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If you're looking for some great Big Bang Theory shirts to buy then you're in the right place! I've compiled some of the best Big Bang Theory t-shirts available online for you.

The Big Bang Theory Shirts Are Here!

Cool Tees Celebrating the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a hilarious television show that has turned four geeks into stars and has also spawned a number of incredibly wearable t-shirts.   Let’s look at some fantastic Big Bang Theory t-shirts and how they have come about.

Do You Love The Big Bang Theory?

The Bazinga T-Shirt

A Sheldon Classic Shirt

This is classic Sheldon, whenever he plays what he thinks is a practical joke he finishes it up with the word Bazinga.   

You can tell that my family all enjoy this show when we start using Bazinga in our everyday language.

The word hasn’t made it into my trusty dictionary yet, but I’m sure it will be in there when the next edition comes out as the Big Bang Theory has managed to worm it’s way into popular culture with seemingly little effort.

The Friendship Algorithm Shirt

A Big Bang Theory Tee

This t-shirt is basically a copy of Sheldon’s Friendship Algorithm.   Sheldon decides that he must befriend Kripke (a colleague at the University) he devises a friendship algorithm to help him do so.  

This episode of Big Bang Theory is actually titled The Friendship Algorithm and had me in stitches especially when Raj gets Sheldon’s favourite amino acid wrong.   Yes Sheldon has a favourite amino acid and for the record keepers it’s Lysine.

I also thought that Sheldon would get himself arrested when he started making friends with a little girl in a bookshop.   I won’t discuss more of the episode in case you haven’t already seen it, but it is pure Sheldon and extremely funny.

Soft Kitty T-Shirt

A Great Big Bang Theory T-Shirt

Any Big Bang Theory fan is now probably singing the Soft Kitty song, I know I do every time I see this shirt – “soft kitty, warm kitty, little bag of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.”

Sheldon’s mother used to sing this song to Sheldon when he was sick as a child and it is introduced into the series when Sheldon gets sick and asks Penny to sing it to him.   The song ends up being something that they both bond over singing it to one another when they’re not well.

Penny even made Sheldon sing it as a round when she dislocated her shoulder by slipping in the shower.

Knock Knock Penny Shirt

Another Classic Sheldon Shirt

Sheldon seems to have a touch of OCD and this is very apparent when he has to knock on a door.   He always has to knock twice and say the person’s name – this gets repeated three times, even if they’ve already opened the door to him.

As Penny lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard he knocks on her door the most often hence this fun Big Bang Theory t-shirt.

Dr, Dr, Dr, Mr T-Shirts

Big Bang Theory T-Shirts

Poor Howard is often put down by Sheldon because he’s a Mr not a Dr like the others.   He protests that he does have a Masters, but even the president of the university when he sees him with the others acknowledges Howard last because he’s a Mr and seems to stress the Mr far more than he does the Drs.

There are so many other great Big Bang Theory t-shirts which include Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Quotes and the shirts Sheldon himself is seen to wear on the show.   If you don’t see the Big Bang Theory tee that you really, really must have on this page then check out these other two pages for more shirts.

Sheldon Cooper Quotes & Shirts
Sheldon has some of the best lines on the show which is why I compiled a list of some of his best quotes. A number of them have also been made into hilarious t-shirts which are all here and available to buy at a click of a button.

Sheldon Cooper Shirts
Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory is known for his wardrobe (among other things) and in particular his enormous range of t-shirts that he dons. This webpage manages to compile quite a few of them and they are all available to buy with a click of your mouse!

Two More Big Bang Theory Shirts

Before you go I've just found a couple more BBT shirts that I'm sure you'll love so I just had to share them with you.   First, can you guess which character's which in this shirt?


Yes I know it's quite easy to pick, but what a cool idea for a t-shirt it is.


The next t-shirt that I've found centers around something that is seen in every episode and is very close to Sheldon's heart.   It's not something he loves (that would be his mother), it's something much more important than that?   Can you guess yet?   If you havent' then you need to watch all of the episodes again because I can't remember which episode it was that he was discussing how important his spot on his couch was.

In honor of that we actually have a t-shirt with an image of the couch on it, complete with a reserved for Sheldon sign on his spot!!!

Aren't you glad you kept scrolling right to the end of the page, you could've missed a couple of great Big Bang Theory t-shirts if you hadn't!


If you're a fan of both TBBT and t-shirts then mark this page in your favorites because I'm always on the lookout for more great shirts to add.

More Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest shows that is playing on our television right down. It's basically like a Beauty and the Geeks meets comedy hour and it's hilarious.

Bid on a Big Bang Theory Shirt Today!

There's also an ever changing selection of cool BBT shirts available on ebay and sometimes you can find one's that you haven't seen before on there.

Let's look at what one's they have at the moment....... just remember if you see one you like don't sleep on it or you may just miss out!

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sheilamarie on 06/10/2011

Cool shirts! I'd wear one even though I've never seen the show.

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