Fertile Thoughts on Female Fertility

by MuminBusiness

Five thoughts designed to reproduce more thoughts on the subject of birth control.

Birth Control

What are your thoughts on the use of birth control?  Do you ever wonder if there is another way rather then the one spouted by drug companies or religious organisations?

In another article, I talked about the journey I made towards my current thinking about birth control. I would like to carry on with the same theme by considering a few key points on fertility in women.  You may or may not know these but I know that a lot of the women I speak to in my local community and also in my role as pharmacist, have never considered some of these issues.

Let's begin...

Five Key Points on Female Fertility

  1. You may not have a cycle of 28 days – It could range from 21 days to 45 days.  28 days could be an average for someone but it may not be for you. 
  2. Limited Fertility  - Did you realize you can only get pregnant during about 5 days leading up to ovulation, including the day of ovulation? and these days can be predicted if you get to know your body.
    So if you know your cycle, you may well find that there is suddenly a reduced need to run to your health care professional and flood yourself with hormones as you take the emergency pill because of one mishap or the other.  The KEY is to know your cycle.
  3. Day 14 Ovulation - Did you know this is a bit of a myth?  You may not ovulate slap bang in the middle of your cycle - If you know about ovulation, then you may think that it only occurs on day 14.  This may be true for you but it is more likely not to be as again that is an average and we are all unique. For some ladies, ovulation can occur as early as the 8th day of her cycle or as late as the 30th day. 
    It is just like saying the baby WILL come in 9 months. For mothers still waiting at the end of the 42nd week, that prediction can be pretty annoying!
  4. Some women are not infertile, they miscarry a lot – Some people are treated for the wrong problem.  Not being able to conceive a child when you want one is horrid.  Without knowing your body, it could be made worse as you are treated with drugs to help you ovulate when actually you have no trouble doing that, you either do not time things appropriately or you conceive but lose the baby quickly. Knowing this information may not change the situation you are in but it may help the health care professionals treat you appropriately and quickly.
  5. Birth control (hormonal or non-hormonal) is a marketed product – It may be marketed as a drug but really it is a non-essential product.  It does not treat a disease; it does not prevent a disease (unless pregnancy is considered one these days).  Think of it like you would a microwave, you would not just buy the first one sold to you.  You would look into it, do a little research, read a review or two and then buy the one that best suits your needs.
    How much more value do you place on yourself? 

Take Charge of your fertility

No answers here, just information

As you may note from the first four points, the main key is to know yourself.  How many of us really know ourselves - know our bodies, know how it works.  I think that the way a woman works is pretty amazing and yet we can sometimes be afraid to really understand it.  We might even be ashamed of having periods, of being female and find it all a drag.

I invite you to learn more about yourself and learn to take charge of your fertility.  Obtain a copy of the international bestseller ' Taking Charge of your fertility'; Even if you carry on using mainstream contraception, you can at least discover how you work.

We are amazing creatures and capable of so much.

Want to think through a different method of birth control?

Fertility Friend
An amazing site that helps you stay on top of your body. You can record all the required measurements onto an iPhone App, or any smartphone app. It saw me through planning my three children and now it helps me choose not to get pregnant. It even includes a free training program

Birth Control - Can you live without it?
Have you ever wondered if there is another feasible way to control your birth rate? I wondered too...

There are some irregularities in contraception and birth control that make me question. What do you think?
Updated: 02/11/2012, MuminBusiness
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