What Happened To The "Fortune" Cookie? The Psychology Of The Fortune And More

by Jerrico_Usher

There is a disturbing trend in Fortunecookia - The Fortunes Have Become Blander Than The Cookie!

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but the fortune cookie is no longer offering "fortunes" but rather cleverly protected (legal) phraseology that mean nothing of "fortune" or "value". The message is actually quite insulting to the intelligence of anyone whose ever loved the fortune cookie concept.

They've replaced the fortune part and replaced it with obvious psychology a 3 year old would grasp easily. If the cookie was in any way edible then I'd glance over this ridiculous change that people are acting like never happened- but really, when I go get Chinese food I tell them to keep the cookie.

It's not worth the energy to crack into that tiny little bag only to get upset when I realize a childhood "fun" and "hope building" cookie is now as useless now... Luckily, although you won't soon find many, if any at all, that offer them, you can still special order them to say anything you like. You can even find a database of "real" fortunes to use if you like!

In this article I'm not going to complain about this tragedy but more so talk about the physics of the fortune cookie (psychology and use of it's message), and how this long lasting and powerful "lottery ticket" like "hope" is being extinguished by the latest "craze" of using... I don't even know what to call them- obvious messages?

Cookie Quandry
Cookie Quandry
Un Fortune Ate
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Fortunes Have Lost Their Luster

They Used To Excite People...

I remember when a fortune cookie said things like "you will inherit a large sum of money" or "you will find love in the next month" or something that inspired happiness!

If it was something you wanted or needed, it would instill a "seed" ideal in your mind that would, like a lottery ticket does, force you to think about it, really ponder what it would be like to have that thing, that realm, or that "fortune".

In many, this was enough hope and inspiration to actually even if only subconsciously to chase that ideal and make it happen- even if they later said, wow the fortune cookie was dead on!

It only seeded the idea and added the hope to inspire you to ACT, so indirectly.

It was dead on but like an inexperienced hypnotist.

It just planted the ideas in your mind through phrases, questions, or ideas!

It was you,however, that created the change.

Fortune Cookies, China, Asia
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In the end the real "fortune" was inspiration, hope, and tapping your beliefs indirectly to instill you to take some form of action

Your beliefs cause micro-changes in your way of thinking and acting. How you do everything starts from a belief. It's a very powerful thing- and the fortune cookie tapped into that like a subliminal message!

But like any subliminal message- it's power is only fed by your desire to actually have what it's message states or hints to- even if direct. Why people find subliminal CD's, downloads etc... to work is because although they have a hard time making a change- they actually DO want it. The irony is the very change they want and that desire to do something about it, is the actual mechanism for their change- not the CD, subliminal music, etc... (for the most part).

The subliminals act on the desire and bypass the conscious filters to make things happen at a micro-movement level... slow, tapered up, and stacking in actions that the conscious mind doesn't realize until it's already convinced by "proof".

The main reason the conscious mind is a problem in change is it always wants proof FIRST, but the subconscious mind not bothered by the conscious filters- acts first (because it's job is actually to take things the conscious mind filters out already and run with it- the problem comes when the conscious mind is being stubborn. The conscious mind uses proof to reinforce it's assumptions- this is also to give the conscious mind what it wants so it too plays ball and creates a positive filter to reinforce that you'll continue to do that thing.




Fortune Is Relative... But...

Fortune is relative and thus isn't always money, gold, or wealth- but rather fortune means getting something we deeply desire to have in plenty- or being "fortunate" in some way.

I just heard on some show on the discovery channel that the fortune cookie was an American created concept and that in China they call it "The American Cookie". I don't know if it's true but it's interesting how things sometimes get invented in one place then established in another in the minds of those that use it.

The eastern medicine countries- where the teachings of Buddha stated that you were in full control of your life if you just think in the right way- utilize "good karma" to assure insurance of spirit and good will, and do harm unto nobody as well as chase your dreams and the earth is your heavenly nexus.

They also teach to make them (dreams, wants, needs achieved) real through thought equity matched with action based thinking and movement through your world. Eliminating the physical things that "trap" you.

