Disney Princesses Theme Party

by blackspanielgallery

The Disney Princess party theme is an easy one to find material to throw, and has a lasting ability to delight those participating.

One very popular theme for a birthday party, or for other party occasions, is Disney Princesses. This theme is supported by a myriad of products designed to make the party a very special occasion. The popularity comes from the multitude of princesses who have been featured in Disney movies, with Disney’s Frozen being the most recent, and possibly the most popular. The Disney Princesses endure the passage of time, and remain popular.

Will It Be a Costume Party?

If it is a costume party there are costumes available for each princess.  They are easily found.  Some are shown here, but there are more.  Viewing any of these should reveal other possibilities.


For a costume party a decision would be needed prior to the event.  Would there be allowed multiple people wearing costumes of the same princess, or will the guests be expected to choose a costume and reserve their favorite princess so there is but one of each?   Another consideration is will the guest of honor be the only person wearing a certain princess costume, or not?  I see no problem with three Cinderellas and two Belles, but that is just an opinion, your party needs to conform to your opinion.  



Disney Princesses Party Balloons

Decorating Can Be Fun

One decoration that really gets attention is a balloon, and a cluster of balloons is even easier to make into a focal point.  There are quite a few balloons available that are consistent with the Disney Princesses theme.  The two I recommend are the giant castle balloon, and the five large balloons sold as a unit with each made in the likeness of a different Disney Princess.  These can be used as a bouquet or floated over the party all throughout the room. 


One reason I recommend these balloons is that they are not the traditional round shape, their shapes represent the princesses and the castle.

Table Centerpiece

Decorate with the Princess Theme

Another place to decorate is the table.  Use a nice centerpiece.  Yes, you can use the balloons as a centerpiece, but there are other nice centerpieces to choose from.  The one featured opens to become three dimensional.   It is an excellent centerpiece that is really consistent with the theme.

Other Decorations

The Pack of Disney Princess Decorations

Buying a pack of decorations gives you some cohesiveness in the look.  They should all go together if they were bought as a pack.  Decorations can be set on flat surfaces or hung from a ceiling.  In fact, a nice combination of types of decorations will make an impact.

Disney Princesses Party Serving Set

As with the decorations, the plates, cups, and napkins can be well coordinated when bought in a pack.  And, many packs include plastic forks and plastic spoons.  Add to the decorations and remain consistent with the theme with a well chosen party serving pack.  And, if the pack includes plastic forks and plastic spoons you are less likely to forget a critical item.


When using a pack for your party serving supplies it may be necessary to order more than one, a decision that would require knowing how many guests are expected.  And, allow for replacing lost, damaged, or dirtied items with a few extra pieces.

The Tablecloth

Cover the table with an appropriate tablecloth.  If there are multiple tables take that into account. 


Some packs of party supplies come with a table cloth, but most do not.  This is probably because the tablecloth adds cost, and only one or two are normally needed, even if a larger number of party packs are needed for the number of guests invited.


Picks and Papers

A party needs cupcakes, and if you make them yourself you need papers, one for each cupcake.  Decorating the top of your cupcakes with picks is a touch that says you looked at the details.  So, consider adding cupcake papers and picks to your party shopping list.

Party Favors

Party favors are expected.  Many party themes do not have theme related party favors to support them, but with the Disney Princess theme we are fortunate.  Sets of party favors, including tiaras and wands, keeps with the theme, and can be enjoyed by the guests.


It is necessary to invite your guests.  If you need a count, asking for an RSVP is helpful, but remember you are inviting children.  They might just show up unexpected. 


Using a Zazzle invitation allows you to customize it.  You can indicate if costumes are expected, optional, on not to be used at all, along with the other necessary information such as the name of the person of honor, the time, date, and location, and any other important detail that must be made known.


If there are gifts given, follow up with a theme related thank you card.

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Updated: 10/18/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 03/28/2022

Well, the closest I know of is Jake the pirate, but that is a different theme. I believe there are prince costumes, bt I am unaware of a prince theme party.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/28/2022

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I like the balloon decorations, the dresses (with their own trunk) and the table covering. The ensemble must guarantee the party-giver and the party-goers a fun time.

But I wonder, would you happen to know if there's an equivalent, prince theme -- since princesses have prince charmings-- for boys? Would that be as, less than or more successful than a princess party?

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