Tea Tourism in India: Say Cheers

by pateluday

Read an article about tea in general but with emphasis on tea plantations and cultures in India. Tea is the most popular beverage in India with phenomenal levels of consumption.

Tea has become an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. It is a hot beverage that melts hearts, brings people together, and creates relationships. Secondly, it refreshes your body, enlivens your mind, and tingles your sensory apparatus.

The cultivation practices were imported from China albeit the plant was growing wild in North East India as well since time immemorial. The British with all their enterprising zeal introduced this wonderful leaf by creating tea gardens and popularizing the product among the Indian masses.

After China, India is the largest producer of tea leaves, paradoxically, it is one of the largest importers of the leaves as well. So much is the consumption within the country that comparatively less of it is exported. Some of the finest products like the Darjeeling and Assam leaf do find buyers abroad.

The plantations in Darjeeling, Duars, Nilgiri, and Assam are unique production hubs with an interesting characteristic lifestyle and ambiance. This has generated huge interest among the holidaymakers giving rise to tea tourism in India.

Women Plucking Tea Leaves in Garden

Tea Plantations
Women Working in Tea Plantations
Women Working in Tea Plantations
Wagh Bakri

Plantation Photo

Tea Garden
Tea Garden
Wagh Bakri

Darjeeling Heaven on Earth

Magic Aroma & Taste

Darjeeling in West Bengal is one of the finest hill stations in India. The little paradise is well known for its nature, hills, little rail, and tea plantations. This is also a trekkers paradise and the towering Mount Kanchenjunga completes a picturesque setting. 

At the height of more than 6500 MSL, the hill station has cool weather with plenty of sunshine.  Darjeeling town contains all modern amenities, besides a number of hotels are available for accommodation.

There are many tea gardens here that are worth a visit. The visits are very informative, and interesting aspects of cultivation and processing can be learned from the gardeners.

Famous for its aroma and muscatel taste the leaf is valued as highly-priced in India and abroad. In fact, it is rated as a premium to be consumed on special occasions by most people. 

The town has many places of interest and a busy shopping center. The parks and gardens enliven the place for a spiritual feel one can visit the monasteries and temples in Darjeeling. If you wish to enjoy a holiday this is the preferred destination. Enjoy the vacation in the company of the finest tea in the World. 

Darjeeling Tea Photo

Darjeeling Green Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea
Wagh Bakri

State of Assam


Tiger Well known for its cultural richness, wildlife, and plantations. A wide variety of teas are grown and processed in Assam a remote East Indian State. It is home to premium black leaves grown in huge tea gardens. The State boasts of many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks which are frequented by holidaymakers.

The critically endangered one-horned rhinoceros is found here in Kaziranga Tiger Reserve along with the Asian elephant, tiger, and water buffalo. Manas Tiger Reserve is home to Golden Langurs and many other wild animals and birds.

The tea plantations are situated in Eastern Assam. The finest leaves of Camellia Assamica are grown, processed, and blended by major companies in this state. The tea gardens are host to many visitors and offer a rich experience. Green and White leaves are also processed in the state although in small quantities.    

Assamese cuisine is a unique blend of local spices and contains rich varieties of vegetables, pulses, fish, meats, and fruits. The curry finds many friends amongst the visitors. This is one good place on Earth to enjoy a holiday along with tea that cheers!

Tea Beverage

Hot Tea
Hot Tea
Wagh Bakri



Green Tea & LeafThe Dooars or Dwars literally mean passageways from high altitude in the Himalayas to Terai or Foot Hills. The Dooars are part of India bordering Bhutan. They now constitute the Cooch Behar & Jalpaiguri District.in West Bengal and Assam. The region is famous for tourism and tea gardens.  

The virgin landscape created by dense jungles accord this region with splendorous settings. There are many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries that are found in this region. Some of the popular ones are Jaldapara WLS, Manas Tiger Reserve, and Buxa Tiger Reserve.

There are big tea gardens of repute in this region. They are visited by a number of tourists from all over the World. There are many places of interest near Jalpaiguri town.

The Damdim Tea Estate not only offers the experience of English planters' hospitality but provides access to wildlife journeys. The tea experience is the core focus of the visit. The estate is surrounded by protected areas with dense forests which are home to wild animals and birds. 


Photo of Tea Estate

Tea Plucking
Tea Estate
Tea Estate
Wagh Bakri

Nilgiri Mountains

Southern India

The blue mountains as the word Nilgiri means are part of the Western Ghats in Southern India. The region is famous for tea plantations and forests called sholas. The region is rich in biodiversity that inhabits these dense jungleMasala Chais. 

The region has around twenty-four peaks with the highest being the Dodabetta Peak at 2637 MSL.  The destination abounds in protected areas in the mountainous regions which fall under the Biosphere Reserve status. One of the popular wildlife reserves is the  Mukurthi National Park much visited by tourists. 

The tea leaf cultivated is used as premium tea. besides, it is mixed in many popular blends of India. There are many tea plantations in Munnar which offer a good experience. Munnar is also famous as Hill Resort and bird-watching destination in Kerala the State of India. Spend your holidays here in the company of birds, bees, and a dense canopy beside the gardens. Enjoy a destination that invigorates and tea that cheers!  


