The "cool" Solution to Cold Drinks Diluting Because Of Ice Cubes

by Jerrico_Usher

Do you need a new way to cool your drinks without diluting them? Try this...

Have you ever had that problem with ice cubes diluting your drinks?

You need them because you want your drink to stay cold, especially in the summer time when you're hot enough as it is, but ice always melts in and makes your drink taste like a watered down version of the real thing.

We've all wanted to use ice cubes that didn't affect the drink. This would be like simply putting it in the refrigerator where the ice cubes are the cold air molecules that penetrate the water in the drink, slowly keeping the drink cold. Putting it in the freezer does this more quickly.


The Problem

They've made drink cups that are supposed to mimic the cold air of the fridge with ice cubes but this doesn't do the trick before it becomes too hot itself and only the outside of the drink gets cold before the drink can chain react to fully stay cold.

The concept was nice but ice is the only way to guarantee the entire drink gets cold. The unfortunate side effect is the water dilutes the drink in the end. Now you have a really cold but watery drink. Yay.

I've heard of those plastic cubes but they don't do it either as you start to smell the plastic as you drink and that can ruin the flavor of your drink. Often times we forget to freeze them anyway don't we..

I wonder if this is a subconscious revolution not to use them. The other thing is its no better than the cups with the layer of frozen goo inside it, it simply is not efficient enough to work to really chill your drink in the middle. Ice actually penetrates and makes your drink cold but we need a way to use ice-cubes without diluting the drink or smelling plastic.

So here we are again at square one.  The only efficient way to keep a drink cold is to use ice cubes... but we don't like the cold drink to be watered down so were left with one choice.. drink it fast before it gets diluted. We have replaced one problem with another haven't we?

But their is a solution that allows us to use ice without diluting the drink my friends...

The answer has actually been there in front of us the whole time but no one seems to see it.

It's so simple yet so brilliant their just aren't words to describe how "cool" it is.

Sprite With Cool-Aid Ice Cubes
Sprite With Cool-Aid Ice Cubes

Who'd of Thought

The Answer is making ice cubes out of the exact drink you want to enjoy! When it melts what do you have? 3% water (not much diluting power if you ask me) and 97% the same drink fluid your drinking! This makes it cold but undiluted don't you think.You may not see this happening at any ball game, the risk of melting cubes becoming worthless or lost profits down the drain is too great but as a home remedy or even a camping remedy (if you have one of those great car freezers) is to make cubes first of the iced tea, cool-aid or even soda.

Would not making cool-aid ice cubes to put in cool aid be the most brilliant answer to the deluding problem? How about iced tea ice cubes for use in your iced tea beverage? maybe some milk cubes? Soda cubes? or even the new Iced coffee cubes?

So there you are.. The secret to the perfect beverage cooler. Of course their is always some water in the mix, as ice naturally cools down the air around it attaching water from the air to the cube, but the amount of water that melts into the beverage is no more than would come from the plastic cubes and you can't really taste it anyway (if you stir your drink once in a while). The drink stays cold for a very long time and it doesn't become a watery mess!

Cool-aid Ice
Cool-aid Ice

Great "Recipes" to Spice Up Your Drinks

How can we maximize this technique? Some great ideas are:

  • Using a 2 parts water 1 part concentrated lemon juice (the one in that cute plastic lemon container works fine) freeze this into cubes. Add it to your iced Tea or other drinks that lemon or lime enhances!
  • You could use different flavored cool-aid frozen cubes in other flavored cool-aid drinks to bring new and exciting flavors to the cool-aid drink. For example if you have fruit punch cool-aid add any other flavor frozen into ice cubes to trickle an after taste into your drink, while maintaining your original flavor's dominance.
  • Beverages that lemon enhances like coke, diet coke, iced tea, and even 7-up you can use the lemon ice cubes mentioned above.
  • You could also use yogurt treats or even ice-cream mixed in a little bit of water (so it freezes solid as cubes) as a way to add flavor to your milk or even mudslides or other cold alcoholic beverages.
  • You can even use these for your hot beverages!Frozen half and half or flavored creamers bring an interesting texture to coffee as well as flavor! It also trickle melts into it as to not overwhelm but to maintain a consistent amount of cream!

Use your imagination and you could have the coolest drinks at your next summer party!

Updated: 06/19/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 06/20/2012

hmm Salt, I'll have to try that sounds gross but hey you can't knock it if you don't try it right? Salt is the main ingredient in gatorade, did you know that? The electrolytes are salt. The body burns off water in exercise and salt but you can't just drink water as the salt isn't replenished so a few swigs of gatorade and a lot of water is better than just water- so if your adding salt to your beverages then your body is likely telling you your deficient. The thing about salt is your body only recognizes that it tastes good when you need it, when your "full" it tastes less desirable... interesting comment :) thanks for reading! I have some fascinating ones coming up next (9 of them) covering telepathy, dangers of cussing, dawning of the age of aquarius (what that means) and more...

lobobrandon on 06/20/2012

I don't add ice to my cold-drinks usually, but when it comes to sprite I love adding a pinch of salt (yup salt) it does improve the taste. Gotta give these a try though.

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