Fire Destroys Susan52's Home

by petunia

A devastating forest fire in Greenwood, Arkansas, destroyed the home of popular internet author, Susan52.

Fire in Greenwood Arkansas

The Fire That Happened on Facebook

On Thursday, July 26 at exactly 6:08 p.m., Susan posted on Facebook, "FIRE in the back, behind our house. Wind's blowing Please pray!"

And 3 comments later, at 6:48, Susan's neighbor posted, " Sorry Susans has burnt down!"

Being in touch with our friends via Facebook is usually a fun event.  Watching this happen was devastating to all of Susan's many friends.   I was totally shocked, concerned, and anxious as I continued to follow the updates for the next few hours.

Yes, Susan had been home alone at the time.  Yes, she escaped with her precious pets and her car.  She left her phone in the house, someone noted.  

We join Susan in thanksgiving - her family is safe.

Susan Deppner

Susan Deppner
Susan Deppner

Touched by the Fire

Relief continued as Susan's family and friends posted from Arkansas.   Those of us who live in other places around the world grabbed those precious bits of information and notified others in Susan's on-line world.

It was a day of lessons for most of us. 

We were reminded of the possibilities for life to change ever so fast --for a normal day to turn into a life-changing event in a matter of minutes. 

We were touched by the response of Susan's local and on-line community, the Red Cross, the Fire Department and her family, friends and neighbors.

We were thankful that we could electronically "be with Susan" throughout the disaster.

Read More About The Fire that Destroyed the Deppner Home

There are news videos listed too.

Who is Susan52?

Susan's Wizzley Introduction
A brief glimpse into the personalities that make up the real Susan52.

You Can Send a Card to Susan

After the fire, Susan obtained a post office box for receiving mail.  If you would like to send Susan a card, note or gift card, please send to:

Susan Deppner

Post Office Box 2002

Greenwood, AR   72936


You can also help Susan's family by sending a contribution via Paypal. Everything donated will go directly to Susan's account. Simply log in to your Paypal account and use her email address to send a gift:
[email protected]

Visit Susan's Pages

Visiting is Another Way You Can Show You Care

Susan on Squidoo
Join Susan's friends in keeping her many Squidoo lenses active while she deals with the loss of her home. How many of Susan's lenses will you visit today?

Susan's Adorable Dog Daisy Escaped the Fire, Too!

Hooray for Daisy

How do I know Susan?

I had always admired Susan's work on Squidoo.  Then in 2008, Dianne aka stargazer00 invited me to join a private ning with a few other lensmasters.   What a blessing!

Brenda aka TreasuresbyBrenda, Carma aka Tandemonimom, Susan, Dianne aka Stargazer00 and I have visited and supported each other in that little group for over two years.  We chat almost daily about everything from families and friends to new sites we have discovered.  We have learned so much from each other, I honestly think we have a book right on our little ning.  

We celebrate each other's victories and encourage each other through the rough spots.

If you are not yet a part of a small group on line, I highly recommend it.  Simply find six people you genuinely admire and respect on line and invite them to join the group.  Ning makes it easy for small groups to communicate.   You can also use Yahoo email groups.  Whatever format you use, do take advantage of the opportunity.  It really helps to have a home base on line. 

Updated: 07/30/2011, petunia
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Sam on 02/11/2012

For those who wonder, Susan is online and kicking again, see Happy 2012 Susan, and might 2012 treat you better than 20111 did ;-)

Helene-Malmsio on 08/11/2011

What shocking news this is! I love visiting Susan's squidoo lenses. I'm so relieved that Daisy is OK and that Susan was there at the time to hopefully save as much as she could. Fireworks are banned in Australia and I think should be banned everywhere except for professionals.
My thoughts and well-wishes go to the family!

evelynsaenz on 08/08/2011

Thank you, Joan, for your updates on Susan. It's nice to see her here again online. Susan, I hope that your life will soon regain a bit of normalcy. Keep strong.

petunia on 08/08/2011

Yes indeed, Peggy! Susan is gradually on line more and things are settling down. They will move into temporary-permanent housing soon. How wonderful to see her online again -- and today is her birthday, too! Happy birthday, Susan!!

PeggyHazelwood on 08/08/2011

I've seen Susan around the Web here and at Squidoo. I do hope her family is settling in somewhere and all is well.

sheilamarie on 08/03/2011

Thanks for putting this together, Joan.
Susan, you are in my prayers. Thank God you and your family are safe!

JoyfulPamela on 07/31/2011

Thank you for keeping us updated and for being such a caring person, Joan. =D I'm still praying for her.

Jewelsofawe on 07/31/2011

She is in my thoughts and prayers and I have been keeping up on Facebook with you. So sad...

pkmcr on 07/31/2011

Very much in my thoughts and prayers

Michey on 07/31/2011

That was a terrifying news which was coming with a powerful blow, I was shocked!
I hope all our prayers, friendship, attention will help the family.
I hope the normality will come soon, and I am glad all of them in the family are alive.
Susan you are in my mind, prayers, and I am sure the new beginning is around the corner, and the new life will be better. Just don't give up hope, I send you positive energy and all my love.

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