Double-Walled Glasses: Sets Sold to Keep Drinks Hot or Cold

by Regi_B

Glasses that keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold.

I do not know a whole hullabaloo about science, but I know I like for a drink not to go to "the other side". If I pour a hot drink, let's keep it hot. If it is a cold drink with ice in it I poured, I would like the ice to last a while.

For someone so inclined, there are double-walled glasses.

These glasses keep drinks insulated from quick temperature changes with science (or is it voodoo? No, it is science!).

By placing a vacuum between the beverage and outside air, double-wall glasses lessen the effects of temperature on our bevies.

If all this hot coolness of these babies makes you want to buy a double-walled glasses set, I have included the best-rated sets available for sale in this article.

I hope you find something you like.

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses

When I spend my hard-earned dollar -- and Regi B's dollar is hard-earned, don't ya know! -- it is on brands that are known for quality. One quality kitchen name is Bodum -- a company about whom I have never heard a bad word spoken -- and they make a thermo glass that has hundreds -- yes, hundreds -- of positive reviews on Amazon. The Bodum Pavina double wall thermo glasses are the ones everybody loves.

If you want your hot drinks hot, your cold drinks cold, and your sloshy drinks sloshy -- well, I can't help you with the third one. For the first two, Bodum Pavina is the way to go.

The Pavina comes in a range of sizes -- a double-walled glass set fit to take on any type of beverage -- espresso, to beer, to ice tea, if you buy all the sizes.

Ozeri Curva Artisan Series Double Wall Beverage Glasses

This unique line of insulated drinking glasses has only positive Amazon reviews. That speaks to customer satisfaction and product quality.

It is not just high reviews that make this model of beverage glasses unique, but also the look of the products.

Each Curva Artisan glass features an inside wall that is shaped different from all the other glasses in the set. That is pretty neat -- something that can draw attention at a party. Your guests might be all, "Neat glasses, Honey." And you can be all, "I know, Sugar!"

Moderna Artisan Series Double Wall Glasses also from Ozeri

If you like a look that is more uniform, Ozeri still has an offering that gets great reviews. They call it Moderna, and people who have bought this product on Amazon love it.

There are two sizes available. The two-ounce espresso shot glass features notches, so you can hold on tighter -- but thanks to the double-walled glass, you will not feel the heat of your espresso.

The other size is an eight-ounce double walled tumbler for your juice, or for cocktails. If you add ice, you will not have to worry about condensation, thanks to the insulated layer between the two walls of the glass.

Bodum Assam Double Walled Glass Sets

If you like Bodum, and you like kitchen products with great reviews, but wish for a different shape than the Pavina line, you have an option. Bodum makes another style you might enjoy -- the Assam dual-walled glasses line.

Like Pavina, the Assam line comes in a range of sizes set to hold any style of beverage you might serve at home.

What would I serve in them? It depends on the night. Sometimes, juice, sometimes a little something stronger.

Double-Walled Glasses Sold on Amazon

Bodum Pavina Glass, Double-Wall Insulate Glass, Clear, 12 Ounces Each (Set of 2)

The pavina double wall glasses keep hot drinks hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation, making them the ideal vessels for every beverage, fro...

$29.00  $19.99

View on Amazon

[4-Pack,12Oz] Glass Cups, Double Walled Thermo Espresso Glasses, Insulated Coffee Mugs, Drinking ...

UMIZILI Double Wall Thermal Espresso Glasses, 4 pcs Set Made of tasteless-borosilicate glass that are light and robust at the same time. The mouth-blown double wall design keeps...

Only $19.99

View on Amazon

Sun's Tea(tm) 16oz Ultra Clear Strong Double Wall Insulated Thermo Glass Tumbler Highball Glass f...

Sun's Tea(TM) glass is sturdy and durable, designed for everyday use. The double wall glasses keep your hot or cold drinks longer due to their unique double-wall feature. Its tw...

$28.00  $19.99

View on Amazon

Bodum Bistro Coffee Mugs, Double-Wall Insulated Glass, Clear, 10 Ounces Each (Set of 2)

When form follows function, design just works. Abiding by this belief, the Bistro double wall glass line serves best if used to keep ice cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

Only $30.49

View on Amazon

Strong | Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler Set by Sun's Tea (Tm) | 9oz | Double Rocks Glass Old Fashi...

Introducing the 9 Ounce double wall glass by sun’ s tea (tm).These premium double walled rocks glasses were designed to enhance your drinking experience. They were custom made a...

$25.00  $18.99

View on Amazon

Sun's Tea(TM) 20oz Ultra Clear Strong Double Wall Insulated Thermo Wave Glass Tumbler Highball Gl...

Sturdy and Durable, designed for everyday use. The double wall glasses keep your hot or cold drinks longer due to their unique double-wall feature. Its two walls allow you to ho...

$29.99  $25.99

View on Amazon

Regi B is as Regi B does.

Understand? Me neither.

Updated: 04/05/2012, Regi_B
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