Drinking Tea for Health & Pleasure

by pateluday

Read an article on tea and how it nourishes and offers pleasure at the same time. Discover aspects of tea, its health benefits, and its role in society.

Tea a product of a single plant exhibits mind-boggling diversity. A single plant has given rise to ceremonial elegance with a special place on the lifestyle bandwagon. It comes in astounding variety, subtle variations, and a thundering aroma that tingles your taste buds and arouses your sensory apparatus sky high.

For most people in Asian Countries and other tea-consuming countries like the UK in Europe, the hot beverage is the starter of the day. It obliterates a ritualistic dispensation from the plethora of taboos and constricting customs prevailing in societies. It is universally accepted and hence is a homogenizing factor in terrible divisive human conglomerations.

Let's find out more about this brew with a perspective on India. Discover how this hot brew is consumed in the country and how it rules over the minds and hearts of the people of India.

Darjeling Tea Photo

Darjeeling Aromatic Tea
Darjeeling Aromatic Tea
Wagh Bakri Tea COmpany

Introduction to kinds of tea in India

India consumes more than it grows. This is the truth about hot beverages especially the black leaf. Chai as it is called in India is consumed in large quantities uniformly with desire and zeal. People have a preference for brands with which they identify with taste and aroma. Only the connoisseurs understand the subtleties ofBlack Tea blends and leaves. 

The most popular leaves in the country are from Assam State, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris in the South. Nevertheless, the tea leaves are also purchased from other countries and blended. 

These regions in the country grow organic and green leaf as well. The latter is well known for its health benefits. The costliest teas are grown in the District of Darjeeling in West Bengal. The Darjeeling variety is graded as per the flush and according to the season. It is a highly aromatic beverage and is exported to many countries. The whole leaf with bud unbroken is most valued while broken ones or dust are less costlier, this applies to all varieties.  Orange Pekoe from Assam and from Nilgiri in the South, are black leaf most preferred by the brand-conscious upper-class elite.
Darjeling Green Tea
This grading system is very popular in India and Sri Lanka. The vast variety of tea leaves are blended by experts in order to create the finest blends which are then packed and sold. 

The most popular brands of blends are Lipton, Tata, Brook Bond, and Wagh Bakri latter is an Indian Company.

Tea is an all-occasion beverage and is served during business hours, to guests at home, to pass time, make relationships, appease people and entertain guests during the festivities.  In many houses, it is served after lunch or dinner on mega-events.

Green & Black Tea

There is always confusion as to what does this terminology refers to. For most people green and black leaves appear to be entirely different varieties, this may be true but then the difference arises from how the leaf is processed and not by the variety.  

Green leaf undergoes less oxidation than the black one hence the antioxidants and other beneficial chemicals are preserved in larger amounts.  The organicGeen Leaf varieties of teas are those cultivated without using any chemicals hence are devoid of any toxicity. 

The green leaf accords a subtle and subdued aroma and the beverage appear light yellowish-green in color. Not many health benefits are accorded to black leaf but more research is yet to be done in time to come. It is much consumed with the addition of milk in India and is known as chai.

Masala Chai

Spiced Tea
Masala Chai
Masala Chai
Wagh Bakri Tea COmpany

Chai Tea

Chai Tea is typical in India, it is cooked with milk and sometimes with spices and other flavors. The hot brew is ubiquitously sold in a small glass poured directly from the kettle on the blazing stove. The vendors use hand carts to sell the sizzling brew. They also sell from small dingy stores tucked away in the corner of the market.

Chai creates and symbolizes a ritualistic kinship and bonhomie between Indians. It is said that the best relation-building tool is chai tea.... the hotter and sweeter the better.

"Chalo Chai Ho Jaye!"

"Chai Chaale Gi!"

This is the ubiquitous lingo amongst the people of Hindi speaking belt. TSpiced Teahe phrase may be popular as translation in other languages that people of our country speak. 

The brew is prepared using branded leaf or dust or tea bags. The small-time vendors generally use dust or broken leaves called fanning. Nevertheless, this street smart brew outclasses all the beverages of the upper crust. 

In India all time is Chai Time.   

