Edible Cake Images

by AlanB

One of the coolest trends for cakes is edible cake images. From superheroes to photos, almost any image can be placed on a cake.

What are Edible Cake Images?

Edible 1st Birthday ImageAn edible cake image is exactly what it says, an image that is created with edible ingredients.  The cool thing about the these edible images is the ability to place them on a cake.  Even cooler, is the images can be anything: superheroes, family photos, or even artwork created by you.  And, the best part about edible cake images are they're actually a lot less expensive then having a cake decorated in the traditional manner.  Or, they can save time, if you do the cake decorating yourself.Edible Baby Boy Carriage Image

Cake decoration kits are inexpensive as well, and cakes that use them turn out great.  But, edible cake images allow further personalization that cake decoration kits simply cannot do.  For example, with an edible cake image you'd be able to place your family pet's photo right on the cake.  Whereas, the cake decorating kit could have some cool cat or dog themed pieces, but none would look like your pet.

Some Existing Edible Cake Images

There are a number of existing edible cake images.  The images range from eXtreme sports to 1st Birthday parties, and are inexpensive at $8 each.  Plus, you can have the edible cake images delivered to you from the convenience of your home and in time for that upcoming birthday party.

Here are some of my favorites:

rock star edible image I'm a music fan, especially of rock and heavy metal.  Like any music fan, this one is one of the coolest edible images available.  So, if the person loves rock music, this image would be the perfect for their birthday cake!
space edible image Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects.  Plus, I love checking out in our Solar System neighborhood; like Saturn.  This edible image is perfect for that kid that aspires to be an astronaut or simply loves looking up at the stars.
football edible image Football is one of the most popular sports; especially among teens.  If your kid participates in football at school or is simply a football fan, then this edible image would be perfect for their next birthday cake.
pirate edible image Pirates seem to be all the craze, nowadays.  Especially with the younger crowd.  Check out this awesome pirates edible image.  If your kid or special someone is a pirate fan, consider adding this edible image to their next birthday cake!


Your Own Edible Image Printing

It's easier than you think

In the past, Edible Printing required an expensive printer.  Nowadays, edible image printing is relatively inexpensive.  But, Canon bubble jet printers (recommended) start around $300 on Amazon.  Other printers are not recommended due to clogging.

Some of the items you'll need  for edible image printing are the following:

Canon i450 Color Bubble Jet Printer

  • Canon Bubble Jet Printer
  • Edible Ink Cartridges
  • Frosting Sheets
  • Or Wafer Paper


Updated: 02/13/2012, AlanB
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katiem2 on 02/21/2013

Cool I'm so looking for a reason to create and print my own edible image, maybe this weekend will be a good test weekend. :)K

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