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Backlinks for Christmas Ornament Wizzes

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on 11/03/2011

If anyone is writing or has written any Christmas ornament pages on Wizzley you are welcome to write a blog post promoting it and email it to me to put on my posterous blog.

The blog isn't very old and because of 'life getting in the way' I haven't been able to work on it much (I'm heading off to NZ at the beginning of December for an indetermined amount of time) so I don't think it will help with your traffic this year, but it will be a backlink.

The blog is only for Christmas ornaments and is called Christmas Ornaments.

As you can see my blog posts are quite short, but you are more than welcome to write longer ones as I may be going back and adding content to my posts at a later date.   My longer posts (on other blogs) are usually more successful at getting traffic.

I'm hoping it will help a lot come Christmas 2012 as my other Christmas blog that was started in January this year has been great for both sending me targeted traffic as well as making a few sales.


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