Final Thoughts from the Pretty Little Liars Episode "FrAmed"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 television episode that first aired July 28, 2015.

Synopsis: Aria (Lucy Hale) attends her art gallery debut and discovers "A" has replaced her photos with photos of her and the rest of the PLLs lying unconscious in the Dollhouse. Hanna (Ashley Benson), with Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) help, digs deeper into the scholarship money she received and potentially comes face-to-face with Charles.

My Thoughts

1. Well, it looks like I was only partially right about Aria's photos. I predicted they would end up getting switched. However, I thought, for certain, "A" would switch them with some of Clark's (Titus Makin Jr) photos. The photos from the Dollhouse were unexpected and the writers should be applauded for surprising me.

2. I'm not so sure about the twist involving Tanner (Roma Maffia) and her claim "A" is trying to mock her rather than the PLLs. It just seems like the show is starting to stretch this out a little too much , making me miss the days when nobody knew about the mysterious "A."

3. Of course, this scene did give Aria's overprotective mother (Holly Marie Combs) an "I told you so" opportunity. Apparently, she is the only one on the show that seems to realize the police are absolutely useless when it comes to protecting the PLLs and the people around them.

4. The incident at the gallery also does justify the school's reluctance to let the PLLs attend the prom. Yes, technically, that would be punishing the victims. But, why risk harming innocent bystanders? And, let's face it, the prom really wouldn't be that much fun if there was a large police presence there.

5. I have to admit, this new Rhys character (Caleb Lane) sure looks like he could be Charles. But, I also suspect this might just be another infamous red herring thrown out there by "A." It wouldn't be the first time. Plus, I still, personally, suspect Charles will turn out to be someone they've met before. 

6. Even if Rhys is Charles, I'm still not completely convinced he is the one calling the shots. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is right to be suspicious about the fact her brother went from being a good kid to a cold-blooded killer. Even if he is somehow involved with all of this, I think there is someone else pulling the strings.

7. One thing, in particular, that has me doubting Charles' guilt is the fact he hasn't been named as Bethany Young's attacker. She, I think, is the key to all of this. And, until they figure out who was the one who attacked her, there's going to continue to be loose ends.

8. One person I'm personally starting to suspect is Jenna (Tammin Sursok). We haven't seen her in a while but, of all the potential suspects they have encountered, she has the most motive for wanting revenge on the PLLs. The visually-impaired Jenna could have struck Bethany believing she was Alison and has proven to be manipulative enough to be controlling Charles and anyone else she needs to help her pull off her torture, such as Sara Harvey (Dre Davis). I also can't help but notice the PLLs keep ending up in Philadelphia, where Jenna spent a good chunk of her time after being blinded.

Final Opinion

I think this "A" story is starting to get dragged out a bit and the show really needs to start resolving it so it can move on. However, there were a couple new clues that were given (as well as a potential suspect) that will hopefully get the series moving in that direction.

My Grade: B

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