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All drywall tools are designed to make life easier when it comes to drywalling. The five best drywalling tools reviewed and compared.

All drywall tools are designed around the construction and/or demolition of drywalls. They're a specialist range, from texturizing to tapering, cutting to sanding - there's a myriad of different hand and power tools available.

They're all created to simplify drywalling work and there's a broad range of different tools, makes and models on the market that help you build a good quality tool kit specifically for the job. The best sellers are those that give great value for money, perform well on a daily basis and increase both the finish and productivity required in relation to construction and home improvements.

The five best drywalling tools are featured below. They're manufactured by a group of well known companies and brand names - and they all deliver highly on quality and design.

Goldblatt G15850 Blade Runner Drywall Cutting Tool

This is the best selling drywall cutter by far. It's superior ability to cut through drywalling is second to none - one of it's best features is the fact that it's dual magnetised blades cut through both the front and the back face at the same time. It also cuts 90 degree angles in one pass and the blades are a simple no-fuss task to replace.

The housing is a nice design - fairly chunky, a robust feel to it and a cushioned grip where the palm sits. The Blade Runner will cut a variety of ways - edges, curves, random shapes and can handle both scoring and cutting equally well. A well designed hand tool, almost fun to use and definitely improves drywalling work.

Goldblatt G15850 Blade Runner Drywall Cutting Tool

Cut both sides of drywall simultaneously using magnets to guide bottom cut. Works with 1 2'' or 5 8'' board. Cut curves, corners, shapes, and straight lines with ease. Reduces ...

Only $239.99

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Pentagon Tool "Foot Lifter"--Mini-Lifter for Drywall and Sheetrock

This is one of those dry wall tools you can't live without - and will wonder how you managed without it once you've bought one. The design is extremely basic but - it works. You simply slip the lifter beneath a drywall sheet, place pressure on it (with the foot) and it lifts the board up, into place and allows you to achieve a nice, tight seam.

When you're working alone it really does came into it's own. It's unbelievably robust, small enough to drop in your pocket and doesn't mind sharing space with the rest of the tool bag. Despite what it looks like it really is an effective leverage tool - and for the price it's an absolute steal.

Pentagon Tools Professional Quality Foot Lifter For Drywall And Sheetrock Panels Amazing Mini ...

Pentagon Tool's "Foot Lifter" will make raising drywall panels an easier task. This tool will pay for itself! This is one of the handiest tools for anyone putting up drywall. ...

Only $16.51

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Stanley 93-301 14-Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle

Again, this one's another drywalling tool you'll wonder how you managed without. The design is also as basic yet effective as the previously featured product - and it's incredibly affordable. Designed to lift a range of boards, it's a bonus tool to have around when you're hauling drywall panels from A to B.

Manufactured by Stanley, it's durable, simple to use and includes a handle that will further extend the reach by around 14" - making it suitable for just about anybody. It will carry drywall, wooden panels - in fact anything of a similar size and shape. Innovative, effective and cheap - one to buy.

Stanley 93-301 14-Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle

14'' handle for extra reach. Better balance and control. Better visibility while carrying. Angled handle keeps hands away from panel for comfort. Yellow.

Only $10.92

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Professional Wall Hanger Pro 11 Foot Drywall Lift

If you need a wall hanging drywall tool that's up to a professional standard - this is the best selling lifting machine on the market. It will take up to 150lbs, it's manufactured from a solid steel frame with robust swivel wheels and it's easy to operate and work with.

The wall hanger allows the user to singularly lift drywall panels into place. You don't need a second pair of hands or help from friend or family member. The design allows you to work unaided, whether you're drywalling vertical or ceiling panels. It's a lot less expensive than many of the lifting jacks on the market and worth every cent if you're about to undertake a large project.

Professional Wall Hanger Pro 11 Foot Drywall Lift

If you are in the market for a drywall hoist, stop looking! We have taken our best selling "Lazy Lifter" and beefed up the features to include: thicker steel, locking ...

Only $169.99

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Goldblatt G05181 Drywall Pocket Rasp

This is the best selling pocket drywall sander. It's good for sanding down after cutting, it's compact, durable and gets the job done. It's a good size, despite being small enough to drop in your pocket - and when you're working with it, it's comfortable and effective and leaves a nice professional finish.

There's a set of small guides that fold down to protect your hand when rasping and the rubber grip helps a fair bit when you're running it across the drywall. As drywall tools go it's affordable, efficient, small and basic - and does exactly what it says on the box.

Goldblatt G05181 Drywall Pocket Rasp

The Goldblatt Drywall Rasp is the perfect tool to smooth out your drywall cuts. The no-clog open body is made of rugged high-impact plastic that will last and last. Crafted ...

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