Edible Insects Online: Or Crunchy Treats that Might Bug You

by Regi_B

Gag gift or delicacy? I think edible insects are both!

Have you ever received edible insects in your holiday stocking -- as a gag, no doubt!

If so, did you know some folks like a nice helping of "creepy crawly" on a regular basis?

If you have ever watched Fear Factor, then you know what a "scare" bug eating can be.

But if you have ever watched one of Andrew Zimmern's shows, then you may also know that insects provide sustenance for people in many parts of the world.

Whether edible bugs are necessary or a stunt depends -- it seems -- upon one's perspective.

(I'm getting too serious here. Quick! Someone make a base joke!)

Let us look at some examples of munch-able bugs available online.

Edible Cricket Treats for Humans

It is not uncommon for people to eat crickets. Sure, it may not be done so often in upstate New York, but dining on this insect is a "regular thing" regionally.

I personally stuck a packet of Crick-ettes in my father-in-law's stocking one Christmas. Surely, he "appreciated" the gesture. (After all, he made quite a "gesture" at me in return.)

Crick-ettes come in three savory flavors: Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, and -- my favorite -- Bacon & Cheese!

Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets

Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets (Pack of 24)
Only $39.95

Candy Ants (not Candy Pants)!

If you want ants inside your candy (and who doesn't!), Hotlix has something for you!

The same people who brought the world scorpions inside a lollipop have also given us all ants within hard candy.

This "treat" comes in two sweet -- SUGAR-FREE -- flavors -- candy apple and cherry. NOM!

Savory Worms -- I Said It! -- Savory Worms

Another product from the great insect food purveyor, Hotlix, these Larvets are real, edible worms. Yummy!

Coated in savory flavors, expect a crunch as you munch!

Flavors include BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice.

Make mine Mexican Spice, please!

Larvets -- YUM!

$6.11  $5.89

With Chocolate, Please!

We have all heard of chocolate-covered insects, but who among us has tried them?

Unless opposed on ethical grounds, I say we all should have a go!

The ones to the right come in milk and white chocolate and include worms and crickets. Mmm....

Take a Bite Out of a Scorpion!

You know, most of us will never have the "good fortune" to encounter a scorpion face-to-face. (Obviously, I use "good fortune" loosely here.)

Hotlix wants to change that, with their sweet Scorpion Sucker.

Now, I don't know about you, but having a lick of a scorpion who cannot sting me has a certain appeal, I must admit.

Now, to just choose a flavor -- which include blueberry, banana, apple, and strawberry.

Scorpion Sucker!

Only $4.99

Bugs as Sustenance

Much as I have tried to make light of bug eating in this article, it is in fact, a way of maintaining life for many people.

The book at right can help you learn more about this reality -- if you are so inclined.

For fun or sustenance, bugs may be eaten!

Now, who's first? Don't make it be me!

Updated: 03/05/2012, Regi_B
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