Decorative Wall Plates - Whales and Dolphins

by CruiseReady

Dolphin switch plates and whale light switch covers for any room of the home, to bring a little magic of the sea inside. Find out about Wholpins, too!

Install some whale or dolphin wall plates to liven up a plain room. Dolphins are lively and lovable, and whales are simply amazing. Liven up a little bit of otherwise boring wall space with decorative light switch covers featuring these fascinating creatures.

They'll be appreciated by anyone who loves the sea, or just loves these big inhabitants of the world's oceans.

Artistic switch plate covers can add a special touch to any room for a small price and sea and nautical themes, including large sea creatures are especially popular. So, why not choose Dolphin Switch Plate Covers or Whale Switch Plate Covers? Some lovely ones are shown here. There's even a special section with whale and dolphin art for kids on them.

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What else will you find on this page?

1 - Discover the Wholphin - a real sea creature that's half whale and half dolphin!

2 - Hear a male humpback whale sing to attract a mate.

Image: Whale Fluke by Machado at Pixabay


Kawili Kai, a baby Wholpin born at sea Life Park Hawaii, in 2004
Kawili Kai, a baby Wholpin born at sea Life Park Hawaii, in 2004

What is a Wholphin?

Half Whale, Half Dolphin

Yes, there really are Wolphins, but only a few of them, so far as we know.

A Wholphin is the offspring of a False Killer Whale (actually a species of dolphin) and a Bottlenose Dolphin. A few have been spotted in the wild. So, there is some interbreeding going on naturally.

In 1985, one was born at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. She was an unexpected surprise to the aquarium keepers there, who certainly didn't expect her mom and dad to actually become anyone's mom and dad together. They named her Kekaimalu.

And Kekaimalu even had a daughter of her own, named Pohaikealoha.




Dolphins and Tropical Fish

For your Light Switches

Let some adorable dolphins adorn those single or double toggle switches on your wall. These playful sea mammals will gladly do their little part to help light up your corner of the world.

The one shown here, with leaping dolphins in a tropical setting, is a real favorite, and like most of the designs seen here, it comes in both the double and single toggle styles.

Dolphins love the tropics , and you can feel like you are right there with them each time you turn on the light with this dolphin switch plate cover.

Tropical Art Switch Plate

Lovable Dolphins for Your Light Switches

And Electrical Outlets

You'll see designs to appeal to a variety of tastes, from photographic or artistic to cute cartoon like pictures.

There are decorative wall plates with dolphin themes to fit most types of wall switches.  Whether you want to upgrade the look of a toggle or rocker style switch, in either a singles or doubles, the kind you need is most likely available.  You may have to look harder for those that are designed for triple switch or combination switch and outlet configurations, but they do exist.

Don't forget your electrical outlets - you can cover them with dolphin outlet plates, for a nice finishing touch. Mix or match - it's up to you when you ARE the interior decorator!

You'll find a whole pod of them along with the switch plate covers that are available on Amazon.


Did You Know?

Dolphins are NOT fish.
They are marine mammals.

Like earth bound mammals, they breathe air, and give birth to live young.


Did you also know that Zazzle now carries artist designed light switch covers?  

The line there has recently expanded to include double and triple plates for both toggle and rocker style switches. 


Dolphin Bath Decor

Dolphin switch plates are great for just about any room in the home - the bedroom, den, kitchen, or bathroom. Especially the bathroom. If that sounds interesting to you, then you might like to visit this page with more ideas for dolphins in your bath.

Discover some cool dolphin bath accessories! Here are my personal picks, along with some dolphin fast facts, and two fascinating dolphin videos.




Whale Fluke
Whale Fluke

Whales are Marine Mammals, too

Their Tail Fins are Called Flukes

Like Dolphins, Whales are Marine Mammals, not fish.  

Their split tail fins, which are called flukes (technically, each side is a fluke) are used to propel them through the water.  The tails of marine mammals are horizontal with respect to the rest of their bodies.  Tail fins of fishes, on the other hand, are set vertically.

Humpback Whale Flulke

Silver Banks, Caribbean, Dominican Republic

Whale Tail Light Switch Cover for a double toggle switch captures the water falling off the fluke of a diving humpback whale. Beautiful!

It's an artistic rendering of a classic view of a whale's fluke.

This vibrantly colored little piece of wall art is also available as a single toggle switch plate.



Whale Song

I've never heard the song of a whale. At least not live and in person, anyway. I sure would like to, though. From the way it sounds on this video, there's something rather haunting about it.

Play this short video to can hear a whale song, as a male humpback whale sings to attract a mate.

Humpback Whale Singing

To Attract a Mate

Have You Ever Heard a Whale Sing?

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Fabulous Cover Plates with Whales on Them

Whales make wonderful marine themes for your switches.  Once again, don't forget the electrical outlets.

Some of the ones for rocker type switches, as well as GFI or tamper resistant outlets come complete with the outlets or rockers, which are covered by the artwork as well.

Whales and whale tales!





Personalized Switch Plates for Kids

When  you are choosing some extra special little touches for those normally 'dead' wall spaces, don't forget the nursery or kids' rooms.  The wonderful marine mammals that fascinate so many adults are equally fascinating to youngsters and teens.  They'll be appreciative of the extra effort put into the decor for their personal space.

Since switch plates are such affordable and easy decorative changes to make in a room, they make an especially nice addition to a child's room.  You can install a new one in minutes. 

You might pick a cute cartoon whale in pink or blue for a nursery, and then, change it out for a more 'grown up' plate with perhaps some colorful dolphins on it as the child grows.

Young children are especially fond of things with their own name on them.

One of the nice things about on demand printer Zazzle is that you can find almost anything there with an option to personalize it with someone's name.  Shown here are a coupkle of examples that would be appropriate for a young child's room.


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CruiseReady on 10/25/2015

I've never seen the Star Trek movies, but how interesting that they used a humpback whale singing in one of them!

DerdriuMarriner on 10/24/2015

Cruise Ready, The humpback whale song was such a draw to the fourth Star Trek movie on the Voyage Home with the recovered Spock!

CruiseReady on 10/11/2015

@candy47 You have to wonder if there are many of them in the wild as well.

CruiseReady on 10/11/2015

@blackspanielgallery yes, I thiknk so, too. Three are also lots of adults who find these marine mammals fascinating.

candy47 on 10/04/2015

I never heard of a wholphin, that was an interesting tidbit. Thanks. Love the wall plates too.

blackspanielgallery on 10/04/2015

Children should reall like these.

CruiseReady on 10/04/2015

Good! Glad you saw something that would make him happy

younghopes on 10/04/2015

All these look so sweet, my little son is crazy about fish, he will certainly love these

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