Wrote A Great, Highly Informative, Focused Article But Still Too Long? Monetize Out Of The Problem

by Jerrico_Usher

Now you have a great new article Written with all info but its chalked with TOO much info for the average atttention span? Here's How To Bank On The Problem!

If you're like me you started out writing winded and lengthily articles but over several dozen articles learned to "tone it down" drastically. You likely took the advice of your peers and of those who read and 'liked' your articles and chopped them down to basically just information, no ranting and segwaying, multiple personality hub disorder and so on.

If you're like me you also probably ran into a whole new problem. Your articles are good but still long, lengthily, but focused, concise and chalked full of fascination yet still over 32 pages long right?

Well their is hope... This is not a depressing problem but a hopeful one with lots of great potential. The solution is simple and solves other problems I had and you may too.

Data Crunching
Data Crunching

Resolution: Explode Your Article And Use The Peices To Expand Your Article Base

  • Go back through those articles and try to find where the concepts seem to break in half (or quarters or thirds or sixths...). For example my Web 2.0 article has so much information (8,400 words) on Web 2.0 that their are actually 10 different segments I could make on the information such as: Pop culture, Technology, The social angle, Negative side of the rock.
  • When you find these segments copy them all to a word document and remove them surgically from the article (do this with precision, adding sentences to "stitch up" the gaps you will be creating in the text. You can even sum up the paragraphs removed into one sentence then leave a spot to add a link to this new article later! This gives them a reason to check out the other article or gives them an out if they just don't care about that part of the context.
  • Use these fragments of the article to reproduce each segment (in a separate page) into as many articles as you can without completely bleeding the article dry..
  • Basically you're looking for the stand alone- able contexts. If your article is long chances are you tap into several topics (related to the main topic) but went into more detail than was necessary for the main topic. In this case you can surgically remove but leave the necessary piece behind to consolidate the concept your trying to explain. You can then take the "tumor" content and put it into a new page, then you just have to write around it to fill in the blanks but keep it focused this time to that particular topic. Keep it under 1000 words. Do this with all the other segregated content.
  • When you finish segregating the articles parts into new articles and stitching the wounds/holes in the article so you still "mention" the context (part you removed) without detail, you can then  add a link in those parts to the new article you created (or will create). This way you still give them the option of reading all the details and parts but you also give them the option not to read details they don't care about.
  • This is also good for the first type who wants the details as it gives even them the opportunity to read quickly over the entire article to wrap their head around the ideas in it, but then can go back after and read the details so it doesn't distract the main articles point. It also leads to 5 more articles you can throw monetization on and expand your empire!

Using The Same Concept Above, Here's Another Way You Can Use The Extracted Content- To:




And Their Search Engine Ranking (Backlinks)


  • Instead of creating new "pages" on the same site with these removed parts; use them as your link back system fuel. Go to sites like ezinearticles.com, wordpress.com, hubpages.com, articlesbase.com, articlez.com, and even bloggers sites that employ ping backs (sites that will if you link to them automatically link back to your pages) then manipulate the cut sections into individual articles and post them to these sites.
  • Make sure to link back to your article in the body of the article or in your bio box (ezinearticles)! This will create backlinks to your article essentially expanding it's online presence in a way that networks all the peices together (links to each peice from within the body of the main article you leave on Wizzley, for example) and simultaneousely builds rank on the search engines. You will need to make sure the finished article from the peices is every bit as useful and informative (valuable to search engines and readers) as the original. This means adding more details or facts to make it more potent may be necessary.

Not All Articles You Write Will Be Winded And Unfocused, But If You Feel The Itch To Drag On...


  • Then just for those long winded ones that come out of nowhere or if the spirit moves you continue to write the long but focused articles to get them out of your system and mapped out in the realm of the original articles context (this gives you the abiity to snip snip the "details" of the context you want to remove, but you can stich that section of the main article so it's still in there but not elaborated on, that elaboration- the details- are going to be the other articles you send to the other sites for backlink juice and maintaining a readers attention longer)!
  • Keep in mind that you will later go back and segment them down to several pages/articles so don't hold back if you think it's going to go off topic (but NEVER publish an article that's like this). Try still to write them as one article this keeps the content more focused even in the segmented pieces. I'd do this in a word editor first before moving the article to Wizzley. Get it written and then cut the details out (maybe even add notations in bold print like start removing content here ------x;and end remove content here x----- to make it easier on you later.
  • Some people can just write several articles but if you're like me (sometimes) you can only get it all out in one long but informative one. Of course you can just segment this before you make the article in the first place (flowchart?) but to me the process of making the article helps me add and subtract things as I build it into the modules. Usually before I publish it I get new ideas and so forth. 

  • I once found, when I was in a writers block phase that you can take an article you already wrote, something that's interesting for YOU to read and reread it to extract inspiration from your own inspiration (when you wrote it in the first place).
  • I find articles I forgot about but that start to really show up on the radar lately due to traffic and sales on them, are the best ones to use. 


Export To Text


Take one of them and export to text. Save it in MS Word (what I use anyway).


Import To MS Word (or the editor of your choice)





  • Convert the text into some obvious and robust color like red or blue.
  • Make sure it's comfortable to your eyes because you're going to read this article and see where you can find points to elaborate on. When you read a point you want to elaborate on, go to the end of the last sentence and do 3 page breaks to separate it fully from the original content on your Wizzley page.


Change Text To Identify The Original Text When Making Additions



Change Text Color For Additions So You Can Extract Them Easily And Differentiate It From The Original Article (so you don't accidentally create duplicate content issues)


  • Change the text color and type out the elaboration. Continue to read it and add (in a different color) the elaborations or thoughts that come to mind. You may find you tangent off on another article in this and may get an inspiration to write something similar but important or a component of the main article i.e. a doghouse article could easily lead into behavior articles based on features in the dog house.
  • You can stitch together the elaborations if they all work together and you have a rough making of an article (or more). You can take the elaborations and use them to create new articles that can also be networked (linked) with the main article either on the site or in "articles for backlinks" mode.


I hope this helps you expand your writing empire out of the long tail articles :) of course this is just one way to do this, there are many ways to turn inherant gold content into an explosion of useful peices that synergize with one another, but this is a great way to grow your article base or write articles you can exploit peices of towards new articles to put towards article marketing to get your article on the map!

Good Luck! Comments are always welcome and appreciated below

Updated: 10/03/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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katiem2 on 09/27/2012

I sometimes have this very issue, while some have trouble coming up with enough I often have far to much content and work to scale it down. Great helpful tips, thanks Jerrico, much appreciated. :)K

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