Dolphin Nautical Bath Decor

by CruiseReady

Discover some cool dolphin bath accessories! Here are my personal picks, along with some dolphin fast facts, and two fascinating dolphin videos.

If you're fascinated with dolphins, why not bring some of that fascination right into your bathroom? Yes, you read that right. I don't mean real dolphins, of course, but dolphin themed bath decor.

Create a whole dolphin bathroom or just add a simple dolphin touch or two, to remind you of these amazing sea creatures. They've fascinated humans since at least the time of Ancient Greece. (And, there's evidence that the fascination might be mutual.)

If you've got a plain old tan bath or a blue or green one, a couple of dolphin bath accessories can go a long way towards giving it a fresh, new look. And, it may get you thinking about these gentle creatures who seem to have so much in common with the good side of human nature.

Enjoy browsing these ideas for bringing the beauty and playfulness of the world's favorite marine mammal into your bath.

Along the way, you'll find some fast facts about dolphins, and a couple of videos demonstrating their playful nature. See one, wild dolphins play with one of their favorite toys. And then, watch as the play alongside a surprised human.... or are they, in their own way, toying with her? You decide!

Image Source (public domain)

Play Among Red Sea Dolphins

In Their own Natural Environment

Playful Dolphins

Photo By Serguei S. Dukachev (Own work) [GFDLCC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Underwater view of a group of Dolphins in the Red Sea,

At Dolphin Reef, a marine biology station and research center in Eilat, Israel, you can play in the sea with everyone's favorite marine mammal.  Dive or swim with bottle nosed dolphins in their natural environment, at the edge of the Red Sea

Dolphin Shower Curtain

Sea and Sunset

You might want to start with a great dolphin shower curtain.  Here's  one with added color provided by the sun setting (or is it rising?) over the ocean.  Yes, there is plenty of color in this one, but the pallet is one that would go beautifully with today's neutral color schemes.

 The polyester curtain can be washed in your machine, but shouldn't be put in the dryer.  Easy enough - just hang it back up in the bathroom after washing and allow it to dry in place.  

This beautiful  seascape curtain for your shower is 66 by 72 inches (also available in a 60"x72" size) and comes with a dozen "C" hooks for hanging.  (But you can purchase fun dolphin shaped hooks separately on Amazon, if you prefer)


Leaping Dolphin Scenic Shower Curtain

Dolphins Shower Curtain 66" x 72".

Dolphin Bathrooms

Are Ideal for

 A nautical theme that focuses on dolphins is a wonderful decorating idea for:

  •  Kids Bathroom Decor
  •  A Home with Nautical Decor or Coastal Decor
  • The Guest Bath of the Home of a Diver or Snorkeler
  • The Main Bath in a Seaside Cottage or Beach House
  • The Master Bath of a Sailor or Boater

Choose Larger Items That Are Pleasing

They Can Set the Tone for the Entire Room

When you are revamping the look of your bath, a natural place to start is by choosing the shower curtain.  That's because, in many bathrooms, the shower curtain covers a large area in a small room, and naturally becomes a focal point.

You'll often find that, once you are happy with your choice of shower curtains, ideas or choices for some of your other bathroom accessories will simply click into place.  That's because the large piece you have chosen can set a tone.

So, here is another choice to consider - one that is full of color, and would be ideal for the children's bath, where color is king.

Colorful Scene with Dolphins

Shower Curtain
Dolphin Bay Under the Sea Shower Curtain

Playful Dolphins

Are Not a Myth

 These fascinating sea creatures are often  described as "playful." Let you think that's just something some one made up, you should know that they do appear to engage in activities that we can only describe as play.  And they do it quite frequently.

For example, did you know that dolphins like to play with seaweed?  Here's a video that shows them doing exactly that! What fun to watch these wild dolphins toying with a strand of seaweed in the open ocean.  

If you're ready for a couple minutes of sheer pleasure and entertainment, just sit back, click to start this video, and ENJOY!

Video: Playful Dolphins in the Wild

Playing with One of Their Favorite Toys

Dolphin Bath Decor

and Accessories

Here are a few picks  for some of those pretty standard bathroom accessories that everyone needs, but in a dolphin theme, of course.  Well, most of them are standard.  I'm sure you'll easily spot the ones that aren't, but I just couldn't resist!

Seven Simple Dolphin Facts

Did you know these facts about dolphins?

Facts about dolphins 

Bottlenose Dolphin, courtesy NOAA, PD (modifications mine)

Did you know  . . . ?

