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Knock-your-socks-off Wizzley pages (not your own)

WiseFool's Anti-McDonalds Wizzle Tells it Like it is

Posts: 1816
on 04/20/2014

I thoroughly recommend checking it out: The Best Anti-McDonald's T-Shirts.

Posts: 108
on 04/20/2014

And, I thoroughly recommend never eating the stuff they call food.

Read this and you'll never eat a chicken mcnugget again.


Posts: 1087
on 04/20/2014

I stopped eating at these types of places many years ago.

But my first job was at a McDonalds - long ago... 

Posts: 16
on 04/20/2014

Thank you, Jo. Your kind words are much appreciated. Also very pleasing to see that McDonald's hasn't 'got' everyone.

on 04/20/2014

In the Chazer house we call a fast food meal a treat. It usually marks start and end of a holiday trip - and there aren't that many of those in this house.

Here in Germany this weekend we have been eating food prepared in front of us, and this is what the Germans call junk food. Currywurst, pizza, French fries, crepes.

Free drinks have been on offer to go with this - English tea and fruit tea. Alcohol must be paid for. Except the free Gordons and tonic I just accepted from a random scener wanting to get rid of his stash. I'm not a needle-and-pin lassie usually so my head on the return journey tomorrow will be at best interesting. We finished the wine earlier and my husband's friend has just started on my stash of Grant's which I'd rather not bring back. But I won't be mixing that with the rather strong G&T I have alongside me. The Grant's is all his if he wants.

Described by one of my clients as 'a literary grammarian', writing, researching and reading are requirements for sanity, at least this side of the keyboard.
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