Fall and Winter Pajamas for Girls

by Dianne

Fall and winter chill means it's time for warm pajamas! Make sure your girl stays warm this winter with some new cozy warm pajamas!

It's always fun to get new pajamas. They feel so nice on your skin when they are brand new. Here are some pajamas for when the weather starts to turn cold. Make sure the girls in your household stay toasty warm this winter with thermal pajamas and blanket sleepers.

These girl's pajamas are all from Amazon which generally has the best prices, and once you get there you can take a look around at all the girl's pajamas that they offer.

Thermal Pajamas for Girls

Fall and Winter Pajamas for Girls

Thermal pajamas are great because they are warm and cozy and so versatile.  Not only can they be worn as pajamas, but they can also be worn as thermal underwear.  They are great for layering under your clothing when you are going skiing, sledding, or just venturing out on a particularly cold winter day.  Thermal fabric is designed for warmth and comfort and these are the two most important things that you want in fall and winter pajamas. 

Do the kids have a snow day off from school?  This would be a fun day for them to stay home in their thermal pajamas all day and watch movies or play board games!  These are the pajamas you want for the cold winter months.  There are so many cute thermal pajamas for girls.  Many of them have adorable print designs and some are solid colors, but they all hold in the body heat and keep your child cozy warm.

Hatley Two Piece Pajamas

Hatley Pajamas for Girls

Hatley pajamas always come in cute designs and are very well made.  This pair of warm pajamas is covered in pink and gray elephants and has contrasting cuffs and trim.  The elephants are an original Hatley print.  This design is for bigger girls and  comes in sizes 7 to 16, is made of 100% super soft cotton,  and will feel nice next to her skin.   It is tagless for comfort.  The bottoms have an elastic waist.  A great pair of pretty pajamas that could be taken to a slumber party or sleepover.

Blanket Sleepers for Girls

Pajamas for Girls

Blanket sleepers are always great to have on hand.  My son was born in July, and in August of that year in Lake Tahoe it turned unseasonably chilly.  It had been so warm that he only had little t-shirts to sleep in.  Thankfully we were able to find a store that had some blanket sleepers in stock at that time of year.  Blanket sleepers with feet are wonderful for keeping little toes and torsos warm.  Add a little hat and your baby will be cozy warm.  Body heat is lost through the torso and the top of the head so it's important to keep those areas warm.  I don't know about babies, but I know if my feet are cold I can't get warm.  Socks tend to come off, so footed pajamas work better than socks for keeping little feet warm.

Blanket sleepers are often, but not always, made of fleece material which is designed to keep baby warm even if he or she kicks the covers off.  A little t-shirt can be layered underneath for more warmth. My preference was always for one piece pajamas for my babies in the winter time.  With two piece pajamas it seemed the t-shirt always worked itself up leaving the tummy exposed.  Blanket sleepers were a favorite of mine for all these reasons.

Hatley Pajamas

Pajamas for Girls

Hatley pajamas are known for their quality and good looks.  This pink blanket sleeper for girls features comical cats and is indeed, "The Cat's Pajamas."

These cute pajamas come in sizes from 3 months to 24 months, are 100% cotton, and machine washable.  They are snug fitting for fire safety and have tread on the soles to help keep her from slipping.  There is no tag at the neck to irritate baby's delicate skin.  A zipper closure makes them easy to get in and out of.

Where to find more Pajamas for Girls

Cute Girl's Pajamas
Pajamas With Cats
Pajamas for women and children featuring a cute ASCII cat. Remember ASCII art from years back? This was invented when printers did not have graphics ability. People were very creative in making art on their computer keyboards using only the 95 printable characters as defined by the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII).
Summer Pajamas for Girls
Lighter colors and lighter fabrics for girl's summer pajamas. Warm summer nights mean she'll need lighter pajamas. These are cute pajamas designs from Laura Dare and Little Me.
Cute Summer Pajamas for Girls
Beautiful pajamas and nightgowns by Sara's Prints. The prints include cupcakes, polka dots, lady bugs, rose buds, and horses. Very nice looking sleepwear for girls.
Cute Girl's Pajamas
Adorable pajamas for girls. From poodles to polka dots and hearts to horses, surely she will find some pajamas here that she loves!

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Michey on 06/03/2011

You have a great collection, I like the blanket sleepers for the little ones.
Thanks for sharing with us

Treasures By Brenda on 06/01/2011

Unfortunately, there are no little girls around here just a bunch of great big guys but they love pjs, too.

Susan52 on 05/31/2011

I'll just be looking for some winter pajamas for myself - a grown-up girl - and I love these selections!

tandemonimom on 05/31/2011

These are such cute girls' pajamas!

WhiteOak50 on 05/31/2011

These pajamas are darling. I can remember having my favorite PJ's as a child. Very nice write up!

pkmcr on 05/31/2011

Maybe not quite my colours :-) However, as always very nicely presented and explained

mandeesears on 05/31/2011

I always loved the footed pajamas as a kid! My kids both wore them too. Very nice selection.

wenkrick on 05/31/2011

These are so cute! Nice selection.

petunia on 05/31/2011

Our granddaughter would love every one of these, I am sure. Especially the elephant design winter pajamas! I enjoyed having blanket sleepers when my children were toddlers. Great way to be sure they are warm all night!

Jimmie on 05/31/2011

Nothing is as comfy as warm pjs on a cold night.

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