Superman T-Shirts

by lou16

Superman t-shirts or Superman tees you’ll find a great selection available here. These Superman t-shirts make great gift ideas and are extremely comfy as well as being superhero

Superman Tees

An Awesome Superman Gift Idea

Are you looking for a great selection of Superman t-shirts?   If so you’ve come to the right place as you’ll find this page is packed full of some of the best Superman tees available online.   I have the classic Superman ‘S’ t-shirts along with a number of other designs that any Superman fan is sure to enjoy.

There’s something about Superman that we all love, a person from another planet who seems to care more for us than a lot of other fellow humans – what isn’t to like?   The idea that someone could masquerade as a mere reporter and then transform into a superhero used to see lots of boys try spinning in phone boxes……….where would Superman change if he were to appear now though?

The idea of a superhero falling on love with a human being and taking her flying left girls all over the world falling for Superman.  

Is Superman the Best Superhero Ever?

The classic Superman t-shirts above are great and I think that they're hard to beat, but there are a number of other Superman tees available as you'll see further down the page.

The reason for the large number of Superman t-shirts available is because of the different Superman fans that buy these tees.

There are a range of different types of Superman fans from the fans of the 80s Superman movies with Christopher Reeve to the fans of the 90s television show Lois and Clark and even fans of the more modern Superman television series – Smallville.

Personally although I love the classic Superman tees I'm also quite particial to the 80s inspired Superman t-shirts below and it's not just because I'm an 80s girl, there's just something beautifully retro about them!

Then you get the DC Comic fans of Superman, but there are several different types of DC Comic Superman fans as I learned thanks to the hit television show Big Bang Theory.   There’s the classic Superman, DC Originals Superman, the Justice Society of America Superman and more – in fact it’s enough to make a non-geek like myself dizzy!

Personally I just like the version of Superman that I grew up which was Christopher Reeve’s version.   My brother did used to get some comics, but very few Superman ones so I didn’t get the full ‘Superman education.’   That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy looking at Superman t-shirts, however and here are a few more for you to look at.

These Superman t-shirts are all available through Zazzle and are extremely comfortable tees to own made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton which means it will allow your skin to breathe easily.   The designs all look pretty cool and are bound to get you noticed.

The classic Superman 'S' style of t-shirt can also be worn with a long sleeve shirt underneath if you want to emulate Sheldon Cooper’s style (from Big Bang Theory).  

If you just want to show off your love of Superman then just pair the t-shirt of your choice with a pair of jeans (or shorts) and you’re ready to go!   The advantage with these designs is that you can purchase the same design on both short sleeved tees as well as long sleeved tees which means that you can have a Superman t-shirt for all seasons!

Not only can you purchase these Superman t-shirts in short or long sleeved versions you can also (in some cases) change the background color and the style of tee to suit you.

Superman t-shirts really do make a great statement and wearing one of the more unique style Superman tee as opposed to the classic styles is sure to become a talking point.   There are some great Superman designs available here that I haven't seen anywhere else and I love wearing t-shirts that are different to the norm as well as classic ones (I know it sounds like a split personality!).

I love receiving t-shirts for gifts, either funny ones or ones that encompass things that I am interested in which is why if you are buying for a Superman fan I just know that one of these tees are a great idea.  

Any of these t-shirts would make a great addition to a superhero wardrobe, but if you're looking for a Superman gift idea and you don't like the idea of purchasing a t-shirt then you may find some of these other Superman gift ideas (shown opposite) interesting.

More Superman Gift Ideas

When A Superman T-Shirt Just Won’t Do!

Superman Mugs
Get a shot of caffiene in the mornings in one of these powerful looking Superman mugs!

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Dress up your iphone in the latest Superhero fashion with one of these Superman iPhone cases.

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Don't let any kryptonite near these ipad cases! Superman iPad cases never looked as good as these ones!

Updated: 10/27/2012, lou16
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ohcaroline on 06/02/2011

My favorite Clark Kent character was from the original show on tv. He was so cool.

chefkeem on 05/29/2011

Superman sayz, put a preview pic to your article (in edit mode, upload in the right side bar), so we can proudly show your article on Wizzley's welcome page. Superman knows best. :)

Sylvestermouse on 05/29/2011

Superman rocks! I think I have liked all of the men who played Superman, but you gotta love that blue haired comic dude :)

Michey on 05/29/2011

Superman must be proud of you, like the t-shirts.

mbgphoto on 05/29/2011

Great selection!

mandeesears on 05/29/2011

Very nice Lou! And I agree, you can never have enough!

Guest on 05/29/2011

I love the way you displayed these Superman shirts. Page looks great!

pkmcr on 05/29/2011

Nice selection to suit any Superman fan and nicely presented!

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