  1. A group of dolphins is called a POD.  Pods can have fewer than 20 members, but temporary super pods may have well over 1,000. 
  2. Dolphins are not fish - they are mammals.  They breathe air, and give birth to live young.
  3. Baby dolphins are born tail first. This is unique. For all other mammals, normal birth is head first.
  4. Their tail is called a FLUKE. Whales' tails are flukes, too.
  5. There are 41 different kinds (species) of dolphins.  The smallest is Maui's dolphin (4 ft long, weighing 90 pounds) and the largest, growing to 30 feet long and weighing ten tons, is the Orca.  The Orca is also called the killer whale, but technically, it's a dolphin.
  6. Flipper was a bottlenose dolphin.  Actually, multiple females played the role.  But it was a male named Clown who did Flipper's famous dolphin walk across the surface of the water.
  7. Dolphins are very fast swimmers.  Some of them can go up to 25 miles per hour.Michael Phelps, eat your heart out!



Add Dolphin Art to Your Decor with Ceramic Tiles

Find the Dolphin Tiles You Want at Zazzle

There are a number of possible uses for decorative ceramic tiles, limited only by your imagination.

  • You could hang one on the wall, or hang several in an attractive grouping.
  • If you're actually laying floor or wall tile, choose several interesting decorative tiles and embed them either randomly or in a regular pattern, among the regular 'plain' ones you have chosen for your main tile.
  • How about using a  tile as a 'coaster' under your bathroom tumbler?
  • Place an especially pretty tile on your bathroom counter, and put your ring and earrings on it while you shower.

Just put on your creative thinking cap, and you may come up with some great ideas of your own.

At right are a couple of my favorite ones from Zazzle.  You'll find tons more dolphin tiles to choose from there.  Most come in your choice of two sizes: 4 1/4 or 6" squares.

Mermaid and Dolphin

Docorative Tile

Delft Dolphins Tile

with Scroll Corners

Special Touches for a Dolphin Bathroom

Extra Dophins for Your Bath

When most people think of themed accessories or decor for their bath, they tend to think of the most obvious things, like shower curtains, towels, and maybe a pretty soap dish.  But there are other ways to enhance your bath decor beyond that.  

Here are a few special touches that might not immediately come to mind.  Each one will add something special to your bath, and they are all quick and easy to install.  Not only that, they're relatively inexpensive.  What more could you ask for?

Woman Wakeboarding with Dolphins

Dolphin Surfing!

Here's a video dolphin lovers will really enjoy ... actually, you'll probably be jealous.  An activity that was probably supposed to be just a little recreation turned into an amazing encounter for her.

If I had been the lady on the wake board that day, the dolphins would have given me some of my most memorable moments ever.  I'll bet this is something she'll never, ever forget!  

Watch, and see if you don't agree.  Try to put yourself in her place.  What do you think it might have felt like? Would you have been thrilled or scared?  (There's a poll for your answer afterwards)

Video: Dolphins Spontaneously Join a Wakeboarder

What an Amazing Time!

What Would You Thinkt If You Were Joined by Dolphins while Wakeboarding?

If you haven't watched the above video, please do! It's only two minutes long, but what a great two minutes!

Dolphin Bath Accents

from Zazzle

If you haven't visited Zazzle lately, you may be surprised to learn about a couple of their newer items.  They now carry two piece bath sets and bath mats.

The bath mats are available in three different sizes.  The two piece bath sets consist of a soap or lotion pump, and a toothbrush caddy.

An example of each is shown below... each with dolphins on them, of course!

More Ideas for Bathroom Decor

Use seashell bathroom accessories to bring a touch of the beach into your bath and the warmth of the tropics into your home.
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/11/2017

CruiseReady, The faucets and hooks look particularly delightful and welcoming. Children probably would love floor and wall matches and mixes of dolphins with your other decors, like sea horses and seashells, too.

CruiseReady on 07/25/2015

There are certainly quite a few beautiful dolphin themed accessories available. Even just starting off with an accent or two is a nice way to go. Then, adding a piece now and then over time can be fun.

happynutritionist on 07/23/2015

I love seeing dolphins when we go to the shore and sit on the beach, I spend most of my time on the beach and like sunrise and early morning, then skin is too fair for a lot of sun. It's usually quiet at those times as well. Decorating with dolphins sounds like a fun idea!

CruiseReady on 06/28/2015

We see dolphins (and manatees) quite often in the canals around here, too. It's always such a treat. Glad you got to watch them!

Digby_Adams on 06/27/2015

I was recently visiting my aunt and uncle on Cape Cod and saw a group of dolphins swim through the Cape Cod Canal. They were spectacular to watch. As much as i love dolphins, I don't think I could "shower" with one. I do love the smaller dolphin shower hooks.

CruiseReady on 06/27/2015

Oh yes, I agree completely!

blackspanielgallery on 06/27/2015

I think dolphins on a shower curtain is a wonderful idea.

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