Engel Coolers For Fishing and Storing Live Bait

by dustytoes

Sturdy Engel coolers for deep-sea fishing and keeping live bait at home or on the go.

Coolers have evolved from little plastic cases that barely kept drinks cold for a few hours to some very heavy duty items that work well for fishing, boating and camping. Even in a very hot climate, these coolers do the job intended.

No long only for picnics and trips to the shore, rugged, name-brand coolers can be used as boat stands for fishermen to get a better view of the water. They come in sizes large enough to hold offshore fish that can be very large.

Live bait coolers will store unused bait fish and shrimp or crabs for a few days until you go fishing again!

Large Engel Coolers For Hiking, Camping and Deep Sea Fishing

A very large cooler is needed when fishing offshore.  Lots of ice will be added and then the catch, which could be a lot of fish depending on the type and regulations.  You don't want to run out of room and have to leave a delicious fish behind.

Long camping trips mean keeping food fresh for days and you will need a reliable cooler for that.  These Engel coolers get rave reviews from any customers and they are more affordable than the popular YETI brand.

Engel makes coolers of all sizes including their largest, the Engel 320 Rotomolded cooler.  My son owns a few Engel coolers and is a big fan.  Our boat came with an Engel cooler, which we use as a seat, and it has worked out well.

Rotomolded tough and durable coolers by Engel

High performance coolers that keep things cold in extreme heat.
Engel High Performance ENG65 Cooler -...Engel ENG50 High Performance Cooler -...Engel High Performance ENG50 Cooler -...

Save Shrimp and Bait Fish in a Special Live Bait Cooler

This one doubles as a regular cooler too.

The Engel live bait cooler has a motor on the side which aerates the water inside where live bait will live for a few days.  Bait is not too expensive but having one of these coolers will save you a trip to the bait shop.

My son just bought one of these bait coolers in the 19 quart size (shown below).  Remember, it will be heavy once the bait and water are added!

He wanted this cooler because sometimes when we go out fishing we have live shrimp, crabs or bait fish leftover.   If we hit rain and come in early, or simply don't get enough bites and give up, the only choice is to freeze the live bait, or throw it overboard - unless you have a bait cooler.

This one comes with a mesh liner and handle for pulling bait up to grab for the hook.  The cooler comes with a car cigarette lighter cord (for traveling with the bait) and motor pack (for batteries, not included), but the wall outlet adapter is bought separately.

Ice fishermen also use this cooler because the insulation keeps the bait from freezing.  So it works for all climates!

Engel Live Bait Cooler With Aerator Motor

Comes in 13, 19 and 30 quart size. Use car cigarette lighter cord or batteries to run the motor. Wall adapter is sold separately.
Engel Hard-Sided Coolers Englbc19-N 19 Qt Live Bait
Only $129.99

Live Bait For Surf Fishing

Catch more with live bait.
Surf fishing
Surf fishing

Good Size Bait Cooler for Kayaks and Paddleboards

The 19 quart Engel live bait cooler is small enough to carry to any location you plan to fish.  This works for beach fishing or fishing from a pier.  Or take it out in a kayak, on a paddleboard, or small boat.  (Large boats usually have built in live wells.)

Add 2 D batteries to the motor pack and fill with live bait of your choice.  Reviewers have mentioned that the motor will run for a few days on batteries, and the motor can be turned off and then back on as you please to save juice.


The mesh liner makes it easy to lift the bait or change the water.

The best basket comes with this cooler. Remove the motor and plug the hole (it comes with a plug) and it can be a regular cooler!
Mesh liner in the 19 Quart cooler
Mesh liner in the 19 Quart cooler
My photo
Water aerator pack on side of cooler
Water aerator pack on side of cooler
My photo

A Good Cooler Will Keep Food From Going Bad in Any Climate

Anyone who lives in a tropical climate, like I do, will realize the need for staying cool.  Not only our bodies, but our food needs to constantly stay cool.  Food can spoil quickly with lack of air-conditioning or when in an outdoor setting.

Whether boating, fishing, camping, or heading to the beach for the day, it is imperative to keep food and drinks at a safe cold temperature.  

Large coolers also come in very handy during long power outages, such as after a hurricane, or ice storm.  I've lived through both types of disasters with the help of my coolers.  I believe that everyone should own a good size cooler ... just in case.

Engel Dry Box / Cooler For Under One Hundred Dollars

These are very affordable, well made boxes to use as coolers. Some have rod holders on the sides.
Engel USA Cooler/Dry Box, 30 QuartEngel Cooler/Dry Box 13 Qt - Silver
$79.99  $55.99

More about fishing!

Many people throw away parts of a fish that are both nourishing and tasty.
7 essential items to bring on your next fishing trip. Read this post if you are new to fishing.
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dustytoes on 09/29/2018

My son is a cooler collector and he must have 7 or 8 not including what is on our boat! The Engel brand is his favorite.

Tolovaj on 09/29/2018

No, I don't. I only have a few so called penguins to keep cool a smaller bag. I had no idea so large coolers are on the market! Now I want to go on a fishing trip ...

dustytoes on 09/19/2018

I love your comments. They are insightful!

DerdriuMarriner on 09/19/2018

dustytoes, Thank you for the practical information and the product line. The rod holder is a particularly thoughtful addition. The products sound like the sort that could have saved the catch when the refrigeration didn't work in The Perfect Storm!
In another direction, your article and products make me think of the Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover about the fisherman in the boat "Sport" on a rainy day. The fisherman was relying on a lidless red pail for his catch: big mistake!

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