Tea in Carton

Gift Pack - Wagh Bakri
Gift Wrapping Tea
Gift Wrapping Tea
Wagh Bakri

Tea Cultivation Video

Nilgiri Hills Landscape

Nilgiri Mountains
Nilgiri Mountains

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Chai in India

Tea Plantations

Tea PlantChai is a hot tea beverage that is popular all over India. The drink is consumed by the masses and is served in nearly all households. The beverage has become part of the lifestyle in India. The modern cafes, tea lounge, and restaurant all serve this brew in one form or another.  

The tea plantations in India have a unique characteristic flavor of the earlier British Era. Whence the country was ruled by the British, cultivation and consumption of this hot beverage was introduced on a large scale. The English were successful in their endeavor and as result, a large number of plantations flourish in India. 

The equally flavorful tea experience is part of these gardens. Hence they have become part of tourism circuits.  Some of the plantations are owned by major tea houses in India while the rest are cooperatives.      

A visit could be arranged through the tour operators. Many of these tour organizers offer affordable packages for tea tourism.

The popular masala chai brands are now being all oversold in India. Hence the popularity is on increase. The spices in masala chai accord health benefits besides creating a magnificent aroma and taste.  This form of beverage is made available in cartons and poly packs by big tea processors and packers in India.   Most of the blends consist of leaves from major tea-growing regions in the country.

Chai Photo

Chai in Dhaba
Chai in Dhaba
Wagh Bakri
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pateluday on 05/20/2022

Hot coffee is very popular and is most often consumed in the Southern States of India. Chilled or Iced coffee is not very popular. Certain barns like BRU and Nescafe (Nestle) are very popular among coffee drinkers in India. A number of coffee houses and fancy chains have been established in big towns and attract young crowds.

Actually, Tea is the household drink in India, and the country consumes more than it grows.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/18/2022

Thank you!

Your answers to my previous questions are most helpful. The Starbucks chai latte intrigues me just because it's the most popular drink where I am and I haven't tried it.

I meant to ask two other questions even as I realize that India is a united country whose regional diversity nevertheless is respected all the way down to the local levels.

What kind of coffee would people in India tend to drink when they choose to drink coffee? And would they tend to drink it hot or would they be interested in chilled or iced coffee?

pateluday on 05/17/2022

The spices added to chai are usually ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, lemongrass and many other suitable spices. Chai is a mix of milk and leaf extract black tea is uncommon in India and the brew is never mixed with coffee.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/17/2022

A most popular drink here through Starbucks is chai latte with a shot of espresso coffee. The chai latte is a black tea concentrate especially made for Starbucks by Tazo. Descriptions and employees mention cinnamon and cloves among the spices in chai latte.

So I started thinking about the information that you give about chai tea above. And I wonder a couple of things about chai latte, which Starbucks serves as black tea boiled in milk, energized with coffee and spiced with cinnamon and cloves (and other unspecified spices).

What spices would tend to be in chai tea in India? Would chai tea ever be boiled in milk? And would coffee ever be added to tea or would tea ever be added to coffee?

pateluday on 08/04/2021

In India, the street chai corner serves tea in glass which is a standard. Tea in ceramic is served in households be it hot or cold. People on the street corners have learned to handle the hot steaming tea in glass with dexterity.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/03/2021

pateluday, Previously, I intended to ask the determining factors behind tea served in ceramic versus taken in glass. Is it reflective of personal preference, regional customs or tea type? Would cold tea be served in ceramic over glass, and would hot tea be taken in ceramic over glass, or would temperature not matter?
Cold tea tends to be served in glass and hot tea in ceramic cups here.

pateluday on 02/24/2021

Tea gardens named here would be producing same tea as per region, but tea from estates in other region differs from each other. Darjeeling is premium quality highly aromatic tea. Assam & Nilgiri produce tea leaf for daily consumption the black tea as we know it.

Indian tea producers export the processed leaf to many countries after blending and packaging. India imports tea leaf in bulk for Kenya and other countries since the consumption of black tea beverage is very high here. Special blends are exported.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/24/2021

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
There's an article, Is It a Tea Garden, Plantation, or Estate?, by A.C. Cargill as The Little Yellow Teapot for English Tea Store's Tea Blog, from May 14, 2013. It leaves the question unanswered. It makes me wonder about the possible different or same configurations of tea estates, tea gardens in Darjeeling and Dooars and tea plantations in Assam and Nilgiri.
Also, would India not be a major importer of tea leaves if the subcontinent weren't a major exporter of tea leaves?

pateluday on 09/27/2016

Welcome to Chai tea cmoneyspinner yes India is the land of spices and it reflects on its cuisine. Like the Assamese Food, it is amazingly different in spite of the spices being nearly the same. I will update you on Assamese/Indian cuisine. Thanks for the comment and praise.

cmoneyspinner on 09/27/2016

What a lovely page. Glad I found it. India may be behind China in teas, but ahead in the spices. Am I right? You mentioned the Assamese cuisine. I would love learn more about it as I am interested in world cuisine. Thank you for this page. It was thorough tour of Places to See in India. I am devoted coffee but my husband and some of my kids have started trying Chai tea lately. I tried as well. Love the taste!

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