The water is brought to a boil with the leaf added while cold. This brew is boiled repeatedly a number of times some times with the addition of varied spices or just ginger and cardamom. In many parts of the country, the brew is made sweet by the addition of a generous amount of sugar.  

The brew with spices is known as masala chai and is very popular with the masses. The spices are used as medicine and do accord health benefits. 

Premix Whole Spice Tea Masala

A new concept has dawned in India. Tired of what is in the spice powder. Living Beyond sells whole spice premix Chai Masala in hygienic packs. You can verify the whole spices for authenticity and use them. Roast Grind or process the way you want. These are ready to use spice mixes all you have to do is roast and grind if necessary. Not much of a hassle if you believe in traditional Grandma Way of making tea. The aroma and lip smacking taste will takeover and you will relish the hot beverage no end.  

India Brands

Green Tea With Lemon

Green Tea With Lemon
Green Tea With Lemon
Wagh Bakri Tea COmpany

Chai Recipes

Concotions and Cocktails

IcThe evolution of tea consumption has taken place simultaneously along with its gain in popularity. Iced tea is one fine example that is now competing with the colas. In this case, the powered extract is used which is fortified with some relevant flavors and sold through vending machines. The tea lounges have revolutionized the consumption of this hot brew by preparing various concoctions in diverse forms. 

The more upper-crust varieties of tea leaves are also used in alcoholic cocktails. These are served in top-class bars and restaurants. These are almost unheard of amongst the masses and consumed by the elite in European countries.  Green Tea Ice Cream

The flavoring is stepping into many domains tea ice cream was unheard of till recent times. Similarly, the beverage is consumed with soda and many fruity flavorings all over the World. 

Iced Combo Image

Tea Combos
Tea Combos
Wagh Bakri Tea Company
Strong Masala Chai Recipe

Strong Masala Chai Recipe

Prep time 10 min  -  Total time 15 min
Ingredients for 4 servings
Tea leaf, milk, sugar, ginger, cardamon, clove, black pepper,

How to Brew Strong Masala Chai?

How to Brew Strong Masala Chai?

Make ginger paste about 1/4 teaspoon.
Powder clove and black pepper about 1/4 tea spoon only.
Make the usual chai about four cups and add the ingredients while still on boil.
Add sugar and boil again.
Strain and serve.

Recipe  5.0/5 Stars (13 Votes)

Tea in Cup

Lemon Mint Tea
Lemon Mint Tea
Wagh Bakri

Tea Blog in India

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Ginger Brew Photo

Ginger Brew
Ginger Brew
Wagh Bakri Tea Company
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pateluday on 05/16/2022

Darjeeling is for special occasion while Assam leaf is brewed in India on daily basis.

frankbeswick on 04/09/2022

Even in Britain, a tea loving country, Darjeeling and Assam are considered premium varities.

pateluday on 04/09/2022

Some teas Like Darjeeling Tea and some premium varieties from Assam are consumed by the well-to-do and perhaps on special occasions. The middle class is happy with the common black tea brands which are affordable for monthly consumption. Tea is consumed daily - morning and evening and in some places it has been replaced by coffee.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/08/2022

Revisiting your wizzley brought to mind something else I'd meant to ask.

Is there a tea that's viewed as a celebratory, holiday drink, such as for Diwali?

pateluday on 08/02/2021

In India, it is cane sugar that is very popular. Some people add jaggery made from molasses but exceptional few add a pinch of salt.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/02/2021

paeluday, Previously, I meant to ask you what kind of sugar tends to be taken with tea?

pateluday on 02/21/2021

We import tea from Kenya and Sri Lanka as per my discussion with the owner of Wagh Bakri Tea Company. India must be importing tea leaf from other countries as well. Alcoholic cocktails containing tea as brewed or extract are unheard of In India.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/20/2021

pateluday, Thank you for the practicalities, pictures, products and recipe.
How does India correct the deficit, where you say "India consumes more than it grow"? What "upper crust varieties of tea leaves" go into alcoholic cocktails?

pateluday on 01/11/2017

Thanks all for your views and comments!

frankbeswick on 10/11/2016

A few years ago my blood pressure was at danger level. I gave up coffee, and it dropped a little. On giving up tea it rose higher. Returning to tea saw it reduce again. Phew. Without tea how can an Englishman live? [I am perfectly well now.]

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