Food Addiction Am I Addicted to Food?

by katiem2

Am I addicted to food, find the truth to the problem of food addiction and learn if you in fact are a food addict and what to do about it.

Food Addiction is a very real and serious condition. Anyone of us can suffer from food addictions. Making this worse we must eat to live. While food addiction makes us feel we live to eat there is a way to become free from any food addiction. The first step is to acknowledge your addiction. The fact that you're here is the first step and breaks the ice regarding addiction. Also we must understand that food addiction is as gripping and life threatening as any addiction, such as those to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. The phrase, in moderation, is the secret to maintain and yet it is moderation which is paramount to addiction. For most of us suffering food addiction it's the all or nothing balance that either saves us or has us sinking deeper into our addiction. The ability to regulate and consume in moderation goes out the door. The all or nothing mindset is a powerful force at work in the mind of any addict regardless the addiction.

Foods That Trigger Addictions

Any food addict knows there are certain foods that send them over the edge, these are trigger foods.

First of all food is not the problem, the addiction is the issue, the foods that contribute to the addiction make for a much larger threat to ones health.

The Triggers

The trigger foods are those highly refined such as potatoes chips, candy bars, cookies, ice cream, fries and most any junk food.  If you find it hard to stop eating these foods and losing control on a routine basis, you may be a food addict. 

The processed foods are so dangerously addictive because they are loaded with refined starches, sugars, fats and chemicals our bodies are not designed to process. These foods release chemicals impacting the brain much like that of a cigarette, drug or alcohol. The intoxicating aftermath leaves one feeling horrible as does any addict and yet often, all to often, coming back for more.

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Treating Food Addiction

Therapy and support help tremendously and yet one must rid their lives of the foods triggering the addiction.

A simple yet successful treatment for most food addicts is to treat the offending foods as poison.  While this may seem a harsh statement to the food dependant addict, these foods are in fact poison when over loaded in the human system.  Just as any addict loses control consuming to much of anything it's a health threat.  Just as an alcoholic knows they cannot take that first drink, you too must understand your trigger foods and treat them as such never taking that first bite. Simply removing the foods that trigger your addiction or binges can prevent them from occurring.


Regardless of the addiction it is extremely hard to live with someone who is addicted to anything. The role of co-dependent is an easy role to fall into, learn how to avoid it now.

Dealing With Self Image

What drives people to over eat, binge and become addicted to food is often related to ones inner self image.

The food addict often has a low self image and for some reason, deep seeded or not, the food addict either tries to shove down the feelings with food or self sabotage. Don’t beat yourself up; we all have something we struggle with internally. 

A significant part of dealing with food issues is to deal with your self image.  Most food addicts feel they are not worthy.  Do you feel you are able to achieve happiness success and experience your dreams coming true, or do you dream at all? This is a very broad statement.  It may be one you relate to instantly, understanding you don’t feel you’re worthy is a very powerful awareness and one that can heal you and your addiction. The addict within is prone to self sabotage by giving into the trigger foods only to feel defeated at any particular moment when life was otherwise going your way.  

Heal Your Relationship With Food

The Dangers of Comfort Food

We often start out comforting ourselves with food and find it turns into a crutch we lean on all to often.

You may think your comforting yourself and yet while realizing the truth understand in fact you are giving up, tossing in the towel.  It is vital to deal with the issue of self worth.  You are good enough, you deserve to be happy, look good and feel good.  More to the point you can do it, if you fail do it again, don't overeat to burden yourself with the guilt of not being good enough. You deserve to have a long happy energized life packed with fun and adventure.  Most important food is for energy, it is our source of fuel that moves us through the day. 

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Why Food Addiction

Food addiction is an easy addiction to fall into as we all have to eat food to live.

It's natural to look to food as we've been comforted by food all our lives.  Our parents do it, we celebrate around food and find food to be an intricate part of the highs and lows of everyday life.  Food is the one thing we can control when it seems nothing goes right we can manage a sweet cake, pie, ice cream, chips, fries or cheese burger.  When life seems unfair its within our power to present ourselves with a feast fit for a king to help take the edge off, make us feel valuable or worthy!  Although we do this often in an attempt to ease the pain, more pain is what we create, after the feast has passed it hurts and we feel ashamed, beaten down once again. This cycle is not a prison, you can break free from the hold food or any other addiction has on you.

