Fisher Price Potty -Precious Planet Frog Is The Best

by RachZ

The Fisher Price Precious Planet Potty Saves The Day! How this little frog persuaded my son to become potty trained.

Potty Training and Fisher Price Precious Planet Frog

As any parent knows, the social pressure to potty train your child can be quite considerable.  Your friends, neighbors and even family members will all have an opinion on when is the right time to toilet train your toddler. But the fact remains that it is only when your child is ready that you should start trying.

My son was over three before he was fully potty trained. I used to complain to my mum.  Thankfully she was a very wise woman and she told me to forget about what everyone else was saying and to listen to my child.  He will tell you when he is ready she said.  Of course she didn't mean that he was going to walk up to me and say "hey mom - I am ready to learn potty training today"!  What she meant was that I needed to watch out for the signs that he was ready to start.

My son made it very clear from the start what potty he wanted.  The Fisher Price Precious Planet Frog was his favorite and it is easy to see why.  This cute little frog has been instrumental in helping many a child (and their mother!) through the stages of potty training.

Fisher Price Precious Planet Potty

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Tops Tips To Help With Potty Training

If you have a toddler you may have lots of questions about potty training.  When should you start, how long will it take and how many accidents will your child have before they are fully toilet trained?

 The first step in the toilet training process is to remember that your child is an individual.  So wait until he or she is ready to be toilet trained.  Forget about what the books or the latest parenting program says.  You know your child and you will be able to tell when they are ready.  The signs will include:


  1. Your child knowing the difference between a wee and poo (or whatever terms you use in your home).
  2. Can you child follow basic instructions?  If not, they are not yet ready to be toilet trained.
  3. Are they male or female?  Girls seem to take to potty training easier than boys.  But then girls tend to be better at languages and are often keener to communicate with the adults around them.  If you have twins you shouldn't insist on them being potty trained at the same time particularly if they are of different sexes.  Wait until they are ready and the whole process will be much easier.
  4. Is your baby dry after a nap?  Being able to wait for the toilet will help potty training be much more successful
  5. Is life normal?  Well that may appear to be a silly question.  When is life ever normal?  But if you know that there is a major change coming such as a new baby, a separation or even the death of a close family member it is best to put off toilet training until another time.   Children like routines and can become upset by changes so may not be as co-operative as usual.



Updated: 11/16/2011, RachZ
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