Flower Umbrella

by sheilamarie

Flower umbrellas are vibrant and pretty to cheer you up on a rainy day. Carry a flower umbrella and laugh at the rain!

You'll love rainy days when you have a giant flower to keep you dry! On this page you'll find a large selection of floral umbrellas in colorful shades. One is sure to suit your taste. Or find a floral umbrella to give as a gift to a friend.

Some of these floral umbrellas come as stick umbrellas. Others fold up, opening with a spring mechanism at the click of a button. Some even have an accompanying tote bag with a matching pattern on one side.

In case you're a Gene Kelley fan like I am, I've included some classic footage for you to enjoy from the film "Singing in the Rain." You can watch and listen as Kelley's character expresses his delight on a rainy evening after saying good night to his new love.

Come dance and sing with me through the raindrops as you peruse this page, and bring along your favorite flower umbrella! You don't have one yet? Of course not, that's why you're here! Neither do I.

Come help me choose one, and choose an umbrella for yourself while you're at it!

Floral Umbrellas Brighten Cloudy Days

Carry Your Flower Umbrella to Be Ready for Spring Showers

What better way to cheer up a rainy day than to carry along a blooming flower through the raindrops? Your flower will remind you that "April showers bring May flowers" even as you're splashing through the puddles.

Some of the umbrellas on this page can be folded up and slipped into a purse or a briefcase. Others can be rolled up to serve as a walking stick when not being used to shield you from the weather. 

Although fold-up umbrellas are convenient, I like an umbrella that is large enough to provide good coverage. Some of these umbrellas are large enough to share.

These umbrellas will bring a smile to the face of anyone with the rainy day grumps.

Sunflower Protection

Isn’t this sunflower umbrella stunning? It reminds me of a children’s book I once had in which the character uses a sunflower to shield her from the rain. 

Sunflowers can grow so big that one could imagine doing something similar in a pinch. Somehow I think this umbrella version would work a little better, though.

Singing and Dancing in the Rain

Under the Blossoms

Thinking of flowers in the rain makes me happy. This video makes me happy, too.

From the movie “Singing in the Rain,” Gene Kelley performs this classic song and dance routine that touches many hearts, especially those who know what it feels like to be in love. The spontaneity and delight Gene Kelley’s character feels is contagious. I love the way he dances with his umbrella, spinning it and pivoting around it. In total abandon, Kelley splashes in the puddles and acts quite foolishly but seems perfectly free and joyful. Who knows how far he would have gone had not that policeman entered the scene.

I can’t pass a rain puddle on a city street during a rainstorm without thinking of this scene from a movie that came out before I was even born. How about you?

Singing in the Rain

What a Wonderful Feeling!

Beautiful Umbrellas: Brilliant Harbinger of Spring

Keep Dry in the Rain

I love these flower umbrellas because they are so colorful and cheery. The reviews on them are generally positive.

One caution, though: occasionally people find these umbrellas difficult to close. One review warns you not to use the button to close the umbrella, as that makes the mechanism difficult to operate later. But if you treat the umbrella gently, it should hold up fine. The fold-up variety is larger than most fold-up umbrellas. 

Most of these umbrellas can be paired with a matching bag with the same cheerful flower pattern. I've included one example of these bags, the chrysanthemum tote bag, above. If you are interested in one of the other designs, you can check whether or not it has a matching bag by clicking on it to enter the site. Copy its name and enter it with the word "bag" in the Amazon search engine. If there is a bag, it will come up. It may also be there in the original description.

Which Flower Umbrella Would You Choose?

Roses? Or Sunflower? Or Daisy?

I wish I could have one of each of these flower umbrellas, but that would be greedy. I have a really difficult time deciding which one is my favorite. I suppose the best way to narrow down my choice of which one to buy would be to try to match the color of the umbrella to the color of my raincoat. 

Another solution would be to buy an umbrella for each of my five sisters. Then we could walk down the street together as a bouquet of flowers. Now that would be fun!

I'll bet Gene Kelley would be impressed at some of the shenanigans we could get into. We'd better wait until there's a really big rainstorm so there will be lots of puddles.

More Pretty Flower Umbrellas

Lots of Variety to Suit Your Taste
Galleria Water Lily Dream Stick UmbrellaFine Art Mini Folding Rain or Sun Umb...

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

One More Silly Song

Did You Find Your Umbrella?

Rainy Days Can Be Colorful

I hope you've found a beautiful umbrella on this page. I hope, too, that the beauty of the flowers on your umbrella will be a tribute to your own inner beauty shining even when the clouds are gray.

Flowers make a wonderful gift for any occasion. But although a beautiful bouquet cheers you for a little while, soon it fades and its petals fall to the ground. A flower umbrella will last a bit longer. You will open your floral umbrella each time it rains and think about how lovely life can be.

Updated: 03/07/2017, sheilamarie
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Any Thoughts on These Floral Umbrellas?

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sheilamarie on 12/13/2013

I agree, cmoneyspinner. As long as it's not windy.

cmoneyspinner on 11/04/2013

Beautiful umbrellas make you pray for both rainy and sunny days! :)

sheilamarie on 06/30/2013

Wow, that would look cool!

WriterArtist on 06/30/2013

Love these gorgeous patterns of flora on umbrellas. I have seen people trying to match the umbrellas with their dresses, that looks amazing.

sheilamarie on 07/17/2012

Sara, I know what you mean. I tend to leave my umbrellas everywhere. But these umbrellas really are beautiful, don't you agree? Especially with the amount of rain this spring and summer, I think flower umbrellas can do double duty of keeping us dry and of cheering us up. I'm a believer!

SimplySara on 07/16/2012

I normally don't bother with umbrellas. I'm a mom, so I always have a ton of stuff to carry anyway. OK, truth be told that was the case before my daughter was born! Anyway, these are so cute I just might change my anti-umbrella ways!

sheilamarie on 06/07/2012

Isn't the internet great? We can purchase all kinds of things online that we wouldn't find elsewhere.
Of course, getting them locally would be good, too.

sheilamarie on 03/10/2012

Eccentric grandma? That would be me, Brenda.
Katiem2, yes, April showers are almost here.
Kinworm, I like the sunflower, too.
Digby, I think your Mom would love them, too. Do you think she'd join my eccentric grandma club?

Well, thanks for your comments!

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

I love these umbrellas. I think every eccentric grandma should have one.

katiem2 on 02/27/2012

Oh how I adore those water lilies such a great collection of umbrellas and just in time as we need to stock up before April showers are here and with the weather we've been having we all need a good umbrella. Love the flower designs.

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