Feng-Shui Tips for Better Living at Home and Office

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Feng Shui tips that help improvise and improve the quality of life need to be tried for better living. It is a philosophy, an art of living.

Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist philosophy based on the laws of nature and the art of Geomancy. Any-one can apply Feng Shui basics to improve the life style , have more meaning in the actions and think clearly for a balance life. For adopting Feng Shui, one has to dissolve the ego, realize and accept the fact that he/she is not the centre of the universe and should not try to control the elements .

In other words to align to the law of universe, one has to be non-disruptive, humble and co-operating. Those who have achieved great success in life have come to realize that it is easier to work with someone rather than working against . When the output is positive and when the negative energies are diminished there is more flow of energy and supporting manifestations.

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Feng Shui Basics


  There are some things that one needs to remember and always try to avoid when looking for a balanced environment for the reason they could turn out disastrous or create obstacles to such purpose. The first essential point is one should avoid living or working in an environment containing too much yin energy.

Among the places which contain more yin energy are cemeteries, hospitals and churches. Also, one should avoid attracting to much yin into the space by opening the windows and doors regularly and allowing sun light enter. That is, not to say that the rooms are left dark or resemble dungeon.


Feng Shui for Home and Office


Natural light and fresh air is good and recommended. One should also avoid living in a house that is much bigger or smaller than the neighboring ones. This could bring some kind of misunderstandings and problems with the neighbors. The residence should never be placed facing the end of a road, or hallway in case of an office. The house or office's entrance door should be clear and free of obstacles, this is the first and foremost principle of Feng Shui tradition. There shouldn't be any obstacles, blocks like trees or any structure right in front of the door.


  The rooms should be spacious. One should never place furniture, objects in such a way that there is not much space between them, there should always be space for chi to flow within any space. Besides, one should always avoid placing beds, chairs, sofas or desks right across main doors or with the back towards them.


  It is also important that one does not place too much of an element in the wrong area. If, according to the bagua map, a house area should contain water or metal to be in balance, one should avoid placing to much fire, earth or wood in them. It is also essential to avoid dark corners, if there is a dark corner within the house or office, one should clear it by illuminating it or by placing a plant near it. Dark places and spots always attract yin energy and obstruct chi from flowing freely and properly, therefore one should always attract light and yang energy to every corner of the house and office. 

Easy Feng Shui for Home

How To Design Your Home For Love, Success! Feng Shui is about creating harmony in one's inner and outer space. By harmonizing the outer space, one creates harmony in the inner space. Thus, this brings a cascade of harmony in all areas of one's life, be it health, relationships or career/business.

 Does it really work or is it some kind of mumbo-jumbo?

  Yes, to the modern analytical mind, some of the information may sound mumbo-jumbo. For thousands of years, Indians, Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans and Celts prospered from the knowledge they had about the geo-magnetic vibes. Even until today, scientists are just guessing how and why the Egyptians built those pyramids. They knew how to use these vibes for attracting more health, wealth and love into their lives. They knew the art and science of placement and arrangement of space around them to achieve harmony with their environment. The same FengShui tips are available for us to make use of.

Feng Shui Gifts


Gemstones and Magnetic levitation globes can be used to bring balance (feng shui) to your surroundings all year round, and help you meditate! This is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy. To have something hovering, levitating, floating and giving the illusion of anti gravity is extremely nice to look at, and most of all, you can have it as a decor ornament that goes well with any style of home and office furnishings. This high tech gadget also comes with an LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark.


Sometime back I had seen the Feng Shui -Magnetic Levitation Globe with Blue LED Lights on Amazon. I could not find the exact stuff but here are some globes that come near to the descriptions.


 Magnetic Levitation Globis operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system. The magnetic head above the globe contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor. The base contains a micro-processor and the electronic control components that makes the globe levitate. The top head above the globe also contains LED lights to give it that extra special look when powered on. The hovering globe is simple to install, it works straight out of the box, and within a couple of minutes you will have mastered the ancient technique of magnetism. Once you get the globe levitating, just give it a little spin with your finger and watch it rotate for an extended period of time.


This cool gadget makes a great display unit for your retail shop, business and home. This is yet another wonderful and amazing Feng Shui gadget that is perfect for personal/company use.

Feng Shui TIps on YouTube

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WriterArtist on 04/20/2014

Dear WordChazer - I became interested in Feng shui when I came into contact with some of my friends who kept bamboo in their yard and petals beautifully decorated at the entrance. It looked mesmerizing. I am not an expert but an enthusiast who loves to declutter and apply the principles wherever possible. I believe you are already in the right direction.

Guest on 04/11/2014

So, how to balance the yin of my workplace with yang? Well, our house is the same size as the neighbors' ones and faces away from the end of the road. I enjoy walking in order to work on articles and clear my head, refocus my mind and improve my circulation. Decluttering is a good idea and one I am actively working on with eBay's assistance. It clears the way for the chi as you point out, but from my point of view also gives a tidier, less cluttered house and more money in my bank, which is never a bad thing.

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