Ebooks for Aviators (and fans)

by tirial

A new site devoted to ebooks for aviators and aviation buffs. Ranging from manuals to thrillers, the site features reviews and links for all types of ebook.

A site devoted to finding the best aviation ebooks on the web. Featuring books from sites ranging from Amazon to Smashwords and Kobo, anything from indie to large publisher books may be featured - as long as it is well-written and about flying.

Books on the site


 Ebooks for aviators is a review site with a difference. Each book has its own profile page, with ratings, reviews, links to third party reviews, and links to the various places online you can buy it from. 

This means that whatever your e-reader, you stand a good chance of finding a version of the book on the site that will work with it. At least, as long as the ebook has been released in a compatible format.

There are even a few that can be read online so no-ereader necessary. More about those below.

Sptfire Poster

Supermarine Spitfire

What can you do on the site?

What's on there for you?

What can you find one the site?

  • Good books
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Aviation fans

What can you do on the site?

  • Add a book
  • Add a review
  • Add a link
  • Update a book
  • Suggest a book for Book of the Day
  • Add a link to a review you already wrote

Book of the Day

A featured book.

The site also selects one book to feature as Book of the Day. This changes every day, so if you want a new suggestion for reading stop by, or sign up to the RSS feed to get the latest updates.

Why the site?

What was the idea behind the site.

There were a few.

The number of times someone has suggested a book for our e-readers and it has been in the wrong format, or not available from the obvious sites. Then there's checking reviews and hunting down blogs that may have reviewed it, not all of which can be easily found on Amazon.

And finally there's the ebook explosion recently. While some books that have come out of it are invaluable and fascinating (e.g. The Saturn V manual) some are... not. Formatting varies greatly across booksites, even on the same title.

So the site was set up to draw all this together, and highlight the best aviation-themed ebooks.

Free ebooks

For the cash-strapped.

Flying is an expensive hobby, so it you want to read about it without spending money, there's a list of free books on the site.

While we can't guarantee that books will be free across all sites, the list of free books has been confirmed as having a price of free on some of the main ones. Several are available to read online, so even if you don't have an e-reader, you can view them in your browser.

The Librarian
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Content checking

You might notice there's a delay between a book being submitted and going live. The same is true for reviews. This is because we check the submissions manually before we add them.

Some may slip through the gap, but only accepting books listed on major sites and curating them we can weed out PLR books, and other problem titles.

This doesn't mean that every book on the site will be to your personal taste, but it does mean that the individual books should be readable and of interest to someone. And if you don't like one, you can always rate and review it.

Kindle ebooks on Aviation

Look on Amazon for Kindle ebooks on flying
The Wright Brothers

Only $13.99
Into the Abyss: An Extraordinary True Story

Only $10.99
Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing

Only $14.99

Visit the site:

Updated: 05/24/2012, tirial
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