Your Best is Good Enough!

Just Do Your Best Slogan

Healing From Food Addiction

Every step taken toward dealing with and learning about your food addiction is one step into the healing process.

Healing from any addiction is an ongoing process, a work in progress. Remember we all have something we cope with, live with and wrestle with in our daily lives.  You are not alone, and there are many just like you learning to live with addictive personalities, maybe it's a sign of our modern times advertising and over abundance everywhere we turn. But there is help, great books, programs and positive things to turn your addiction around.

Remember not all food is consumable and you are not a trash can.  Food is for energy and we need only stop to refuel once we’ve exhausted our fuel source, filling up on healthful foods only once we are empty.  Put good food into your body, convince yourself you can live without the trigger foods and work on believing it till you honestly do.  You can do this!

Much Love and Health, Katie 

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Updated: 08/20/2012, katiem2
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True Confessions about Real Life Food Addictions, What Foods are You Addicted to?

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katiem2 on 08/24/2012

Gordon, Great point, learning about food preparations makes sense. I know when I think about the food I eat, which I always do, I often opt for something different. Simple plain foods are the best choices.

Gordon_Hamilton on 08/23/2012

A lot of very pertinent points and good advice for people who have these unfortunate addictions, Katie. I have seen and read so much about people with food and particularly "junk" food addictions and although I'm glad I don't share the addictions, I can relate to them and their consequences. I am of course speaking through "food tainted" spectacles but I honestly believe that an education in and a developing understanding of food preparation can help anyone in this predicament. Whether that be through individual research online and experimentation, or asking a friend or family member for help, it can work. Learning how to prepare new ingredients in simple but interesting, healthy ways can really be a breath of fresh air for anyone.

katiem2 on 07/20/2012

Brenda, I like, no i love the way you think and agree whole heartedly. My kids often freak out when they want me to taste something I've never eaten, I reply no I can smell it just fine. I get the benefit of eating something by just smelling it. Smelling it is tasting it in my opinion and it offers zero calories, fat and sugar! I bet you do the same.

BrendaReeves on 07/20/2012

I gave up sugar a week ago, because I got a call from my Drs. office saying my glucose level was high. I never kept sweets in the house until my mother moved in with me. She is addicted to sweets. She'll go through half a gallon of ice cream in two days. She's almost 90 and not overweight and her glucose levels are okay. Anyway, I went off sugar cold turkey a week ago. I haven't had any withdrawals at all. I can turn food off in my head. I detest the expression "comfort food." I really just eat to sustain myself.

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

Pinkchic, Never heard the, you're not a dog one before that's very good and does help, the imagery of the trash can helps me greatly too. Thanks for adding such helpful feedback.

Pinkchic18 on 06/04/2012

I have very much fallen into the trap of comfort foods and telling myself i've "earned" some junk food sometimes. But I try to quickly remind myself there are other ways to reward myself. I once saw the quote "Don't reward yourself with food, you're not a dog!" And it rang true to me. Another quote that I replay to myself when about to eat chips or cookies, is "Your stomach is not a trash can"

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

Roohi, We all come in different shapes and sizes, I too have always been thin. But food addiction is not the answer, just be happy in your own skin. Most people would love to have the problem of being thin.

lindylou2, Great point, you can't eat it if it's not around, that's exactly what I suggest for the food addict, keep offending foods out of sight, reach and mind. Oh the sweet rich ice cream, I know so many people addicted to ice cream.

Thamisgith, I must agree, I've always said if it weren't for cheese I'd be vegan, love the stuff myself. Strong cheeses are a favorite of mine as well :)

Roohi on 06/02/2012

Wish I was addicted to some food. I could really do with a little bit of weight gain! I am just too thin. Anyways, very informative article.

Thamisgith on 06/02/2012

Cheese. Cannot imagine life without cheese. Chocolate, chips (fries?), cakes, cookies etc. - I could do without. But not cheese. Strong cheddar and/or Stilton for preference.

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