

I hope you love the Disney Princess Castle range.

Updated: 04/10/2012, MuminBusiness
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