Easy Ways To Impress A Woman

by Jeannieinabottle

Here is a little something for the men out there that can't figure out why women won't continue to date them. I would like to give a little friendly advice.

Are you a single dude? Do you wish you were not a single dude? Are you hoping to find that special someone in your life? If so, but you are not finding any success, I am here to help.

I realize there are some creepy women out there and I feel bad for the men that have dated them. And hey, I am not here to judge. However, I've dated numerous guys I've met online, through friends, or even in the workplace (gasp!), and some of you simply need a little assistance. It's OK. I am happy to give you some suggestions.

When You Say You Are Going To Call... Call!

The first piece of advice I would like to give is: if you really like a woman and you tell her you are going to call her the next day... call her the next day.  It seems simple.  However, it just doesn't happen enough.  I understand you are trying not to look to eager.  Here is a way around that: just simply don't agree to call her the next day.  Tell her you will give her a call when you get a chance. 

When you tell a woman you are going to call her on a particular day and then you do not call her on that day, she feels like you lied to her.  No, it is not a big lie.  If she has a bad memory, she won't even care.  However, most women will remember if you promise to call and then you don't do it.  Instead of getting one strike against you right away, just simply don't say you will call unless you actually intend to do so.  Seems simple, yet it apparently is not.

Plan A Nice Date

In today's modern world, men still usually pay for the first date.  This is not always the case, and to be perfectly honest, I don't even necessarily expect that anymore.  I am just that cool and easy going (and desperate!) that I take money to pay for myself if need be on any first date.  I understand we are living in tough economic times. 

So obviously we've established I have fairly low standards, but even the lowest of standards cannot explain some terrible dates. I don't care how bad things get, Burger King is not an appropriate first date.  The only time this is acceptable is if you are 13 years old and dating a 13 year old girl.  Even then, she is probably not going to get too excited if you insist the two of you pick items off the Dollar Menu.  To make matters worse, the Drive Thru is absolutely unacceptable in any first date situation.

Please plan a nice activity like going to a restaurant with an actual server and food that comes on a plate instead of in a bag.  If you are low on money, meet up for coffee or plan a cute picnic in the park.  Make the date memorable and you will really impress your date.

Do Nice Things For Her

Some things that really impress a woman when you are getting to know her are:

  • Holding the door open for her.
  • Complimenting her on her outfit.
  • Asking her questions about her day.
  • Finding out her favorite things.
  • Bringing her flowers.

Now, I am not saying to show up on the first date with flowers.  This depends on the situation, but it can work sometimes if you've known each other for a while before dating, or if you've been talking on the phone or online for a long time.  In general, most women really like flowers.  Even if a woman is allergic or not that into flowers, she will usually still appreciate the fact that you were thoughtful. 

Every now and then I hear a story of a grumpy woman not accepting flowers.  That woman gives the rest of us a bad name.  This really annoys me because then that guy that gets rejected with his flowers will now never give flowers again.  Listen guys, most women like flowers.  Some flowers only cost a few bucks at the grocery store and it is the thought that counts.  Basically I am saying, I wish a guy would buy me flowers!

These Flowers Were Only $1.50 At The Grocery Store

Low Budget, Yet Beautiful Flowers
Low Budget, Yet Beautiful Flowers

Remember Her Birthday

It is not so much about remembering her birthday... this is more about acknowledging it.  Birthdays are really not a big deal for many adults.  However, most women want to know you at least care that her birthday exists at all.  In most cases, you really don't need to spend a lot of money.  Just make a note in your calendar when her birthday is coming and make sure to buy a card and small gift.  The longer you date someone, the more personal a gift can be for her birthday. 

By the way, taking her out to dinner or cooking her dinner never hurts either!  If you are taking her out for dinner, take her to restaurant she really likes.  I don't care if you are craving sushi... if she likes Italian food, take her to an Italian restaurant. 

Avoid Being Creepy

You know, we all have bad habits.  I've got bad habits and so do you.  However, you might want to hold off unleashing those bad habits on a woman until you really get to know her.  It really impresses a woman if you at least attempt to be on your best behavior when the two of you first begin dating.  One can argue that you really want her to see what she is getting.  Oh, that is ever so admirable, but seriously, it tells a woman you really like her if you at least try to appear civilized the first few dates.  It is simply polite.