In other words- if ye thinketh it, take action towards it, and keep your nose clean, ye can achieve anything.

The fortune cookie in this respect (regardless of where it came from) was a psychological technology- that inspires people, gives hope, and if the fortune was something you needed or wanted, that would crash through your mental barriers/filters, to force you to take action. It inspired you to chase your dreams without even realizing you were doing it (thus the conscious mind and all it's limiting filters- is duped and over-ridden by desire!).

The fortune cookie seems like a very small thing, but to those who've had serendipitous fortune brought about by the seed of a phrase in a fortune cookie planting in their head just the idea that it would happen- it's not so little. If you watched Inception (movie) you'd know the power a seed has. The movie explained this real concept very well I thought.


Did The FDA Step In?

This technology disguised as "entertainment" at the end of your Chinese food adventure, unfortunately has, I believe, been canceled like a great television series with all the hallmarks of a bullet proof following.

This is likely because someone or some groups somewhere probably sued the fortune cookie company(ies), harassed the Chinese food restaurant(s), or in some way caused a problem and tried to sue them because they felt they were duped by a fortune cookie that didn't come true.

They blamed the company for their own lack of ingenuity, taking action, or because they truly believed the fortune would happen but didn't. Where do these people come from?

These are also the people that ruin everything good for everyone else, and the real reason we read those silly "disclaimers" that seem obvious to any intelligent person.

It used to not be this way. It used to be way different. Fortune cookies gave us fortunes- hope- inspiration- not obvious and ridiculously benign phrases that say something like- "if you eat, you may become full" or "Love only comes if you love someone"- where's the hope and inspiration in that?


The Magic Of The Fortune Cookie Was In The Fortune,

Not The Cookie...

Fortune cookies used to be magical, fun, and fortunate. We couldn't wait to read them and even wanted more. Many saved them on the fridge, others kept them in their wallet. This is proof that we believed the message and felt fortunate to have been given this hope- now people read them and say, this isn't a fortune- it's a statement? A useless statement at that!

The very nucleus of the fortune cookie has been tampered with so why are they still around and being called fortune cookies?

Has the fortune cookie become a victim of the legal system too? I don't know conclusively- but I suspect it was due to someone ruining it for the rest of us. I get this suspicion due to not only WHAT the cookie says now which is 100% lacking inspiration, hope, or fortune, but because of HOW IT'S PHRASED that reeks of "disclaimer built right in".

Many fortune cookies used to say things like "You will..." or "...Will happen to you" or things of an action based nature- but now they are worded without those phrases, and with no action whatsoever in their phrasing.

As if the restaurant was afraid of being sued for lying to the public, or for making promises that can't be substantiated- thus false labeling? Did the FDA step in and break the spell so many people wanted to be in? Did they make a law that quietly changed the face of fortune cookie copy-writing? Everybody seems to know (that I asked) but nobody seems to speak up unless you bring it up. Will our kids grow up not knowing the true power of the original fortunes? I won't let that happen- I'm ordering a bunch!


The New "Fortune" Cookie Message

useless fortune
useless fortune


In conclusion...

Although the free fortune cookie has lost it's fortune, there are still ways to rekindle this magic.

I find it a fun thing to order (online) those custom fortune cookies where you get to put any message you please on them. When I order Chinese food, I can simply, and sneakingly, swap out the ridiculous fortune cookie wanna be they give us and slip the REAL fortunes into the bag so my family can still enjoy the realm I myself grew up in.

This is especially cool if your ordering Chinese for friends, family, groups, churches, gatherings of any kind and so forth. People would actually be surprised to get a real fortune! Ah the rebirth, right?

A great psychology tool if you use it ethically is the custom fortune cookie!

If nothing else good comes out of the UN-Fortunate cookies that are perpetrating as Fortune cookies being passed on today- at least you know you can rekindle this magic thanks to the internet and custom fortune cookie companies!

Just makes sure they don't brand the cookie or advertise on the packaging like "custom fortune cookies.com!!!" or something like that. That would be counter productive. Also make sure they are individually wrapped in a packaging that looks somewhat like what they'd expect- the clear no branding types are best.


Fortune Cookie
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Updated: 05/10/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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