Dog Beds Are Important

by blackspanielgallery

Dog beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and choosing the right bed for your dog can be important.

If you have an indoor dog, you need a dog bed. My dog has traditionally had access to our bed, and for many years showed little interest in her dog bed. Perhaps it was not what she preferred. It had three sides, and one low side for easy access, but the bottom was flat, with no stuffing. There was a matching pillow, but she would move her pillow about and it would rarely be in her bed. So, she was essentially on the hard floor with a couple of pieces of cloth providing little cushion.

Today, she has a new bed, and my old dog loves it. The bottom is padded, and there are three high sides with a lower side. She fits nicely, and sometimes uses a side as a pillow. The lower side allows her to enter and exit easier, which gets more important with age. This bed is her favorite place.

Not All Dog Beds Are Alike

Some dog beds have all of the sides high.  Some are flat pillows with no sides, and some are unique.  Each dog is different, so finding the right dog bed may be difficult.  And remember, dogs like to pack, so if a dog has a bed that can feel soft on the back that is often a plus.

What Is the Bottom Like?

I had one dog that had a penchant for chewing vinyl.  And, his dog bed had a vinyl bottom.  Well, vinyl has a distinctive smell, and he sniffed it out.  So, it did not take long for him to start flipping the bed and ripping into the vinyl.  His real interest was in removing the stuffing material.  I had to replace the stuffing on a regular basis.  But, no matter how I tied the bottom of the bed he would chew it open and remove the stuffing.  Finally, I got a piece of plywood, and cut it into an oval shape to match the bed in both size and shape.  I then tied in with monofilament fishing line, and the problem was solved.  Oh, I did have to turn the bed back over several times, since he would flip it and try, but with a total lack of success he finally just left it right side up.


It Is a Dog Cave

For the Timid Dog

Yes, some dog beds are actually unique.  This is to accommodate the dog that just must hide.  Yes, dog caves do exist, a covered place where the dog can feel secure.  This might be important with a new puppy.  In unfamiliar surroundings, such as a new home, a young dog might just want a place to hide.  Trust takes time, and that dog will not trust easily.  So, give the dog some privacy.  

Beds with Four High Sides

Why would you want a bed without an entrance side?  Well, if your dog has puppies you need a place where the puppies will not tumble out.  So, give the mother dog a place where she can be with her family.  And, make it safe for the puppies.

Dog Beds with Safety for Puppies

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

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Updated: 12/11/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/30/2015

Our dog always was a bed dog, then suddenly she decided to split the time between our bed and her bed.

RuthCox on 06/30/2015

My dogs have always slept in my bed and would lay on old folded up comforters in my work area or living room. I did purchase my adopted dog a pillow bed, since he was 3 and I wasn't sure what he would have slept on in the past. Again, I have a bed dog!

blackspanielgallery on 06/28/2015

Cats might also prefer higher perches.

Digby_Adams on 06/28/2015

I have several cats and they definitely like to hide when they sleep. For now they seem happy with whatever old cardboard box is in the library. As they age,they might like something softer. Ill keep dog houses as an option!

blackspanielgallery on 06/28/2015

One of the covered beds was for a dog or cat, as per Amazon. There is another a cat might prefer, it had an entryway, but also a flat, padded top. O was going to include cats, but broke it down. I believe another article would be better, since cat furniture also includes things like scratching posts and climbing trees. It would have been unbalanced if I did both in one article.

CruiseReady on 06/28/2015

We have a cat, not dogs, but I thought I would give this article a look anyway. Lo and behold, I think I see something my very shy kitty might like... one of the ones that would allow him to 'hide' in it.

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