Finding the Best Headphones for Running: Where to Buy Them Online

by Regi_B

I run and feel the need to listen to music while running. The world seems turned topsy-turvy when headphones blow out. Let's go on a quest to find the best running headphones!

Is there a best pair of headphones for running? Can there even be one? (Did I just ask pretty much the same question twice? Please forgive me. It's my repetitive dadaism rearing its bumpy, frumpy head again.)

What were we on about? Oh! Headphones good for a run and such!

Here is how I see it -- and I recognize the conjecture in the following theory, but it is my theory about exercise headphones. Here goes: Makers of headphones could build super-fly sets that might last nearly forever, but such a headphone set would be mad expensive, and would give them few repeat customers.

Sure! I am no end-all business analyst, but I have run in many a pair of headphones. (To be clear and -- well -- chaste, I do wear more than merely headphones. I'm out running, people! Not trying to get arrested!)

Like I said, I have run in many a music headpiece thingy, and let me tell you -- based upon my unscientific method of using headphones until they break -- nothing lasts. It is a disappointment to me, but true. (True-ish anyway.)

With that being the standard of my experience (does that even mean anything?), let us talk about what to look for in a pair of headphones that makes them suitable for running.

What Makes up the Best Headphones for Running?

If you are searching for the best headphones for running, here are some things to consider. You need a model that is going to stay on your head! Stock earphones that come with most smartphones or iPods are not built for heavy, jiggly, "joggity" use. I have tried these for running, and they bounce right out of the ears (or you spend the whole run adjusting the phones, instead of focusing on your exercise).


You don't want something that is going to bounce out of your ears! That is no good!


There are styles that keep the headphones on your head and keep the music going. My faves have always been the over-the-ear style of headphone.


Also, when selecting running headphones, look for a model that reviews well on Amazon. Any pair with hundreds of above average reviews is worth considering, for sure.


Still, with that said, be prepared for your exercise headphones to wear out. In my experience, it is just part of the game. Two things happen most often for me, no matter the pair I wear. (Yeah, I rhymed there << and there!)


First, my headphones tend to get sweat inside of them -- whether I am running in earbuds, earphones, or headphones. This sweat seems to short one of the phones. Soon enough, I find myself rocking out to White Stripes, but only in one ear. Really, it becomes not rocking out at all.


Second, is the connection. You need a cord built with wear protection around the connections. At the jack, I like a bend, to divert pulling. Where the cable meets the headphones, I like an elastic piece that creates give and reduces stress on the cable. (You'll know this piece when you see it.) These measures only go so far, and eventually, I find my headphones giving out as always.


Basically, I expect any pair of headphones I use for running to last me about six months. In my mind, it just goes with the territory.


If you know of a good pair of running headphones that lasts longer than six months, please let me know. I would love to find a long-lasting pair! 

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Updated: 04/20/2012, Regi_B
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