Some things you should avoid whenever possible:

  • Excessive burping.
  • Excessive farting.
  • Staring at other women.
  • Whining about your ex-girlfriend.
  • Buying food for yourself, but not offering her any.
  • Asking overly personal questions.
  • Inviting her to your basement.
  • Biting your nails.
  • Picking at scabs.
  • Well, basically doing anything too gross!

As a general rule, if your date looks disgusted, just stop doing it.  Eventually everyone gets to that overly comfortable stage, but you are not there yet.  She can escape at anytime at this point.  There might be a time when the two of you are so comfortable that you pop the zits on her face and she helps you shave your back, but for now, that is totally gross and you are not going to get too far if you start creeping her out.

Don't Lie To Her!

I hate to say this because it could come off sounding sexist, but let's face it, women are great at catching guys when they lie.  It is just a fact.  So don't bother lying to a women.  She might not catch you today or tomorrow, but one day she will catch you in your lie.  Even worse, she might not bring it up immediately.  She might just stew in her anger and resentment for a while, and then add that to a list of complaints she has against you one day when an argument breaks out.  Just don't lie!

If you want to go out with your friends one night, just admit you'd like to go out with your friends.  Don't lie and pretend you are not going out.  She is going to catch you.  One of your friends is going to post a comment or a photo on Facebook with you in it, and she is going to see it.  Just simply tell the truth.  If you are dating a reasonable woman, she will understand you need to have some time with your friends here and there.  If you are dating an unreasonable woman, you might want to reconsider why you are dating her at all. 

Of course, if you are cheating, that is a totally different story.  Oh, one day you are going to get caught.  When it happens, and it will happen, it is going to be bad... very bad.  A simple solution - simply don't cheat on your girlfriend!  You deserve whatever punishment she sees fit if you do. 


Some Parting Advice

I hope if you are a dude reading this, you have gotten some helpful advice from me.  I know some of this seems obvious, but for whatever reason, guys are not doing these things.  In general, most women are not gold diggers.  They don't want a lot of money spent on them.  Basically, most women just want a man that is honest, thoughtful, and nice.  Oh, and one that does not go to Burger King on a first date.  It is really simple! 

In case you are wondering, yes, women do really like nice guys.  If you are dating women that don't want to date a nice guy, you are obviously dating the wrong type of women.  I don't know where you are finding these special gals, but look elsewhere.  We exist!  I promise.  Some of us would just be happy going out on a nice date and getting some cheap flowers!

Updated: 03/26/2012, Jeannieinabottle
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Veronica on 08/29/2015

A great article and some good ideas too. But of course it depends entirely on the woman.

When we were engaged, I told my fiancé ( now my husband ) not to buy me flowers as we were saving up to buy a house and get married. But I am too "down to earth" to expect them or want them regularly. Occasionally he bought me flowers and that was lovely .

I never dated nasty guys, only nice ones. I don't like nasty men.

My tips would be ;-

ALWAYS be clean and not sweaty.
Listen when she's speaking to you.
Be thoughtful of her weird parents
Be on time
Try to cook something for her, even if it fails, she'll appreciate it that you tried.
If you want to buy her something, DON'T BUY UNDERWEAR, chances are the size will be wrong and you will be in trouble for buying something too big and suggesting she's fat, too tarty, too frilly... Look at what she reads, what music is in her music stand, what colours she wears, what necklaces,earrings, bangles she wears.

And the similar applies to women keeping their menfolk.


Good luck. WE have been together 40 years next month.

Jeannieinabottle on 11/15/2012

That is so true. A personalized gift or thoughtful idea goes a long way. Lately I've found most guys barely try at all. I think I was mostly trying to convey a message to do something rather than nothing at all. Anything nice at all is better than nothing. :-) Thanks for your comment!

Jeannieinabottle on 06/13/2012

That is so true. Talking and listening can help a lot. I even tend to be too talkative on dates, and it is not great for women either. Thanks for sharing!

Tolovaj on 06/09/2012

Useful tips. Being a guy myself I can add one more suggestion, something what actually worked for me: a date is made of talking AND listening.
Thanks for your list. I hope a lot of guys will read it and use it. This way we will have world with more smiling faces:)

Jeannieinabottle on 03/26/2012

Thanks, Brenda! I know what you mean. I keep throwing out hints about flowers to my boyfriend, but he never pays attention. I ended up buying flowers for myself on my birthday. Thanks for the comment!

BrendaReeves on 03/23/2012

Good suggestions. I never got flowers from my ex. I guess that's one of the many reasons he's an ex. LOL

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