Drum Shade Chandeliers with Crystals

by HomeArtist1

Drum shade crystal chandeliers like these, meld form with function; indeed, with their hanging crystals and rich lighting, you've one opulent package worthy of a second look.

I often refer to chandeliers as a room's crowning jewel; they certainly earn their keep transforming a banal space to remarkably beautiful. Add crystals and a drum shade and you have spectacular.

Can you tell I'm partial?

Indeed, I am. Drum shades lend a clean line overhead and the crystals sparkling below in 'chandelier-splendor' can be likened to the pure, glistening waters of an island's waterfall or the glistening of a mountain's morning dew [feel free to enter your own breathtaking visual, here].

Scroll down to see several crystal chandeliers with drum shades in a host of styles and hues along with a few must-know lighting basics to light up your space in splendor.

Let's get started.

Getting Started: Sizing Up Your Space - White Drum Shade Chandeliers with Crystals


Sizing Up Your Lighting Needs

It's first things first with solving your lighting needs, most notably investing in lighting that fits your space in style in size. Much like wall art, your room's size is your biggest determining factor; you don't want an under sized chandelier overhead a large room. Too small fixtures will spoil your efforts for creating the 'Oh, wow! effect.

Keep your chandelier's size commensurate with its surrounds.

Another consideration is ceiling height. Lower, standard-size ceilings (8' or 9') will support flush or semi-flush chandeliers--much like the drum shaded fixture above center. Using too long a chain creates the illusion of an even lower-than-average ceiling.

Not good.

That Glass Ceiling Effect: It Lives in Your Home

While the proverbial glass ceiling was coined solely for the corporate world, it's alive and well and living in the suburbs as well.

Scarey low ceilings can spoil our chance at that prized, the-only-drum-shade-chandelier-that-ever-lived-like-it

I know; I've been there.

When we finally come down off the ceiling and come to our senses, we see there's always a chandelier for every ceiling height.

So let's have a look-see at our options below:

Ceiling heights of 9' and above can host the majority of drum chandeliers I've included, here.

Keep your chandelier's crystals and drum shade on the small side for lower ceilings and small areas, as well.


Easy-Peasy: Sizing Up Your Chandelier's Drum Shade

If you'll be hanging your chandelier in a focal corner, opt for small drum shades to keep the space intimate. I like to use lampshades I already own as a model for sizing up your proposed room and getting an idea of what size works best.

Keep sizes comparable and you'll come out successful.

Defining Your Lighting Needs

Lighting can make--or break--a space. Too little and you'll create looming, foreboding shadows where there were none before.

In large spaces, go for 5 or 6- light chandeliers; you can always use a dimmer switch to create the in-the-moment ambiance you want.

Each light fixture you choose should perform a specific function. Ideally, you should have overhead lighting for ambience, task lighting for reading and floor uplights to showcase your room's best attributes.

If you'll be relying on your chandelier for lighting up dark spots, opt for less opaque drum shades like this white crystal chandelier.

You'll realize maximum luminescence and the cascade of crystals enhances the drama with added sparkle.

Isn't this chandelier lovely?

The Low Down: Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier Linen Shade




 As I mentioned earlier, consider your room's size before shopping for chandeliers. This drum shade crystal chandelier, while flushmount, offers the same light and a bit of glamour to low ceilings.

If you must have a chain, consider a shorter drum shade and likewise with their chandelier's crystals. I only included a few shorter chandeliers here but there's a host of beautiful flush mounts I would consider for bathrooms and the like. But all things considering, you can have it all with these smaller drum chandeliers.

Thinking Outside the Norm - Crystal Chandelier with Crystal Bead Drum Shade

Let the light shine in with this unique chandelier with its drum 'shade' of crystals.

I can see this chandelier gracing the small boudoir, bathroom or even a walk-in closet. While not the conventional drum shade crystal chandelier, this fixture is quite luxurious and modern, making it the ideal attention-getter.

With all the added sparkle you'll garner, the extra shimmer increases its value as amazing light fixture, while serving as the room's 'jewelry.'

Unique pieces like this drum chandelier are well worth the investment.

The Drum Shade Chandelier: Not Just for Grown-Ups


I've one doozy of a gripe about these drum shade crystal chandeliers: I don't have a daughter to decorate for.

Regret aside, crystal chandeliers that feature popular hues like these pink and purple drum shade styles are proof-positive that chandeliers do.

indeed have a place in baby's nursery to tween and teens' bedrooms.

Not easily outgrown, the drum shades promise years of use decorating girls' rooms in both ambient and utility as a great light fixture.

Your Drum Shade Chandelier: Opaque or No?


Pink or Black Drum Shade: Delicate or Dramatic?

I love the coordinating crystals and beads that twinkle under the warm glow of the drum shade.

The chandelier at right here, is ideal for more sophisticated decor palettes. You've also the choice of delicate pink or dramatic black. While the pink drum shade contribute an air of sweetness to your girl's nursery or bedroom space, the option for the black drum shade promises a dramatic, regal presence that's quite boutique.

And as girls mature into older tastes (if you dare think that far ahead), you can add more beadwork in a host of fun hues for uber-cheap.


A Bit of Both: Formality-Modern & Glamour

I had to include this modern marvel for its unique chrome mesh construct that promises to let the light shine in all its glory.

I know; I sound a bit 'overripe' in my description but I've a penchant for modern design especially where metal is involved.

The plethora of crystals lend to its total package as the room's biggest contributor in visual appeal. And its energy o'plenty' crystals are striking in every facet of imagination (there I go, again).

Put simply: you'll have a lot of 'light-on-light' with this chandelier. At every level, there's a reflection, a ray or a twinkle to be had.

I had to look twice at this bronze crystal chandelier but it was well worth the extra attention. Look closely and you'll see the uniquely appointed frame with its deer antlers.

Who knew?

It's those occasional surprises like these that makes for successful decor; it's the, "Oh, WOW!" great decor commands. The bronze drum shade lends to the chandelier's warmth and charm while preserving its splendor. I can envision this fixture in Hollywood Regency decor or paired up with cowhide and rectangular leather area rugs in a cabin or loft-like setting.

It's fixtures like this sparkling crystal bronze chandelier that offer so much to look at and marvel. Truly striking.

Making Sure Your Chandelier Measures Up


Chandeliers are one element in the 'best- of' spaces where one size fits all doesn't work. What may be beautifully accentuated in a model room may be an awkward, pink elephant in yours.

As I referred to earlier, it's best to find a drum shade you already own and have someone hold it up so you can determine size, color and style without the full-on investment and possible, subsequent return (not fun!). While the internet is often your best bet for finding that one-of-a-kind chandelier, it's best to know what it is you're after.

I've had good luck in using related objects as props for comparing and test runs. Indeed, the internet is a fabulous catalog for finding the chandelier; you just need forethought and a it of planning.


Last But Not Last: My Final Note

Chandeliers aren't the ho-hum everyday light fixture with either the old schoolhouse or ball globe, affixed lighting.

I like to refer to chandeliers as a space's crowning jewel and they're well-deserving of it. Drum shade chandeliers bring on a new twist to an old concept. Odds are, your new chandelier will be your space's most-prized contributor.

My final word about the excitement of a chandelier?

Find your fave and enjoy your discovery.

Updated: 08/07/2015, HomeArtist1
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AngelaJohnson on 04/20/2015

I like the ones with the curly designs on the outside of the shade. The ones you show can be used in modern homes with shorter ceilings.

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