DIY Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

by ThePartyAnimal

I am going to share with you some beautiful Princess Birthday Cakes that you can create at home for your little Princess.

Princess Castle Cake

I think at some point every parent that has a daughter will have a party that has to do with a Princess Theme - it is almost a given. Creating a Princess Birthday Cake yourself can be a lot of fun and not as hard as it may look. You do not need to be a professional to create some of the Princess Cakes I am going to share with you here. Lucky for us non professionals there are lots of tools and tricks out there that can help.

Princesses are so popular and every little girl is one in my eyes (mine included). I have come across some of the most beautiful princess cakes in my travels and wanted to share some of my personal favorites I think anyone can do. Hopefully I can inspire you to create your own Princess Birthday Cake for the special princess in your life.

Are you here looking for ideas to create a Princess Cake?

Princess Castle Cake
Princess Castle Cake Set

Princess Castle Cake

The Princess Castle Cake is one of my favorite Princess cakes. Every princess has a castle. It looks like it would be really hard to make, but there are tools that will help you get the job done and it is really not that hard to do.

What you need is the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set and the Wilton Hexagon or Round Pan Set - and then of course some cake mix, frosting, decorations and a bit of an imagination.

The Wilton Castle Cake Set does come with directions and ideas on how to decorate your Castle and really the limit is your imagination. That is what is so great about it.

Stop by Wilton's Website and see all the ideas that you can use this set for like a Medieval Castle, a Sand Castle, an Ice Castle, a Friendly Fortress, a Gingerbread Castle, a Candy Castle and so many more. It is a great place to get inspired with many great photos.

How To Make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake Video Tutorial

without using the Castle Set

Princess Doll Cake

I am sure you have seen these Princess Doll Cakes before, but have you ever made one? I think these are the most fun to make and you can use any Princess or Barbie Doll to do it.

To make creating this cake easier you can use the full size special Doll Cake Molds or you can create individual Doll Cakes using Wilton's Mini Wonder Cake Mold. See the video below for options using cake pans you probably already have in your home.

Just bake your cake, stick in your doll or one of the many Doll Picks available and then frost and decorate the dress any way you like.

All the Doll Molds come with instructions and tips on what you can do, but I say the limit is only your imagination.

princess doll cakes
Princess Doll Cake Molds

How to make a Princess Doll Birthday Cake Tutorial

using cake pans you have in your home

Princess Cakes using Edible Images

One of my favorite products on the market are Edible Birthday Cake Images from Lucks. Basically these are edible images that you just place onto your baked and frosted cake.

The images become soft as they absorb the moisture from the cake and will blend in giving you a professional look that you did yourself.

There are many design choices available especially in the Princess Theme and can be used on any size and shape cake. Just simple wrap or top your cake with any of them and have fun adding decorative touches.

Fun ideas you can stick on the cake for your little princess: A Sparkly Tiara for the Cake Topper, Jeweled Rings and Necklaces, Disney Princess Cake Toppers or Figurines, Edible Jewels and Gems, a princess frame with a photo of the Birthday Princess herself etc...

Have fun with it and remember the cake is for your princess and she will love the fact that you made it more than anything else.

princess cake images
edible princess cake wraps

Disney Princess Cakes

If your little girl is all about the Disney Princesses then make her a Disney Princess Cake. You will find no shortage of help on the market in that department. I think the hardest part will be choosing what to do.

You can use any of the Princess Cake Ideas I mentioned above and then incorporate the Disney Princess or your daughters cake. You can simply do this by adding the Disney Princess Figurines on the top and around the cake.

You can also chose to create your Disney Princess Cake by using one of the many Disney Cake Toppers or Cake Kits available.

If your daughter has a favorite princess then focus on that and incorporate colors from that princesses dress. Have fun with it ~ You can do it !!!

Disney Princess Cakes
Disney Princess Cakes

Princess Party Supplies

Princess Kit-N-Kaboodle Princess Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle KitThere are also a lot of great Princess Party Supplies out there to help create a truly Magical atmosphere for your princess.

Here are links to a few of my personal favorites:

Pink Princess Party Supplies

(pictured to your left)

Fairytale Princess Party Supplies

Disney Princess Party Supplies

Stop by my Party Blog for even more fun Party Ideas:

The Party Animal's Blog


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