Food Packaging & Stationery Post Pandemic Essentials

by pateluday

Food packaging and stationery is essential and ubiquitous. It is a functional aspect since it provides cover, carrying comfort and hygiene. Post pandemic dynamics have changed...

Covid-19 Pandemic has taken the World by the storm and it has brought about unprecedented changes in our lifestyle. In the modern World with hectic lifestyle dominating we cannot do away with food packaging and innovative stationery items.

The pandemic has thrust upon us new normal and brought about changes necessary to avoid getting infected and keep safe. This paradigm shift has increased the new stationery product range and modified the existing. The regulatory mechanism has increased the usage of some essentials as imperative. Industries too have geared up their products in order to meet the expectations and demands of the consumers and food packaging in one of them,.



Food Packing


While packaging as usual may be a simple wrap, it is not the same whence it comes to the edibles. Food packaging prevents contamination, the storage life of ready to eat items and the long lasting ones with deferred expire dates. This kind of packaging is technology driven in order to keep cooked and raw items safe not only during  the delivery but in restaurants as well for storage and service. 

Paper in simply form is not enough to safeguard edible or store raw food and grains. Specially modified paper greatly enhances the efficacy of packing materials used in the food industry.   

Food packaging technology is taking rapid strides and hence is fast changing. Emerging technologies impact all sectors of industry and is the case here. 

It may sound bizarre but  electronic tongues will be a reality along with bacteria battling nano particles in near future. The smart technology will be able to inform you of the status whether consumption is safe or harmful. Edible packing in one form or other has already been introduced and further development will lead to a situation that packaging will no longer be discarded making the consumption environment friendly. Some types may be water soluble while some may be self cooling or heating as well. There is no limit to packaging technology and the future is bewildering to those not  keeping abreast of developments in this sector. . 

Extra Safe Masks

Protective Face Mask
Protective Face Mask

Face Mask & Seals

Protection & Security

sealsFace Masks

What is face mask doing here in discussion where packaging is concerned?

Well it is not directly related to food stuff but nevertheless it is associated with self protection, prevention from coronavirus and at the same time prevent transmission of  disease unto others. Thus the mask plays a major role in restaurants and fast food joints by following or providing extreme hygiene which is imperative for disease prevention. 

And if the staff or waiters or delivery man are not following this strict regimen than there would be loss of trust among the consumers and lead to a colossal business loss. Hence specialized mask for extra protection find space in a stationers self as well. The extra protective ones are three layered and use technology, they are odorless and soft, without fiber glass. The efficacy is very high almost 99 percent and they are safe for children. 

Temper Proof Seals 

Seal assure security and assist in preservation, very important virtues for edibles. The temper proof seals guarantee non intrusion and prevent pilferage. They are printed with logos or company labels  and are used on wide spectrum of edible products. They are available with strong adhesive and zig zag perforation in order to enable them to seal perfectly.    

POS Paper Rolls

paper rolls
paper rolls


Age old system of carrying food or putting it up the self for later use is to wrap it up. In earlier days any old paper or even a magazine cover or news paper we found handy did the job. But this was a hasty unorganized cover up job unhygienic by all means.                                                                   

Wrappers are much sophisticated papers used to wrap or preserve food in a hygienic manner. Quality paper is essential that too from a trusted brand for wrapping edibles. These facilitate quick deliveries especially at fast food joints, sandwich stores and takeaways.   

Varied types of paper available at stationers for food packaging for supplies. Prominent customers are restaurants and fast food joints. Masks are for every one as long as the pandemic is raging wild in USA and other countries.                                                              


Stationery Items

Paper Wrapper
Stationery Items
Stationery Items
Updated: 08/11/2020, pateluday
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pateluday 25 days ago

Both gloves and masks are necessary in pandemic rather always for food handlers.

DerdriuMarriner 26 days ago

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information and product lines.
Are such food establishments as convenience stores, drive-throughs, food stands, grocery stores and restaurants supposed to have their employees paying attention to packaging and wearing gloves and masks? In terms of grocery stores and markets, customers put on masks, not gloves, and touch items, such as canned goods, packaged foods and unpackaged produce, they may buy or may put back down.

pateluday on 08/15/2020


blackspanielgallery on 08/14/2020

Protection t this time is a complex issue, and must address a multitude of issues. This addresses one that is not often thought of, and has merit.

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